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WASHINGTON — Public unions suffered a loss after the most recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which said that unions cannot force nonmembers to pay them union dues and fees. The court case’s name was Harris v. Quinn.

seiu rallyThe Wall Street Journal reported that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Illinois home-based care workers, who were being pushed to pay dues to a union that they did not want to join.

The majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, said that the aides were not full-fledged public employees even if paid by the state of Illinois. That status ensured that these workers did not have to pay or join the union because it would violate their First Amendment rights.

The decision was 5-4 in favor of the workers and directly affected the Service Employees International Union, or known by the acronym SEIU and for their distinct purple and yellow shirts.

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  • Steven Barrett

    For the record, I’m an old-fashioned pro-union Democrat. But I’m not a cheerleader for the kind of union activity that, in the long haul, cheapens the value of a union membership card and only serves to undermine what a union is supposed to be doing, getting the workers the best and fairest deal possible between the workers and management. This means, at least not practicing scorched earth negotiating tactics and expecting management to cave in out of fear of lost profits. (Likewise, management has to play fair, too. Both sides can only win if this general golden rule is regularly followed.

    How can that happen when unions, in this case, public employee unions are taking a portion of their members dues to be used for essentially non-labor related activities? That’s less money being used for what it should be used for, representing the workers in order for them to be able to [earn] the most they can to support their families. Imagine the howl if the Court one day allows employers to collect “personnel registration and fair employment advocacy” fees which were immediately wired off to the National Right to Work people. Talk about “transparency.” Any old morally blind dog could see through that ruse. Or how ’bout this folks, imagine another howl coming from abortion rights supporters after finding out part of their union dues were used by prominently placed and very politically savvy Right to Life officios.

    Liberals and labor got off very easily in this case. It could’ve been much worse for them; much worse and all but the most self-delusional are admitting so much in near whispering tones.