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At the recent conference on “Rethinking McCarthy,” veteran journalist M. Stanton Evans disputed a number of myths about the Senator that have been accepted by leading historians and media figures. Evans, the director of the National Journalism Center who is writing his own book on Senator Joseph McCarthy, said one of the most notorious myths is that the Wisconsin Senator never named any names of suspected communists in government. Holding up a file of material, Evans said, “Here are the names. Right here. Anybody who wants to can look at them.” He produced a letter that McCarthy sent to Senator Millard Tydings in 1950 in which he listed the names.

The original list, which included numbers of cases and not names, was obtained by McCarthy after it was put together by congressional staffers. It was drawn from the files of the State Department itself. But McCarthy provided the cases to Tydings with the names attached. Critics have said over the years that the list was either outdated, blown out of proportion, that the individuals named were cleared by congressional committees, or that they were just mildly leftist. But none of that was true. Evans quoted from some of them: “…he furnished material to a known Soviet espionage agent…” and “…He is a known Communist Party member.”

Evans said the biggest piece of disinformation was that these cases had been cleared by congressional hearings. This was false. The chairman of one committee said the information showed “a large number of communists on the rolls of the State Department.” He added, “It makes me wonder if there is any representation of the United States in the State Department.”

McCarthy also had access to information about Amerasia, a pro-Communist magazine, and State Department diplomat John Stewart Service, who was arrested for passing classified information to its editor. In a major speech, McCarthy called the Justice Department failure to prosecute the case a massive cover-up. “We now know that he was 100 percent correct,” Evans said of McCarthy?s charges. The FBI wiretapped the meeting where the cover-up was planned and the case was fixed to get Service off. Playing a role in the cover-up was Soviet agent Laughlin Currie in the White House. He was a key adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt.

Another McCarthy target, Owen Lattimore of the Institute for Pacific Relations, was supposedly investigated by the Tydings Committee, which found nothing incriminating in his FBI files. But Evans read from that file, page one, which said back in 1941 that Lattimore was a communist who should be detained in the event of a national emergency.

All of this mattered for two reasons. One, some of these people engaged in espionage for the Soviet Union. Two, they manipulated U.S. foreign policy to the benefit of the communists. For example, they maneuvered to cut off aid to the Chinese nationalists in order to betray China to the communists. This betrayal left mainland China in the hands of the Communists and the nationalists fled to the island of Taiwan. More than 50 years later, the betrayal continues under the Clinton Administration. But Senator Joe McCarthy tried to prevent it.

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  • From secret communists inside the State Depart. to an openly Communist, foreign-born usurper in  the White House.  Go back to the Constitution and Rule of Law and put Obama under a gallows swinging…

  • Ranchman

    With the mainstream media in collusion with the Obama Communists, how can we fight back? Even Faux News won’t report on issues which could have prohibited Obama from being elected in the first place. None of this had to happen, if we’d have had a media worth its salt.

    America needs to reevaluate what it thinks it knows about Joseph McCarthy. The only reason the tide turned against him was on account of a massive Communist propaganda campaign. Even Glenn Beck thinks he was a drunk and an extremist. And yet, while happily demeaning the memory of McCarthy, GB would never report on the forgery and fraud of every single piece of Obama’s documentation, helping to allow a staunch Communist to ascend to the presidency of the United States of America.

    Every step America has made which moves the nation closer to its destruction has been calculated by the Communists, headquartered out of the Soviet Union. The Communists have never given up on their plan for world domination and they are steadily gaining in their goals. While I still hope and pray that America wakes up to this threat, part of me thinks it’s already too late. Time will tell, I guess…

  • Habeas Corpus Canada

    Good to have this update on Senator McCarthy, setting the record straight.

    It answers some of the criticisms of the McCarran-McCarthy era put forth in this 1998 biographical account by William Lancelot Holland, which I found online last week: “Remembering the Institute of Pacific Relations: The Memoirs of William L. Holland.,+%22Institute+for+Pacific+Relations%22&source=bl&ots=J2VIiydLTw&sig=DDHV5dY0sPHyj6YwhL3pxekSQc0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=hwSkUdr9C8a6yQHurIHIDA&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=McCarthy&f=false

    Personally, I think Senator McCarthy unknowingly understated the extent of the problem. We could use a McCarthy today, in both America and Canada.

    My independent research indicates that Canada’s federal civil service was taken over by the Comintern in the late 1920s, just before the Statute of Westminster, 1931 declared Canada independent of the United Kingdom. That timing is a matter for concern, as it happened on Soviet spy O.D. Skelton’s watch, (recruited by Louis Kon of the Comintern) who was then in charge of Canada’s civil service and advising our prime ministers.

    In essence, Canada’s acquisition of international sovereignty released us into the sinister shadow of the Kremlin.

    By the 1960s, Canada finally had a full-blown Soviet spy for a “prime minister”: Lester Bowles Pearson. He had in fact been denounced in the McCarran hearings by Elizabeth Bentley. The FBI warned Canada, but nothing happened, and Pearson ascended. He was active in and became the President of the Kremlin-controlled IPR’s Canadian secretariat, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs (CIIA). This changed its name to Canadian International Council, and then to Open Canada, under which it operates now while pushing George Soros’s borderless “Open Society”.

    A full-blown Communist campaign to merge the continent followed soon after Pearson occupied office. Attempts were made to get the continental ball rolling by dismantling Canada using the front of Quebec’s alleged bid for “secession” in reply to a Communist terrorist movement implemented with aid from Castro.

    That operation was put into full gear under the auspices of Pearson’s hand-picked successor, Communist “prime minister” number two, Comrade Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Trudeau’s son has just taken over Canada’s federal Liberal leadership to finish what his father started. There are intimations that our current traitor Harper who continues to merge North America with Communist Obama may step aside to let the junior Trudeau finish it, and take the honors.

    I am working on a web site inspired by anti-communist author, Alan Stang. Please check it out:

    CANADA – How The Communists Took Control

    It’s located at:

    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union – an explanation of the Quebec “secession” scam.

    – 30 –

  • Habeas Corpus Canada

    I’m reading something interesting.
    The introduction recommends reading the last chapter first: “What Must Be Done”:

  • Habeas Corpus Canada

    I think the oath of allegiance is the key.

    Communists can’t swear a legally valid oath. They bear allegiance to a foreign power.

    Prove by documenting his actions and his ideology that Obama is a Communist, and throw him out for a void oath.

    Anyone under a void oath was never lawfully in office, or is self-discharged; it remains to remove him.

  • dan’l

    Read ” Blacklisted By History” for more confirmation. McCarthy was proven to be right by the Venona files when they were released.

  • DV

    According to Ann Coulter: McCarthy made the names available for the public, Senator Millard Tydings, and other members of Congress, the President, and the media to see. He didn’t read the names from the list during the televised hearing because he thought that wouldn’t be fair to those on the list. Ed Murrow, the liberal media, and the Democrats transmogrified McCarthy’s compassion, decency, and sense of fair play into one of the Great Ogre’s Crimes of the Century. Ed Murrow came out of this fairy tale play he wrote smelling like a rose and looking like an angel. He’s roasting in hell now.

  • Infidel_jack

    Obama is the most dangerous Mohamadista in the world. He created the Islamic State and he refuses to fight them. He is intentionally destroying America because he hates us.

  • d marino

    The Communists are well known for being Jewish. Their fangs go deep and their wanderings go far. The U.S. has a giant nest of them within the government to this day. They will lie about everything. Just think of Hillary on steroids.

  • Steve Burstein

    It’s amazing that people are still posting comments on this 16 year old piece. McCarthy’s only “Crime” was being a Steak-and-Potatoes guy in a sea of Filet Mignon.

  • kenjoyce

    The biggest issue here that no one seems to mention or care about which completely mystifies me and suggests without at doubt that the left is doing this act deliberately is the FACT that we still DO NOT KNOW all the facts. So to make ignorant stupid statements that McCarthy did not know this or that or that he was falsely accusing is all BS. To date only a tiny fraction of the VENONA material has been processed. Almost the entire official record into these Communists has been purged or still completely closed. The question that needs to be asked is WHY ! If anything it stinks of their guilt and points to an infiltration by Communists that is far larger than anyone could have ever imagined. In Canada the entire books on this have been wiped clean. ALL of Canada’s top Liberal politicians and permanent bureaucrats were under investigation from the 1950’s until the 1980’s. Practically NONE of this information is available today and it was supposed to be released 17 years ago. In Britain it has to be remembered that during WW2 they had a COALITION Government that gave LABOUR a lot of power to infiltrate government offices, intelligence and the military. Again, very little is available there as well. THEN the only information we have from the Soviet Union is was Mitrohkin smuggled out. There are HUGE aspects of the Soviet plan to bring down the west from within we HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ABOUT. In closing, how many Americans know that the archives of the Communists Party of the USA was transferred completely, and in secrecy, to the USSR. For a political party that the left claims were simply a bunch of innocent lefties, does that not also STINK of guilt ! Representatives of the Library of Congress were given access to only PART OF IT and came back with evidence against many suspected by McCarthy. This was all part of the Soviet plan to bring down the Main Adversary. The left wing media and Hollywood have repeated and repeated the same lies over and over again it becomes entrenched. This was their plan. Good examples are the latest Hollywood crap Bridge of Spies and Trumbo. ALL lies. They even neglected to mention in Bridge of Spies that it was a US/Soviet spy ring that stole US research into surface to air missiles that the USSR used to SHOOT DOWN POWERS U-2 aircraft. They said nothing of the background of Soviet spy in question and how he operated in the US. No mention of the fact that he was infiltrated into the US from Canada. No mention that Trumbo supported the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and wrote several works on this !!!!. Just a pile of lies and crap that continue to this day to cover-up something that could impact every aspect of western history from 1919 until 1990. Every single foreign policy decision. !!!!