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A claim by Bobbie Ann Williams, a Little Rock prostitute, that her son, Danny, was fathered by Bill Clinton has been proven false by DNA analysis. Star, the tabloid that first published Gennifer Flowers? claim that she had been one of Clinton?s lovers, was reported to have paid Williams “a low six-figure” sum for exclusive rights to the story. It arranged to have Danny?s DNA checked against that of the President. On January 9, the Drudge Report broke the news that Time magazine had learned that the DNA tests cleared Clinton.

Time ran a short story in its January 15 issue under the headline, “Scandal Interruptus; A bit less Jefferson in William Jefferson Clinton.” What Time was trying to do in this strange headline was to remind its readers of the claim that DNA tests had proven that Thomas Jefferson had fathered a son by his slave, Sally Hemings, as it reported that DNA tests had cleared Bill Clinton of fathering a son by a black hooker.

The claim by Bobbie Ann Williams that Clinton was the father of her son Danny had been spread by Robert McIntosh, a black Little Rock businessman, during the 1992 presidential campaign. It was not picked up by the national media, but the Globe, a supermarket tabloid that doesn?t have a reputation for accuracy, paid Williams for her story and ran it in February 1992, with a photo of Danny that showed a resemblance to Clinton.

Clinton never offered to submit to a paternity test to prove that the rumor was false, but McIntosh abruptly ended his effort to spread it. After Clinton won the election, McIntosh?s son, who was serving a long prison term on drug charges, was pardoned by the black speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives who was acting governor for a brief period while Clinton was away. This, combined with the mounting evidence of Clinton?s promiscuity, revived interest in the Danny story on the Internet and talk radio. It was reported that the Williams family wanted Clinton to submit to a paternity test.

Bobbie Ann Williams? claim that Clinton was the father was based on her assertion that Clinton had been her only white client when Danny was conceived. Clinton?s reaction to her claims suggests that he feared that a paternity test might prove that she was telling the truth. He did not hail the Star?s decision to pay for DNA testing.

In reporting that the DNA test had cleared Clinton, The Washington Post gave none of this background. Referring to it as “a love child story,” it did not reveal that the mother was a black prostitute. It described her claim as “utterly bogus” and “slimy.” That was how the Washington Post justified its never having reported the story. The Post and others rushed to publicize a bogus claim that DNA tests had proven that Thomas Jefferson had fathered a child by a slave. The British journal that first published the claim has now admitted that it was inaccurate, but as Time?s headline on the Danny story showed, this has not erased the original error from the minds of all journalists.


  • leebert

    How did they get Clinton’s DNA in the first place to make the test?

  • Rick Sander

    That was my first thought.

  • G L

    “That was my first thought.”

    Mine, too.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Propaganda. Bill is the father. Ask Say Mcintosh who was paid ff for years to stop saying Danny was Bills.

  • Takiwa

    This story is bogus.
    He never took the test.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman, who in 1999 OWNED The Star Tabloid, has been friends with Bill Clinton since his college days at Georgetown. Altman was later in the Clinton Administration and he is a $250,000 donor in 2015 to Priorities USA, a pro Hillary Clinton PAC. The Star article was a complete Clinton fabrication placed in the tabloid of a Clinton BFF (best friend forever). Idiots like Howard Kurtz of the Wash Post took this garbage at face value and then TIME magazine also reprinted the disinformation. Then AIM put up this absolutely disagraceful article about a phony DNA story planted by the Clintons. The reason the story was planted in the first place was because NewsMax in late 1998 had run several articles about Bill Clinton being the father of Danney Williams, so in early 1999 The Star responded with the disinfo article.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman – OWNER of The Star in 1999, good friends with Bill Clinton since Georgetown in the 1960’s!!!

  • Robert_Morrow

    100% true. Bill Clinton’s abandoned son Danney Williams, age 30, is alive and well on both Facebook and Twitter. Look him up!

  • Robert_Morrow

    This story is completely bogus. AIM needs to “correct the record” and do a follow up article saying The Star tabloid in 1999 was owned by Roger Altman and did a disinformation story on a DNA test that never happened.

  • Robert_Morrow

    The Star NEVER got Clinton’s DNA. The Star in 1999 owned by Roger Altman, it was a disinfo story, totally made up. Altman, friends with Bill Clinton since Georgetown in 1960’s and a huge Clinton donor.

  • Daniel

    Obviously Bill was with Bobbie Ann Williams! Otherwise, why would they do a DNA test? Bill didn’t have sex with Monica either…haha, Clintons are a crime family they should be made to face the consequences…my opinion.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Accuracy in Media is not accurate.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Monica got pregnant and had an abortion during her time with Bill and claimed the pregnancy was by another man. I always thought that story was bogus.

  • Jonathan Miller

    A cigar from the WH, or a blue dress scraping from Monica Lewinski?

  • Est Ban

    Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid you blabbermouth ignoramuses! DNA tests could never prove if Thomas Jefferson fathered a black- child with his deceased wife’s half-sister Sally Hemmings for the fact that there were other close relatives of Jefferson also living with Sally at the time and Thomas Jefferson(TJ) has no known direct descendants. Some of these co-habiting Jefferson male relatives were much younger than TJ and more likely to impregnate a woman without the aid of modern medicine, i.e. viagra cialis etc, TJ was not a young man at the alleged time. Although considered as one of the fathers of our country, at his age TJ would probably not have prevailed over the stiff competition meted out by his younger aged relatives.
    As for Bill Clinton, who did the DNA test and who provided the DNA? My guess is it wasn’t Chelsea since she allegedly has no Bill Clinton DNA.

  • Brad Kingsland

    So much for it takes a village and black lives matter…

  • al

    I’m clinton’s other abandoned son. I’m only 5 years older than billy.

  • al

    kenneth starr gave them a sample from evidence, and if you recall he was no clinton fan.

  • Est Ban

    Yeah right! Who did he give the sample from evidence to and where is the sample now???

  • Beedogz
  • zumur

    makes me happy someone has done the real research and knows that this story is bogus and what really happened back then. keep up the good work, Robert.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    You make me laugh. Starr was in charge of the cover up.

  • Tanya Hutchins

    DNA proves relation and can be used to tell how close of a relation. Age has nothing to do with ability to father a child. There are men in their 80s fathering kids.

  • The Jig Is Up

    There was no DNA test.
    Roger Stone proves this in his book “The Clinton’s war on Women”.
    All black lives matter to Hillary, unless you are her stepson that she knows exists but will not acknowledge.
    Black people only matter to her if she needs their vote.

  • trac ingr

    Someone follow Bill around and get any glass or cup he drinks from, then we can tell.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    What? No maternity test!

  • Est Ban

    Tanya the claim is TJ ‘FATHERED’. DNA cannot prove this as I explained, no if ands or buts. There are men pushing 90 that can father children. It is however, more likely that a younger male will father a child. I did not claim TJ did not father, i claimed he was less likely to do so than any of the the younger Jefferson suspects. How many 80-90 year olds have you had sex with?? Enough said do not further flaunt you ignorance as the the two ignorant blabbermouths did above.

  • Alex Yamach

    Another dirty trick by the RNC trying to smear the Clinton’s and ruin Hillary’s campaign. I wonder how much Danny Williams was paid by an RNC operative to start speaking out and approching media outlets with his bogus story. Another “Swiftboat” attempt by the GOP..

  • marktomark

    yeah sure bill and KILLARY are the biggest CORRUPT LIARS out there !