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Clinton tries to fight back against Benghazi accusations

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WASHINGTON — Now almost fully recovered from her illness, outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is fighting back against allegations of her lackadaisical oversight during the Benghazi disaster.

hillary clinton [1]The events surrounding the Benghazi consulate attack on the anniversary of 9/11, known by conservatives as “Benghazi-Gate”, have overshadowed Clinton ever since then. Four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens, were killed and additional security support arrived when it was too late.

In the days leading up to the initial congressional hearings on Benghazi, she had suffered a concussion and a blood clot and had been resting for the past month. Some analysts were saying that she was avoiding the initial congressional hearings and buying time until she is replaced as Secretary of State.

Former and disgraced CIA director Army General David Petraeus will not testify in his role in the security disaster at Benghazi, especially after his quick resignation after it was discovered he had a longterm affair and compromised national security.

Benghazi, if it has not already, will stain her reputation and her legacy as Obama’s first Secretary of State. Clinton had to come out swinging in this hearing, which was delayed due to her illness late last year. The press lauded her defense and used terms such as “combative” and “ferocity”, when they overlooked the national security implications of this foreign policy disaster.

She said that she reiterates her previous statement that “I take responsibility” for the deaths of four Americans in their consulate. She tiptoed around the question of the root of the attack, which the Obama administration had initially said were caused by an amateur film on the Prophet Mohammed, and did not directly answer whether she and the administration misled the American people for up to two weeks.

As expected, she groveled when mentioning the losses of those four Americans, who were her department’s personnel, and ignoring the numerous security threats that they had passed onto their superiors. Clinton has not been directly blamed for the attacks, but her, Obama and Petraeus are ultimately at fault.

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