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WASHINGTON — Georgian Republican governor Nathan Deal signed into law a piece of legislation that requires some applicants for food stamps and welfare benefits to be tested for drugs.

georgia governor nathan dealReuters reported that the test is required if the authorities have a “reasonable suspicion” of drug use, and could result in temporary suspension of welfare benefits. However, if they have children, the children could receive benefits through another adult.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia disagreed with the law and called it “shameful.” But, the Deal office said, “If some, however, reject treatment and instead choose a lifestyle that renders them unemployable, taxpayers shouldn’t have to subsidize that.”

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  • Mark James

    Why the hell should any American be forced to buy drugs for a welfare recipient?

  • LawReader

    Now if we could just get the ‘work’ requirement which Obama *illegally* removed reinstated – we’d be getting someplace.

    As it is, we’re just getting broke. One wonders what percentage of ‘welfare’ is actually paid to fraudulent recipients? Given the government’s record of ineptitude – you know it’s double-digits…