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WASHINGTON — Google’s innovative self-driving car may be receiving significant pushback from automakers left in Detroit, formerly known as “Motor City” at its peak. Detroit is far from their illustrious history and glory days, having declared bankruptcy due to significant and heavy pension costs.

google self driving carReuters reported that the Silicon Valley-based search engine giant may not get the support of major automakers in Detroit, where they feel that Google’s arrogance is overbearing.

They had met in 2012 to discuss the possibility of self-driving cars, but both automakers and Google staffers were on different wavelengths, said Reuters. Now, the automakers see Google as a threat to their business model, when Google acknowledged that it will need help from Detroit automakers to make their dream possible.

The car received a lot of buzz in the media, but it is still far from being set in stone as a mode of transportation.

One source close to the auto industry said:

“Automakers are not sure if Google is their friend or their enemy, but they have a sneaking suspicion that whatever Google’s going to do is going to cause upheaval in the industry.”

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  • wmartin46

    Given how hard is has been for GM to build an ignition switch that works–it’s understandable that they simply don’t get the concept of a driverless car that depends on electronics that work all the time.

    It would be a real shame if the American car manufacturers went out of business because that decided that Google was “arrogant” .. and Google had to take their technology to the Chinese, or the Germans.

    Given the lack of real innovation in Detroit, and the heavy noose of union labor–it’s very possible that Google will have to look elsewhere for partners to get their technology married to vehicles and into the hands of the motoring public.


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