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Iraq: Suicide bomber strikes militia, instability continues

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BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Middle East continues to destabilize as civil war rages in Syria, Israel continues to occupy Palestinian territories, Iran threatens Israel with strong remarks and the U.S. delegating responsibility to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Nuri al Maliki [1]Now, Iraq is feeling the brunt of the lack of a world policeman or global hegemon like the U.S. Shi’a and Shi’ite militias are battling for dominance in Iraq, which has been rife with sectarian, tribal and religious conflict since the ouster and fall of dictator Saddam Hussein

This past weekend, Sunni militias attacked and killed at least 22 members of the government-backed militia led by Shi’a Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. In a town north of the capital city of Baghdad, Taji, Sunni militia fighters were collecting salaries when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives.

The militiamen were part of the Sahwa militia, or “Sons of God”, who were instrumental in the overthrow of the al-Qaeda in the heartland and central provinces in Iraq. The fighters are of the Shi’a Islamic sect and denomination and are constantly warring with their Sunni counterparts.

Prime Minister al-Maliki is struggling to contain the protests of Sunnis, who see a rise of Shi’a politicians and power since Saddam Hussein’s fall. They had blocked a vital trade route between Iraq and Syria for a time to protest al-Maliki’s policies and favoring of Shi’a over Sunnis.

This rising violence threatens the viability, stability and sustainability of the democratic state of Iraq. Iranian influence is still strong in a weakened Iraq and greatly concerns other Sunni states in the Middle Eastern region like Saudi Arabia. The U.S. under the Obama administration, though it has pulled out of Iraq, should be more concerned with these recent developments in Iraq.

Yet, all we see are pictures of Obama throwing a football or skeet shooting with a shotgun being released to the general public. Is this good for the future of the world, let alone Americans?

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