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WASHINGTON — In response to the news that illegal immigrant children are being held in not-so-humane conditions along the U.S.-Mexico border, Democratic lawmakers are calling for taxpayer-funded lawyers to represent them.

20130808_climbing_fence_ILLEGALS_AMNESTY_PROTESTReuters reported that thousands of children have come into the United States, but some other conservative news outlets point out that they may be seeking residency to eventually bring their families to the country.

The federal government plans on moving the illegal immigrants to holding centers throughout the country, which had local residents up in arms over the plans. Some 52,000 children have arrived in the United States, fleeing gang and drug violence in Central American countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador from October 2013 to June 15, 2014.

Democrats put out a plan to allow 40-50% of these illegal immigrant children to claim permanent residency in the U.S. and claim it could save $2 billion a year from not having to house the children for months on end.

Conservatives criticized the Obama administration for its lax immigration law enforcement and policies. Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz said,  “(These parents) have been led to believe that all their child has to do is get to America and they will receive amnesty…The way to act to prevent that is to enforce our laws and stop engaging in the lawlessness that has so characterized the Obama administration.”

Does the Democratic plan sound like amnesty to you?

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    Why do we need lawyers? When you have broken the law and dont understand the law and to represent you against the prosecutions attempt to put you in jail. I see several problems First our government says they have broken no laws. second I have seen no charges filed. Thirdly a translator would do as well for all they need is care and a destination to where their parents are. Treat them humanly but denying them return to a parent is child abuse.

  • Steven Barrett

    Grampa, the object of getting these kids represented by competent lawyers familiar with both immigration and the myriad of other child protection laws, is to keep the children from becoming further exposed to continued dangers of being ripped off, or worse, conned by our most unscrupulous of unscrupulous creeps, sexual abusers. Let’s give these kids credit by at least acknowledging the constant dangers they faced along those long journeys they took northward. And when I think of those “adults” in Murrieta CA behaving in much the same fashion as the white trash who burned buses carrying the Freedom Riders through Dixie 50+years ago, a lot of bad memories came to fore. Those kids need legal advocates who can use the full majesty of the law as it applies in their particular cases on their behalf. They are, after all, kids. And by the way, how outraged and frightened for any grandchild of yours on that bus. I’m sure you’d be ready to bust up that bunch of immature babies in their 30s on up who were harrassing those kids. Any sensible caring adult would. This isn’t a conservative v. liberal issue. It goes beyond that; well beyond that.