Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — In a shocking primary result, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to a primary opponent in his district close to Richmond, Virginia. Cantor is the no.2 Republican in the Republican-majority House of Representatives.

t1larg-eric-cantor-t1largReuters reported that Cantor will relinquish his leadership post effective July 31. Paul Ryan, who was the GOP vice president candidate with Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election cycle, said he will not seek Cantor’s old leadership position.

Cantor lost to David Brat, who is a college economics professor at the small Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. Brat ran an effective grassroots campaign with a Tea Party flavor, pushing for small government and railing against Cantor’s propensity to negotiate and compromise with Democrats on key issues.

Brat won with about 55% of the vote, with Cantor finishing at around 45%.

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  • Lawrence

    The Conservative Establishment strikes again! Re “ran an effective grassroots campaign with a Tea Party flavor.”

    Tea Party flavor? Orange Pekoe? Earl Grey?

    Shame on Accuracy in Media.


  • Shocking upset???

    I think not…

    India just had a massive “tea party” something a little different than Egypt did… Indians like a wide variety of tea… Egyptians like hot mint tea…

    Did you happen to notice the reaction of the filthy Hasabra liars at NPR and the despotic political correctness flowing from the Council on Foreign Relations? The CFR snipes likened the plight of Muslims in India to that of American blacks in the 1960s!

    Tell me you believe that, I dare you… The Zionist controlled Western media is still calling Egypt’s ouster of Morsi a “military coup” even while Egyptians were voting to choose their next president.