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WASHINGTON — France, not the U.S., is taking a stronger stance on the nuclear talks with Iran. This underscores how upset other Arab nations and Israel are at being excluded from these talks in Geneva, Switzerland.

john kerry syria hearingVoice of America reported that French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called the initial terms proposed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as “a sucker’s deal” and that it was up to him to toughen up terms with Iran.

Everyone is upset at Kerry and Obama for leaving them out of the negotiations to dismantle Syrian chemical weapons, where Obama kowtowed to Russia and granted an international affairs coup for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Assad promptly called the agreement a “victory“, which offended longtime American allies Israel, France and Saudi Arabia.

That got Israel, America’s typical allies in the Middle East and the U.S. Congress upset over the weak terms that Kerry and the Obama administration presented to the Iranian negotiation team. Currently, the U.N. Security Council’s permanent members (U.S., France, U.K., Russia, China) and Germany are engaging in these rounds of negotiations.

Obama and his administration insist that they are offering a tough deal, but the circumstances speak to the contrary.

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  • leCoq

    30 good reasons for France not to cave or nuclear Iran
    [that have nothing to with zionists or NWO conspiracies nor petro-dollars]

    A) France remembers “Peace for our time” speech in 1938 (Chamberlain) and 1939-1945

    B) France’s multicultural society has already knowledge of these type of tensions
    01) France’s Muslim population biggest population in Western Europe (estimated 4155000)
    02) France’s Jewish populations biggest population in Western Europe ( estimated 600000 Jews in 2013)

    C) France knows a thing or two about civil and military nuclear :
    01) French Nobel peace prize scientist Marie Curie discovered radioactive Radium and Polonium
    02) France is official member of the five nuclear-weapon states under the NPT
    03) France’s nuclear share of electricity production is biggest in the world (74.8%)
    05) France’s nuclear produced electricity is second biggest in the world (estimated 63130 MW in 2012)

    D) France’s intelligence
    01) “France(‘s intelligence) was right !” on Irak in 2003 about WMD lies from USA.
    02) France(‘s intelligence) right on Iran in 2013 about military nuclear rollout ?

    E) List of terrorist incidents attributed to Iran in 1985,1986
    01) February 23 1985 : Paris Marks & Spencer shop, one bomb, one dead, 18 wounded, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah.
    02) March 9 1985 : Paris, Cinema Rivoli, Jewish film festival, 18 injured, pro-Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah
    03) December 7 1985 : Paris, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shops, two bombs, 51 injured, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah
    04) February 3 1986 : Paris, Claridge passage (Champs Élysées) seven injured, another bomb failed to explode in the Eiffel tower, pro-Iranian (Fouad Ali Saleh group)
    05) February 4 1986 : Paris, Gibert book shop, seven injured, Fouad Ali Saleh
    06) February 5 1986 : Paris, FNAC-sports, 15 injured
    07) March 17 1986 : TGV Paris, nine injured
    08) March 20 1986 : Paris, Galerie Point-Show bombed, two dead, 21 injured
    09) September 8 1986 : Paris town hall’s post office bombed, one dead, 16 injured
    10) September 12 1986 : Paris La Défense, Casino Supermarket’s restaurant bombed, 43 injured
    11) September 14 1986 : Paris, Pub Renault bombed, two dead, one injured
    12) September 15 1986 : Paris, police headquarters bombed, one dead, 45 injured
    13) September 17: Paris, Rue de Rennes a bomb explodes in the street, seven dead, 54 injured.
    14) December 24 1988 : Lockerbie Pan Am 103 bombing (6 French out of 250 dead passengers)

    F) Iran’s public smear campaign :
    01) “Tough negotiations in Geneva and a French gun-wielding frog.” (Revolutionary Guards).
    02) “A wise man, particularly a wise politician, should never have the motivation to turn a neutral entity into an enemy.” (Khamenei twitter)
    03) “French officials have been openly hostile towards the Iranian nation over the past few years; this is an imprudent and inept move,” (Khamenei twitter)
    04) French leaders are zionist, French leaders have no backbone just out for contracts etc.

    G) USA’s public smearing campaign :
    01) “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys” Since 387 BC, France has fought 168 major wars (won 109, lost 49 and drawn 10 times)
    02) 5.7 million French casualties at WWI or 10% of French population (GOP Congressman M. Sessions on Shutdown at WW Memorial in 2013 : “We’re Not French. We Don’t Surrender”)

  • The Obama administration must not be more eager to reach any deal than it is to reach a meaningful one. The proper goal — ending Iranian enrichment of uranium, whose only possible purpose is military.