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WASHINGTON — Joe Biden has now jumped on the anti-Putin bandwagon by saying that the Russian president doesn’t have a soul.

biden and putinReuters reported that Obama’s vice president Joe Biden concluded that Putin had no soul after a 2011 meeting at the Kremlin.

The story came from an interview by the New Yorker. Biden told the magazine, “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul…He looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.'”

This was a contrast to Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, who said, “I looked the man in the eye … I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

These comments came after Russia has been blamed for the downing of a Malaysian commercial airline MH17 in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russia rebels control the area. All 298 people on board died.

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  • Steven Barrett

    Joe Biden’s fast on his way to out Spiro Agnew for proving that being VEEP isn’t a total handicap on one’s ability to maintain a sense of humor in Washington. But cracking jokes like that about the faith of a guy he might have to deal with as an equally formidable adversary in the game of international statesmanship might come back to haunt him and make him wish he went into retirement where he could continue keeping us yukkin’ along with his manglings of George W.’s attempts at making serious conversations and observations.
    Sigh, being a child of the pre-Vatican II days when going to Mass was a lot more than attending today’s more “seeker-friendly” liturgical events surrounding the key Eucharistic Prayer and Communion, one would think Biden would have a lot more understanding and appreciation for Vladimir Putin’s return to his Russian Orthodox Church, which by the way, never watered down any of its rituals, etc. in order to make itself “user” or other forms of “friendly” to pack its once empty cathedrals and parish churches.

    All Vlad’s former party had to do was say, “Hey, the doors are open for fully free worship, and we’ll join you as fellow worshippers, not snoops in the Confessionals” … the many times over bitten Russian Orthodox faithful came back in force, (if for no other reason than to see what their former snoops looked like in regular street clothes, not clerical garb.) All kidding about the KGB, Putin’s past Soviet-era employer of note, it’s hard not to take a guy seriously who’s willing to stand for long prayers with the masses during their long Masses, viz a viz, what they find in Joe Biden’s contemporary form of Catholic worship which requires so little as compared to the Pre-Vatican II era he grew up in and got the basics (down pat n’ right).

    Most western Christians, so used to more, “user-friendly” forms of expressing their faith and love in the Trinity, have long been in the dark when it comes to understanding Orthodoxy and how different it is in many respects from western Christianity, be it Catholic or Protestant. While it’s safe to say Catholicism relaxed its liturgy too much in the wake of Vatican II … which never intended to loosen things that much to the point where Kumbaya “music” is almost de rigeur no thanks to the many left-over relics from the 60s who were left to their devices by a too grateful Church glad to have at least kept their loyalty in the wake of both Vatican II “reforms” and Paul VI’s encyclical on birth control…the Orthodox clergy, especially the Russian branch, proclaimed a loud NYET and wouldn’t you know it, their churches are packed.

    I’m not going to judge or deny the substance of Joe Biden’s faith, nor his commitment to his Catholic faith. How could I or any any other Catholic? The Lord gave His “Nyet” in Aramaic two thousand years ago to that. On the other hand, however much I find perplexing in Vladimir Putin’s style of leadership, if not morally objectionable during the recent attempts to grab the eastern Ukraine provinces for Mother Russia, it’d take a Trans-Siberian RR” length of a stretch for myself or anybody else to say the man lacks a “soul.”