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A claim by Bobbie Ann Williams, a Little Rock prostitute, that her son, Danny, was fathered by Bill Clinton has been proven false by DNA analysis. Star, the tabloid that first published Gennifer Flowers? claim that she had been one of Clinton?s lovers, was reported to have paid Williams “a low six-figure” sum for exclusive rights to the story. It arranged to have Danny?s DNA checked against that of the President. On January 9, the Drudge Report broke the news that Time magazine had learned that the DNA tests cleared Clinton.

Time ran a short story in its January 15 issue under the headline, “Scandal Interruptus; A bit less Jefferson in William Jefferson Clinton.” What Time was trying to do in this strange headline was to remind its readers of the claim that DNA tests had proven that Thomas Jefferson had fathered a son by his slave, Sally Hemings, as it reported that DNA tests had cleared Bill Clinton of fathering a son by a black hooker.

The claim by Bobbie Ann Williams that Clinton was the father of her son Danny had been spread by Robert McIntosh, a black Little Rock businessman, during the 1992 presidential campaign. It was not picked up by the national media, but the Globe, a supermarket tabloid that doesn?t have a reputation for accuracy, paid Williams for her story and ran it in February 1992, with a photo of Danny that showed a resemblance to Clinton.

Clinton never offered to submit to a paternity test to prove that the rumor was false, but McIntosh abruptly ended his effort to spread it. After Clinton won the election, McIntosh?s son, who was serving a long prison term on drug charges, was pardoned by the black speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives who was acting governor for a brief period while Clinton was away. This, combined with the mounting evidence of Clinton?s promiscuity, revived interest in the Danny story on the Internet and talk radio. It was reported that the Williams family wanted Clinton to submit to a paternity test.

Bobbie Ann Williams? claim that Clinton was the father was based on her assertion that Clinton had been her only white client when Danny was conceived. Clinton?s reaction to her claims suggests that he feared that a paternity test might prove that she was telling the truth. He did not hail the Star?s decision to pay for DNA testing.

In reporting that the DNA test had cleared Clinton, The Washington Post gave none of this background. Referring to it as “a love child story,” it did not reveal that the mother was a black prostitute. It described her claim as “utterly bogus” and “slimy.” That was how the Washington Post justified its never having reported the story. The Post and others rushed to publicize a bogus claim that DNA tests had proven that Thomas Jefferson had fathered a child by a slave. The British journal that first published the claim has now admitted that it was inaccurate, but as Time?s headline on the Danny story showed, this has not erased the original error from the minds of all journalists.

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  • leebert

    How did they get Clinton’s DNA in the first place to make the test?

  • Rick Sander

    That was my first thought.

  • G L

    “That was my first thought.”

    Mine, too.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Propaganda. Bill is the father. Ask Say Mcintosh who was paid ff for years to stop saying Danny was Bills.

  • Takiwa

    This story is bogus.
    He never took the test.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman, who in 1999 OWNED The Star Tabloid, has been friends with Bill Clinton since his college days at Georgetown. Altman was later in the Clinton Administration and he is a $250,000 donor in 2015 to Priorities USA, a pro Hillary Clinton PAC. The Star article was a complete Clinton fabrication placed in the tabloid of a Clinton BFF (best friend forever). Idiots like Howard Kurtz of the Wash Post took this garbage at face value and then TIME magazine also reprinted the disinformation. Then AIM put up this absolutely disagraceful article about a phony DNA story planted by the Clintons. The reason the story was planted in the first place was because NewsMax in late 1998 had run several articles about Bill Clinton being the father of Danney Williams, so in early 1999 The Star responded with the disinfo article.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman – OWNER of The Star in 1999, good friends with Bill Clinton since Georgetown in the 1960’s!!!

  • Robert_Morrow

    100% true. Bill Clinton’s abandoned son Danney Williams, age 30, is alive and well on both Facebook and Twitter. Look him up!

  • Robert_Morrow

    This story is completely bogus. AIM needs to “correct the record” and do a follow up article saying The Star tabloid in 1999 was owned by Roger Altman and did a disinformation story on a DNA test that never happened.

  • Robert_Morrow

    The Star NEVER got Clinton’s DNA. The Star in 1999 owned by Roger Altman, it was a disinfo story, totally made up. Altman, friends with Bill Clinton since Georgetown in 1960’s and a huge Clinton donor.

  • Daniel

    Obviously Bill was with Bobbie Ann Williams! Otherwise, why would they do a DNA test? Bill didn’t have sex with Monica either…haha, Clintons are a crime family they should be made to face the consequences…my opinion.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Accuracy in Media is not accurate.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Monica got pregnant and had an abortion during her time with Bill and claimed the pregnancy was by another man. I always thought that story was bogus.

  • Jonathan Miller

    A cigar from the WH, or a blue dress scraping from Monica Lewinski?

  • Est Ban

    Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid you blabbermouth ignoramuses! DNA tests could never prove if Thomas Jefferson fathered a black- child with his deceased wife’s half-sister Sally Hemmings for the fact that there were other close relatives of Jefferson also living with Sally at the time and Thomas Jefferson(TJ) has no known direct descendants. Some of these co-habiting Jefferson male relatives were much younger than TJ and more likely to impregnate a woman without the aid of modern medicine, i.e. viagra cialis etc, TJ was not a young man at the alleged time. Although considered as one of the fathers of our country, at his age TJ would probably not have prevailed over the stiff competition meted out by his younger aged relatives.
    As for Bill Clinton, who did the DNA test and who provided the DNA? My guess is it wasn’t Chelsea since she allegedly has no Bill Clinton DNA.

  • Brad Kingsland

    So much for it takes a village and black lives matter…

  • al

    I’m clinton’s other abandoned son. I’m only 5 years older than billy.

  • al

    kenneth starr gave them a sample from evidence, and if you recall he was no clinton fan.

  • Est Ban

    Yeah right! Who did he give the sample from evidence to and where is the sample now???

  • Beedogz
  • zumur

    makes me happy someone has done the real research and knows that this story is bogus and what really happened back then. keep up the good work, Robert.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    You make me laugh. Starr was in charge of the cover up.

  • Tanya Hutchins

    DNA proves relation and can be used to tell how close of a relation. Age has nothing to do with ability to father a child. There are men in their 80s fathering kids.

  • The Jig Is Up

    There was no DNA test.
    Roger Stone proves this in his book “The Clinton’s war on Women”.
    All black lives matter to Hillary, unless you are her stepson that she knows exists but will not acknowledge.
    Black people only matter to her if she needs their vote.

  • trac ingr

    Someone follow Bill around and get any glass or cup he drinks from, then we can tell.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    What? No maternity test!

  • Est Ban

    Tanya the claim is TJ ‘FATHERED’. DNA cannot prove this as I explained, no if ands or buts. There are men pushing 90 that can father children. It is however, more likely that a younger male will father a child. I did not claim TJ did not father, i claimed he was less likely to do so than any of the the younger Jefferson suspects. How many 80-90 year olds have you had sex with?? Enough said do not further flaunt you ignorance as the the two ignorant blabbermouths did above.

  • Alex Yamach

    Another dirty trick by the RNC trying to smear the Clinton’s and ruin Hillary’s campaign. I wonder how much Danny Williams was paid by an RNC operative to start speaking out and approching media outlets with his bogus story. Another “Swiftboat” attempt by the GOP..

  • marktomark

    yeah sure bill and KILLARY are the biggest CORRUPT LIARS out there !

  • G L

    You do know that Starr was largely chosen and approved of by the Clintons before the investigation began, right? There was another special prosecutor before him who was nixed by them before anything got off the ground.

  • G L

    The DNA sample came from Jefferson’s uncle, not Thomas Jefferson, himself. All that can be told, therefore, is that DNA came from any one of a few dozen members of Jefferson’s family who lived in the area at the time.

    There was a review of the information not long ago by experts, professors, historians, etc., part of the Thomas Jefferson Historical Society, who concluded that the likely father was Randolph Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s brother, or one of his sons. Their report is compelling, and publicly available.

  • J R Moses

    Lies, lies and more lies. The media must be making a shitload of money protecting these thieves in D.C. Bill did NOT take a test.

  • Rudi

    You put them first while they out you last.

  • Rudi

    Right, he’s allowed to just keep this stuff on file to throw around as he wishes ? Idiot…

  • Rudi

    You’re so desperate to believe in those phones that it’s sad. This has been an open secret for decades. The DNC has revealed its corruption this election. People don’t like Hillary.

  • Rudi

    Well if your mom was a pro in little rock and time travel was even theoretically possible I’d say that you might be right !

  • Alex Yamach

    And Newsmax is a Right Wing rag who’s sole purpose is to pump out stories descrediting Dems in every way possible. Constantly trolling with innuendo, no proof and false claims like a tabloid to try to smear people. And you dumb right wingers just lap it up.

  • Elysium10

    The DNA story was planted by the Clintons according to Olivia Nuzzi of The Dally Beast ( May 21, 2016) in ” My Quest to Find Bill Clinton’s Love Child :

    “…several mainstream media outlets—the New York Daily News and The Mirror (U.K.), The Washington Times—cleared Clinton with headlines like “CLINTON NO JEFFERSON, LOVE CHILD NOT HIS” and “CLINTON IS NOT DAD OF HOOKER’S BOY, 13.” But those who believe the conspiracy weren’t put off, since, as Slate concluded at the time, it’d be impossible to determine if Clinton was Danney’s father based only on the “imprecise” data provided by the FBI and Starr.”

    The article goes on to state:

    “Much of these flames have been stoked… by the authors of “The Clintons’ War on Women,: Roger Stone—a longtime Trump adviser and Robert Morris …In February, I sat down in Des Moines with Morrow, who admitted he had never met Danney, to talk about the story. “They made it up!” he said of Star magazine’s DNA test. “It’s Clinton-disinfo. It’s a planted story—a fake planted story. There was no DNA test. Prove it! Where? Danney don’t know about it. Star magazine didn’t know about. Stone talks to the current people who own those magazines [and] they say, ‘what are you talking about?’”
    The point is there is no proof that Danny is Bill’s child and there is no proof he isn’t, except for the fact that in Primary Colors, the supposedly fictional work of Joe Klein (fictional wink- wink) the illegitimate child was conceived by Bill Clinton’s black friend’s daughter, instead of by a hooker. Naturally, Klein claim his work was fictional that is– fiction mirror real life with few minor changings to the guilt some sense of decency. I would take Primary Color for his fictional word–true.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman, 1999 Owner of The Star, planted phony DNA story @ Danney Williams/Bill Clinton

  • Robert_Morrow

    1992 Clintons made deal with Say McIntosh – shut up about Danney Williams being Bill Clinton’s son and we will pardon your son Tommy McIntosh 18 years before he is parole eligible: NYT 1-24-93 “Startling Arkansas, Governor-for-a-Day Sets 2 Convicts Free

  • Robert_Morrow

    Chris Ruddy, the owner of NewsMax, is in 2016 a close friend of the Clintons and a closet Hillary Clinton supporter. He scrubbed his web site of all those 1998 NewsMax stories on Danney Williams and Bill Clinton.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Of course there was NO DNA test of Bill Clinton/Danney Williams. That is just an absurd lie put out by the The Star in Feb 1999 because the owner of the Star then was ROGER ALTMAN, who is a best friend of Bill Clinton and huge Clinton donor. Bill Clinton abandoned his only son Danney Williams and this fact is hugely discrediting to the Clintons.

  • Robert_Morrow

    I suggest reading the comments section of Fishbowl NY “Olivia Nuzzi and the #ClintonKid –

  • Elysium10

    Thanks Robert I read that article prior. My Comment was to poke fun at the obvious. I have studied the Clintons since 1992; when they appeared on 60 Minutes. I sensed then they were frauds and at the time I was a Democrat. Naturally, my view did not sit well with the true believers, in fact I was resented. To determine if I was wrong and the true believers were right or vice versa, I read and research everything that came out on the Clintons, turning every stone, which was proving me right, so I never ever voted for them. My conscious would not permit it. As I saw it, when came to being rejected for my views, for thinking, for refusing to delegate my mind and spirit and labor to frauds, my view was reject me, because the feeling is mutual:

    “One million zeroes do not add up to one”

    Because of the Clintons and mindlessness of the flock, I left the party. I did vote for Obama. I am an independent. I will never compromise with evil and never accept the irrational propaganda of choosing the lesser of two evils. This is nonsense. To cut a deal with evil or the lesser of two evils, is not choice because both are evil and Evil wins–period. This tactic is to prevent one from seeking other option, from becoming innovative and creative, it a cloak to continuing the dumbing down of the mass dressed up to delude. Death is death, there is no lesser death.

    For me Danny’s story is not new, the masses are finally catching up to the truth and different reality. I’ve been sitting on the dock of the bay wondering, ” What kept them so long?”

    I should point out you are right about The Star magazine bring owned by Clintons good friend Roger Altman and the friendship was confirmed in Bloomberg News, June 23, 1997 entitled “:Roger Altman Hits The Street Running”:

    “…Altman, 50, is a longtime friend of Bill Clinton from their Georgetown University days. But as acting chairman of the Resolution Trust Co., Altman was raked over the coals. Some senators investigating Whitewater accused him of misleading them about whether he tipped off the White House about a criminal investigation of a failed Arkansas thrift with ties to Clinton. Altman resigned in 1994. Subsequent investigations cleared him of any criminal or ethical misconduct. Altman declined public comment.”

    Also in the New York Times, February 17, 1999 “Investment Group Buys The National Enquirer and Star Magazine,” by Alex Kucyznski, wrote:

    “A Manhattan investment firm has purchased the company that owns The National Enquirer and Star magazine and hired the head of the nation’s third-largest magazine publisher to run and expand it. The investment group, Evercore Capital Partners L.L.C., headed by former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger C. Altman, announced yesterday that it had acquired the publications for $294 million from American Media Inc., and that David J. Pecker, the president and chief executive officer of Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, a unit of Lagardere Group, would head the company and receive an equity stake.”

    When the media is in bed with the accused, then the truth can become whatever the accused want it to be. I suggest that during one of Hillary upcoming rally, Danny ought parade before the camera with a sign that says:

    ” I am Bill Clinton “alleged” son, but “what difference does it make” since my step-mother will accept me as her own since she said, “There is no such thing as other people’s children, they are all our children” so what is the problem?”

  • New Centurion

    There was no damn test. It was a planted story.

  • hexrei

    This site is hilarious. “Bias watch”, when the site is admittedly partisan? Ridiculous.

  • 209OliveSt!!Mike McAllister

    True or not I would not believe anything CNN said!!!

  • Kate Chinwe Tagbo

    Is it true, why the story not straight?

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    A lot like Snopes!

  • BG Davis

    Well, of course – If some guy on Facebook and Twitter says it’s true, of course it’s true.

  • BG Davis

    One little problem: Clinton wasn’t the one who got Tommy M. out early. But don’t let facts interfere with your fantasy.

  • Robert_Morrow

    The deal was set up and closed under Bill Clinton – shut up about my bastard child and I will make sure Tommy McIntosh gets out of prison. An acting governor did it while Bill was going to DC and Gov. Tucker was out of state at DC inauguration.

  • Est Ban

    Tanya just saw this. There were many other Thomas Jefferson close relatives with access to Sally Hemings. As such, it can not be proven whether T. Jefferson or his close relatives were fathers of this lineage. Given that most men’s reproductive capacity dwindles with age and all of the male close relatives of T.Jefferson with access to Sally Hemings were considerably younger than T. Jefferson, the odds favor that T Jefferson is less likely to be the father. Regardless DNA does not prove whether he is the father and age in itself does not disqualify him from being the father. Understand?

  • Al

    Who needs facts when the lie is more entertaning, especially when the lie butresses your political ideology.

  • Kulie

    Danny Williams is currently a Hilary Clinton’s supporter

  • Karen Keen Botts

    The story said clinton didnt take the dna test so how can dna have proved anything? smh….


    Now really, you know CLINTON paid off the lab. How can we trust anything about the Clinton’s

  • Carolee Straughan

    Many people want to believe the worst about someone…makes them feel superior and holier than thou. That’s what keeps people buying Tabloids.

  • NOLA_Darling

    How can a DNA paternity test prove Clinton isn’t Danny Williams’ father, if Clinton didn’t provide his DNA?

  • Benny Smith

    Can you believe anything the Washington post says? Look at the kid that’s Bill Clinton all over. B

  • thinkingforyourself

    0f course Clinton left town, the Lt Gov could take the heat, and hes the cut out so Clinton can claim he had no knowledge. These guys do that sort of stuff. Seen it happen in several states at different times, governor leaves town and oh gee the Lt Gov suddenly grants 10 pardons. In the late 70’s early 80’s it cost 10 grand in New Mexico to make that happen. All these politicians are crooked, State and Federal level. Several states have actually enacted legislation restricting this ability to pardon, to stop the practice.

  • Barbara Harris Whitfield

    But why does Bill need to pick up a hooker while he is jogging? That’s the real story.

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    William Jefferson Clinton, the middle name Jefferson from Thomas Jefferson, who fathered mixed race children with a female slave. BJ Clinton may have done the same thing.

  • No Money Down

    Accuracy in Media is covering for the Clinton’s, ask Bill to submit a sample of his DNA, if it’s negative, then I believe it, until then, “If I had a son, he’d look just like Danney Lee Williams- Bill Clinton” sounds about right.

  • Punishment214

    Accuracy in Media ( is just another division of the Crooked Clinton Cult Member Propaganda Machine.

    Goebbels would be proud of how Hillary/Democrats have turned the media into nothing but a puppet that dances to their lying tune.

  • Malcolm Scott

    It makes no sense, as Danny would not have an active facebook account currently making all of these claims.

  • mahone

    of Course he NEVER took the test, there are probably DOZENS of his kids he doesn’t claim

  • buckh

    This story is quite foggy. Did Clinton actually provide DNA or not?. My guess is that with all of Clinton’s whoring he is not about to provide DNA to anyone. The classic method by the Clinton loving media is to respond by saying “This is old news and has been debunked years ago”. Yeah right. I;m sure he has more than one out there.

  • Deplorable Oma

    I know this was four months ago but THANK YOU. This clears up a lot of the questions I have. The story is front page on Drudge today so everyone is checking it out.

  • Deplorable Oma

    Because he’s Bill Clinton.

  • Deplorable Oma

    Yes, it really is incredible what’s happening around us. It’s all blatant now, they don’t even TRY to hide it. Chilling if you ask me.

  • Deplorable Oma

    Your name. Brilliant.

  • Dave Nantz

    How about accuracy in grammar?

  • Mary

    One question; This person was a prostitute. How does she know WHO the father is?

  • AJAY

    looky looky what’s going on now to bite hillary in the ass. Looks like he should have taken the test.

  • obamaScares

    However, in the case of Bill Clinton’s improprieties and crimes, the TRUTH is stranger and more ghastly than fiction.

  • Deplorable Bry

    You can look him up on twitter. Scrolling through the years, it looks like he has dedicated his life to proving his paternity. This is really sad

  • nepaconservative

    Chickens coming home to roost. Time to take responsibility. DNA test not accounted for.

  • jones

    We right wingers, Love the truth.

  • MikeofAges

    All that is proven absolutely is that male line of SallyHemings descendants are descended from a male Jefferson. This does not prove that the male Jefferson was Thomas. Could have been, but not proven.

  • MikeofAges

    A test for parentage or even consanguinity (relation as a cousin) could not be performed without a sample from that person. If there is a provably Clinton relation in an accessible database such as 23andme or Ancestry, then Williams and that person would show up as a genetic cousin. There would be reason to suspect that Clinton was the father. If the person related to Williams was descended through a male line from the same male ancestor as Clinton and Williams belong to the same y-line, then the suspicion would get stronger. Absent that information, we do not even know what y-line haplogroup Bill Cinton belong to. Williams has to belong to the same haplogroup or Clinton cannot be his father. If they both belong to tge same haplogroup does, then Clinton could be his father, but it would remain unproven absent other information pointing that way or absolute proof.

  • ColdBeer

    Why is it that Bill Clinton’s DNA is always in the news? I wonder how long DNA lasts, I know of someone who has some of Bill Clinton’s. Maybe Danney needs to get in touch with Monica.

  • LOL

    A lot like Fox News, Infowars, The Blaze… Shall I continue, troll?

  • LOL

    Snopes provides sources… name the sources InfoWars provides. Dipshit.

  • LOL

    GOPtard nimrods can’t stand that Drudge, the internet’s biggest troll, debunked a story in 1999 that he’s rolling out now. You all should not breed.

  • LOL

    You realize Trump lies ALL THE TIME!

  • LOL

    Killary? And you have proof for your childish portmanteau? That’s rhetorical. You’re an idiot.

  • Robert_Morrow

    Roger Altman – 1999 Star owner – BFF with
    Bill Clinton since 1965 college
    NO DNA TEST WAS EVER DONE ON DANNEY WILLIAMS!!! Danney is, in fact, the son of Bill Clinton.

  • J R Moses

    He isn’t lying about why four men died in Benghazi. He isn’t lying to the parents of these men. He is lying about breaking security laws that can be dangerous or harmful to America. He isn’t lying about being for women’s rights, while taking huge donations from countries that afford women some of the LEAST rights in the whole world. He hasn’t been PROVEN to be a liar by the FBI as has Hillary. Just keep on “LOL’ing” merrily along while this administration wrecks America…….and Hillary is lurching in the wings to “take the handoff” and keep “running with the ball.”

  • Hollie Mollie

    But when Sally first got pregnant in France none of Jeffersons male relatives were there with her.

  • Hollie Mollie

    That’s why you live Trump eh? Let me guess, you graduated from Trump University?

  • Hollie Mollie

    Well it can be proven. Thomas Jefferson’s Will only freed Sally Hemings Children. Even though his estate was in dire straits and Mulattos were 3 times the price of a black Slave.

    Even his Son Madison dud an interview after TJ died with an Ohio paper claiming Sally told them that Thomas Jefferson fathered all her children.

  • Hollie Mollie

    Really, a White man jogging in the Projects in the South?

  • carolyn mordecai

    That guy looks like President Clinton. Need to take another DNA test.

  • MikeofAges

    By DNA technology, it only can be proven that the children were fathered by a male Jefferson. That doesn’t mean that Thomas wasn’t the father. It merely means that you have to to go back to the kind of evidence you are citing, which can never absolutely, beyond possible doubt, prove anything. Unless you can ascertain that there was some genetic marker that by luck of the draw only Thomas inherited and show that the Hemings descendants had the same marker, you can never prove the claim. Not absolutely.

    Thomas Jefferson at various times declared an intention to follow in George Washington’s footstep and free his slaves upon his death. He did not do so. I have heard that it was not possible for him to do so under Virginia law because he was in debt. But I do not think he would have do so anyway.

    Jefferson was in many ways a very inconsistent man. He idealized the yeoman farmer as the foundation of American democracy, for example, but that was something he was far from. The yeoman was a small independent farmer who worked his own land with the help only of his family and, perhaps, hired free labor when needed.

    Jefferson, for the remainder of his life after leaving the presidency, lived beyond his means on a kind of homemade reverse mortgage and was deeply in debt when he died.

    To his credit, Jefferson did say that the institution of Black African chattel slavery would have to be ended someday. But he did nothing personally to bring that about except add in some small way to credibility of the idea.

  • Hollie Mollie

    Well since Sally Hemmings children said their mother told them as such, proves ge was the father.

    You also ignore the fact the Jefferson helped Sally’s daughters join DC society as White women. Even provided funds for ine.

    And why were only Sally’s children freed in his Will when his estate was in dire straits upon his death?

    I mean if those Children were fathered by his kinsmen, it was customary to buy Slaves you fathered at the time.

    Wouldn’t those Jefferson kinsman have bought the kids? Why free them?

    It was customary in Virginia at that time for widowers to take Slave women as Concubines. Especially those that did not remarry to protect their children’s inheritance.

    Ironically Sally Hemings was born of such a union which is why she was Thomas Jefferson’s sister in law.

  • MikeofAges

    I am aware of what you are saying, including Hemings’s own parentage. She was half-sister to the Jefferson’s deceased wife, and perhaps as little as 1/16 Black African, though likely much more. All of these facts point in the direction, quite strongly in fact. But they are not material proof beyond the possibility of doubt. The only way his parentage of Hemings’s descendants can be proved is if you exhume Thomas’s body, determine if usable DNA can be extracted, locate some genetic marker that was unique to Thomas, i.e. by luck inherited by him from his mother but not by his siblings, and prove that the Hemings descendants carry the same marker. At this moment, where the scientific proof stand is that Hemings’s male children were fathered by a male Jefferson. You cannot argue against this though you may conclude that Thomas is the father and you very well may be right.

    Now, what about the rest of things I said about Jefferson? His inconsistency. His idealization of the yeoman farmer in the context of class. What money he lived, post presidency. His ruminations about the institution of slavery.

    One thing I find interesting is that the young people, and adults, most likely to idealize Jefferson are males persons from a upper middle class background who have a high intellectual profile and an interest in liberal arts. Is that surprising? I think Jefferson is interesting too, but I don’t idealize him in the same way. You might want to know, I am an adult reentry student, a master’s degree candidate in English literature at a state college in California. I am definitely in the top half of graduate student who would be successful at one of those front-line Ph.D. granting institutions. But I am not from an upper middle class background.

    Just to break the news. men take off their pants. That’s what they do. You can’t judge them entirely by that. Or there wouldn’t be a Martin Luther King memorial in Washington either. And women, powerful and socially connected women, have affairs too. sometimes same-sex affairs. And they indulge themselves materially to an extent that calls their mental stability into question. I like to say, the reason why older women in politics don’t get in trouble the way men do is because there is no law against owning 500 purses or 2000 pairs of shoes.

  • Hollie Mollie

    Sally Hemings mother was half black. That made her 1/4 Black.

    DNA is not the only way to prove parentage. Lots of Elderly or Widower White men in Virginia often had children with Slave women.

    They almost always freed those Children in lieu of publicly claiming Paternity.

    Just like George Washington step son had a daughter with a Slave and freed her.

    I believe that the strongest indication that Sally Hemings children were Jefferson’s was the unusual attention Jefferson’s Friends paid to Heming’s children. Providing his daughter’s passage to White DC society.

    One of the sons was named Madison by James Madison’s wife. The Madison’s were very good friends of Thomas Jefferson. And they even came to see the baby when it was born.

    I doubt that had Sally had children with an ordinary person, high ranking Virginian Society types would have bothered with those Slaves.

    Of course these relationships were accepted so long as there was no public acknowledgment.

    In the case of Richard Mentor Johnson, the 9th Vice President, he made an Social Error by publicly acknowledging his Slave mistress Julia Chinn. Despite not being legally able to wed her, he lived openly with her as man and wife.

    That cost him his Political career and his children born from that Union were legally denied an inheritance upon his death, despite his Will stating otherwise.

  • MikeofAges

    I understand what you are saying. But all it proves is that some people alive today are descended from white men who had mistresses, concubines, common law wives, intermittent relationships, one timers or whatever with black women. Proving absolutely that some one person living today is descended from some one other person who existed in the past may not always be possible. It may be a reasonable inference, for example, that Prince Charles is a descendant of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. But you cannot prove absolutely that he is not descended from some other male member of the same line of descent. Not unless you can prove that Prince Albert inherited some genetic marker that his siblings did not carry and that Prince Charles also possess it. All I am trying to do is get you to admit to validity of some simple qualitative science. If you refuse to do that, then your stories, while they may well be true, are nothing but gossip in light of present day bioscience.

    By the way, what about the other stuff about Thomas Jefferson I brought up?

  • Quanbam Tankumam

    If that is the case then. Everyone in the history of this world born before the advent of DNA cannot be proven to be descended from their forebearers.

    That is why DNA cannot be used definitively to disprove that Thomas Jefferson was not the father of Sally Hemings children.

    There is only one other Candidate who could be the father of Thomas Jefferson children. That would be Randolph Jefferson.

    But he neither lived with nor visited Thomas Jefferson when any of Sally Hemings children were born or conceived.

    He made 4 visits to the Jefferson estate in his life.

    Sally had 6 pregnancies. One of which was conceived in Paris when Randolph Jefferson was not there.

    I know you desperately want to believe men like Thomas Jefferson did not do things like that.

    But history says otherwise. These relationships were very common back then and considered normal.

    The most telling fact though was Thomas Jefferson always recorded the names of the fathers of his Slave’s children.

    Even when they were White hired hands.

    However, as was customary then, children born to the Slave Master by the Slave were never acknowledged so Sally Hemings children had no father listed in their birth records.

    You can go on and on defending Thomas Jefferson character but it won’t change the facts.

    His behavior in life and death towards the Children of Sally Hemings was commiserate to that of a Parent.

    1. Freeing only them after his death, and doing so I his Will.

    2. Assisting his daughters with the help of his powerful friends to join DC society as White women. ( A big taboo back then)

    3. Naming his Slave children after his friends

    4. Even the likeness between the Hemings Children and Jefferson’s daughters was very apparent.

    Afterall, they shared both Paternal and Maternal relatives.

    Many people in that Era remarked on this.

    5. Sally Hemings was also the “official ” hostess at Monticello.

  • MikeofAges

    “That is why DNA cannot be used definitively to disprove that Thomas Jefferson was not the father of Sally Hemings children.”

    You have a different tack here. Trying to turn my own terms around. But what assertion you are making, actually, is that the position that Thomas Jefferson was the father of Hemings’s children is an established and proven position that then has to be disproved, and that if DNA analysis cannot disprove it, then it must be accepted as true. That is not a a reason why it must be accepted as true.

    There is, in fact, no absolute reason why it has to be accepted as either true or untrue. Probably, it is true. There is a considerable circumstantial case, which you have outlined, including pointing to numerous cultural memes which show that Jefferson’s behavior was consistent with that of white men who had fathered children with black mistresses. White men who were conscientious, that is. Many, I am sure didn’t care a whit, even managed to get the mother and child or children out of the area and into some other region or state.

    Believe me, you are not going to run my mind like you do the silly middle class white people in Palo Alto. I have read your other stuff. At least I forced you to make a case instead of tossing around some disproportionate assertions. Even so, you case remains disproportionate. Not because the premise is likely wrong. But because you are trying to make an end run around some of the issues you have to account for. There is a conservative case against the idea that Jefferson was the father of Hemings’s children. They point out, there were 47 male Jeffersons, of the Jefferson y-line, extant at the time. Not just Thomas and Randolph, 47 males.

    There are other possible explanation for Thomas Jefferson’s generosity toward Hemings. These do not, by any means, prove that he was not the father of her children but they are possibilities also and represent things that also were know to happen during the lifetime of the institution.

    If you want to know, absent the availability of DNA to be tested, no, you cannot prove that anyone actually is or was descended for their presumed forebearers. Not only male forebearers, but even female. It is believed, whether it is true or not, that in the Bad Old Days in America, maybe the 1880s through the 1930s, when an affluent or wealthy woman gave birth to a defective baby, her child was switched with some other mother’s healthy infant. ight be an urban legend, or maybe not. In the past, children were adopted and not told. Babies were accidentally switched, still are. Maybe sperm donors and surrogate mothers were used and no one was told. NO, you don’t know. It is an issue even some contemporary people, including the last three presidents of the United State. That means Obama, Clinton and Bush. Also, the British crown prince and his brother. No, you don’t know.

  • Bob

    This would be pretty easy to either completely rule or or prove there’s a good possibility Bubba is the father. All Danny Lee Williams has to do, is take a DNA test on or one of the other sites and see if he can find any matches on Clinton’s side. This should be pretty easy to do, as extensive family trees have been published for Bill as well as all of the other former presidents. But I guess this would be too easy and ruin a good fake story!

  • Kevin G O’Brien

    Even Snopes say it it is “unproven”. They don’t say it was wrong.

  • Loogie7

    Announced and confirmed today (October 11th, 2016) by the former editor of Star – the DNA test never happened – and the former editor of the Star who ran that false story just happened to be Bill Clinton’s college roommate. The media was in the bag then as it is now…

  • bogus

    Altman, a Clinton friend owned the Star magazine.

  • *monkey throws salad tongs*

  • m_ber

    Wrong: No DNA test was ever performed. Maybe this is why Hillary said “….it takes a village”. The DNA is out there to do the actual test using harvested results from Monica Lewinsky’s dress and imagine there is a lab busy somewhere doing this right now by both camps, each for their own reasons. Danny Williams says his mother received 7x $100 dollar bills (delivered by state troopers) every month until Bill was safely ensconced in Washington – smoking gun?? This is going to be the next debate shocker if Danny is there to meet the Clinton’s! Trump should offer him the White House stay-over that his dad never extended…and hopefully this kid can get closure and the life he deserves. A deal breaker for the Clinton’s…Bill the deadbeat dad and Hillary the plantation mistress….more past shenanigans about to shake the established liberal media to it’s foundation.

  • m_ber

    He was her only white client according to her.

  • m_ber

    He does but the story is being ignored by the mainstream media. up and running long before the nominations had started and

  • Foofydo

    Once again the media covers the Clinton’s butts.

  • Bobsbride2

    The DNA test never happened but it was reported done by a tabloid funded by Bill Clinton. Isn’t that convenient? Like the fox guarding the hen house, eh? Let’s see a real DNA test for this young man done TODAY. Then we can talk…

  • Bobsbride2

    Video link of Danny William’s speaking out today. He even mentions the false DNA claims. He looks just like Bill. If he isn’t his son, it’s simple–just do a DNA test and end it. But his requests for a real DNA test continue to be ignored.

  • Bobsbride2

    Actually, Danny is the better for Bill not raising him. He turned out pretty well being raised by his aunt. Good for you, Danny. Fathers like Bill Clinton are only a mix of genes and sperm donors, not always dads.

  • Claram

    Snopes is full of shit. It is owned by the DNC you cannot believe anything you read on there.

  • claram

    Really how about you enlighten us to Trumps Lies. The DNC has been digging on him to the tune of 50 millions dollars and the best they have come up with is he Talks mean and he didn’t pay enough federal taxes however, the list of Hillary Clintons lies and crimes is infinite

  • Claram

    Really? Pretty easy to do. As far as I know the only way to match a DNA test is with both parties or someone in their families DNA. Are you saying that he can get Bill Clintons DNA from Do you know what would be easier. If Bill Clinton took the DNA Test. That would put the fake story to bed once and for all.

  • Claram

    Let me guess. You sit in front of your TV every night petting your cat listening to the news and saying if its on the news it must be true. Hillary is being persecuted. Donald Trump is mean LOL. DEMS

  • Claram

    And that is how you know its true.. The DEMS own the news. They are ignoring this as they are all of Hillarys crimes. If this was a fake they would run this night and day to put it to rest. The DNC and the media think the AMERICAN PEOPLE are morons. If its not on the news then it doesn’t exist.

  • Chris Padgett

    If true:
    1) why is this the only non Caucasian woman claiming to have slept with Bill
    2) why is this the only prostitute claiming to have slept with Bill
    3) there is no evidence offered other than side by side pictures, of which Danney looks more like Roger than Bill
    4) the Roger story would fit more into the narrative: he’s dabbled in cocaine and would have come across prostitutes during that time, has fathered an abandoned two other children, and his chin looks more like Danney’s- which is typically inherited from the father because it has to do with testosterone levels

    5) she claims Bill Clinton only paid $200. $200 is extremely low for bareback sex (look up information on call girls- that’s ridiculously low), and would be indicative of not being a high end call girl but a bottom of the bucket
    6) Bill Clinton had the means to get a very expensive, less frequented call girl- I’m doubting he picked up a cheap hooker off the street
    7) again, he looks more like Bill’s brother Roger (nose and chin and face width) than he does Bill, and the narrative would actually align and could probably be proven that Roger and Danney’s mother traveled in similar circles
    8) all of his evidence is hearsay, secondhand accounts. No physical evidence of anything- because if he is related to the Clinton’s, it’s through Roger Clinton who won’t be able to afford him the lifestyle he wants

  • Claram

    Lol I guess you were there.

  • Claram

    There is no DNA test. If there was proof that the rapist was not this mans Father the DNC owned media would blast this story so far out of the water you would not be able to see if from space. The fact that main stream media is ignoring it is a pretty strong indication that this may be true.

  • claram

    You said it perfectly. What really freaks me out is that no matter who your candidate is this sort of thing should scared you. The DNC owns the news and tells us what they want us to think. Yet there are still Hillary supporters. Not many granted but they still exist.

  • Claram


  • Hollie Mollie

    The same could be said of you. You probably sit in your mother’s basement all day long hooked on Right Wing blogs telling you that Minorities not your own personal failures are to blame for your lame life.

  • Josh Tolley

    The story is also incorrect claiming that Thomas Jefferson fathered a black child. The fact is the child in question was fathered by a Jefferson, but their is no proof it was Thomas, or his brother Randolfs child.

  • Adrian Johnson

    11 October 2016. is publicising that the supposed DNA test of 1999 was bogus. Daniel Williams is asking for a genuine DNA test– if Bill Clinton has nothing to hide, he will swiftly agree to one.

  • kenny walker

    nope this is a bogus story,sorry try something else

  • Bob

    No, he wouldn’t be able to get Bill Clinton’s DNA from, but if Bill did have his DNA on Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA or 23andme he would see the match. Now Bill probably doesn’t have his DNA on any of these sites and if he does, it might be anonymous, but there are millions of people that have their DNA on these sites and there’s a good chance a close relative of Bill’s might have their DNA on one of these sites and if Jr got a close match with one of Bill’s close relatives, then this would be a pretty good indication. On the other hand, if he matched closely with another paternal family that isn’t connected to Bill, this would also be an indication he wasn’t Bubba’s son. In addition, the DNA results would also give his nationalities and if he came out as 50% African, 25% English, 10% Irish, 8% Scottish and 7% German, or something close, then there’s a possibility he might be related to Bill, but if Jr. has other ethnicities, then he probably isn’t Bill’s son. Unless you got really lucky and he matched closely to a close family relative, which isn’t necessarily a long shot as when I tested I matched with several 1st cousins I didn’t know had tested, or he matches to a completely different family or gets a very different ethnicity, you might be able to disprove or prove highly probable. But I guess this kid doesn’t want to do this, because it more fun claiming you’re related to someone famous than proving you aren’t!

  • Cher

    I see you don’t show his picture. Manipulation to get others to believe you. Just show his baby picture, his toddler picture and show bill’s. If he didn’t father that boy let god strike me dead right

  • Cowboy Coder

    Can you please explain in detail how the Star, owned in 1999 when the “test” was done by Bill Clinton’s close friend and business associate Roger Altman, came to access Bill Clinton’s DNA for this test? Was it through their personal connection to him? Please also state how many and which points were tested in the DNA in order to prove a negative paternity. Thank you.

  • Cher

    He did do a dna test but the sample was tainted by the way it was obtained and it was inconclusive. They did not rule out Clinton. That’s very important to know because that means there is a chance. And really look at the kid’s picture. My god bill could have shit him out.

  • Russell

    To prove he’s Clinton’s son a refraction fragmented length polymorphism” test, or RFLP, DNA test from Clinton;s blood or other bodily fluids is needed……….Danney has an article on this on hs Facebook page.

    I believe Clinton knows Danney is his because Danney says Clinton gave his mother $700/month child-support and also had Statetroopers bring Christmas presents to his place, but everything stopped in 1993 or so when Hillary Banished him……….I felt bad for him watching him tell his story, and he is a Black replicata of Bill Clinton.

  • Gogglezzz

    Didn’t Bill have a brother?

  • NorthC

    The first sensible comment on here. Let’s believe a crack whore so it can fit the narrative that we hate the Clintons.
    Yea, a hooker has only one white client. Makes complete since.

  • NorthC

    If someone has provided a DNA sample before for another purpose??

  • NorthC

    Lol. You’re so desperate to trash the Clintons that you’ll believe a crack whore who says she only had one white client. Right, that makes sense.

  • NorthC

    How you turn against your own when they don’t feed your narrative! Lmao! Look at the date of this publication.
    Now all of a sudden you believe a black hooker because when accusing a Democrat of fathering her child. Smh

  • Ruth Thomas

    Having his Lt. Governor do the deed gives Clinton plausible deniability (barely), so this fact certainly doesn’t get him off the hook. Wherever the truth may lie, it’s apparent that this young man sincerely believes that Bill Clinton is his father. A decent human being would submit to the test to give him a definitive answer.

  • Ruth Thomas

    Your idea of “pretty easy” sounds pretty complicated to me! It would also be further complicated by the fact that there is considerable speculation of the true biological paternity of William Jefferson Clinton himself.This young man sincerely believes that Clinton is his father; it would be “pretty easy” for the former president to agree to a paternity test so he knows the truth (whatever it may be) & deal with it.

  • Ruth Thomas

    There is considerable speculation that the former president may not be the biological son of William Jefferson Blythe, which would further complicate attempting to rule out Clinton as William’s father using the DNA of male ancestors. Whew! This is giving me a headache!

  • Ruth Thomas

    It really is sad; the young man seems to be sincere in his belief.

  • Bob

    Sorry Ruth, it is pretty easy, but maybe not to you. There’s no question about who Bill Clinton’s father was, it was William Jefferson Blythe, but unless you are also a Birther and you don’t believe it, then that’s your problem. I think maybe you’re my long lost mother, would you please perform a DNA test to confirm? You know the truth and you should deal with it!

  • MikeofAges

    I tend to think he is William Blythe’s son. I have heard the argument that Blythe might have been ill and unable to father a child. I don’t believe that. He was only 26 years old when he died, in a single-vehicle accident while intoxicated. Usually 26-year-old males are able to perform regardless of health issues or alcoholism. Drug use, particularly opiates, could leave even a young man impotent. But opiates were not the drug of choice in the Ozarks.

    As noted, questions exist about the ancestry of the last three presidents, Obama, G.W. Bush and Clinton. May or may not be valid, but surprisingly, the strongest case is as regards who G.W. Bush’s maternal grandfather actually was. There is a surprising candidate for the post!

  • Randy

    Danny should have his and his children’s DNA tested by or my 23 DNA or any other DNA test site and see if he is related to the Clinton family. It’s like 99 bucks for these test. That would definitely help point The finger in the right direction

  • Cher

    You think that scum wants to know? He’s a moron too. And you know what’s really sad in this country? The fact this young man’s mother and clinton’s relationship started when he was on a jog and ran into her selling herself on the street. He did her in the bushes first time. He liked it so he kept finding her. This is a president and soon to be first lady. This is our country.

  • Jay V Of Considerable Influenc

    I don’t disagree with anything you say…unfortunately, though, you appear to be a Patriots fan, which makes you bigger scum than both Clintons and Trump put together.

  • Anna

    He is ashamed because this young man is black ,but yet Hillary is pretending to be for blacks until AA wake up and realize that Trump will make a change why is CNN working overtimes with all these women making false claims because they know the American people will trail them these stories are false.Why want they interview the widows of Benghazi ,MONICA Lewinsky the woman that say he raped them .Billy Busch

  • Cher

    he does but he’s a drunk. don’t even know where he is.

  • Scott

    Never took DNA TEST!

  • Lauralee O’Meara
  • Lauralee O’Meara

    that blog has been removed


    he looks like clinton

  • Elaine Thomas
  • Elaine Thomas

    If Danney Williams claim is true, what has been done about it.. Why aren’t they rich for being paid off not to talk??
    Research does keep coming up that Chelsea is Webb Hubbell’s biological father.. One idiot even has his camera going when he walks up to her during a book signing asking “Hi, Chelsea, did your mother ever tell you….” didn’t want to hear the rest..…/

  • krisatkins

    This is a lie. There was no test. Who checks the liberal fact checkers?

  • inurmind

    The story is not bogus! It seem people are trying to regenerate this story for political interest!!!!

  • Donegalian

    He turned out well? He’s a convicted felon who fathered a rake of kids before he even reached 21.

  • Rob

    Well let’s ask this question why don’t you see Danney’s Story in the main stream media. Their are and have been witness’s to his story. The BS in the STAR was done by the owner, a long time Clinton backer. No record of an actual paternity DNA test exists. Put the young man on CNN. CNN is knocking out the airwaves on bogus accusations about Trump. Ask the witness that was on the flight when she claimed all this happened. Her story is from a case earlier this year and bogus. Wiki Leaks has exposed collusion and corruption with the DNC, the State Dept, the Attorney General, and the White House. Do you see that reported? Clinton’s son reaches out for answers, but racial bigotry denies him?

  • Rob

    Check out “Banished” the story of Danney Williams. Do a search and you can find it. If true, and witness’s can collaborate his story it’s a Sad story of a boy who grew up in poverty while his father and step mother occupied the White House. If true, racial bigotry! African Americans should demand an honest Paternity DNA test. Talk about social justice needing a voice!

  • Rob

    Ask Hillary what her reaction was when Danney’s aunt took him to the governors mansion in Arkansas as a little boy? I guess all Black Lives Don’t matter if this story is true? At least not to the Clinton’s! Sounds like plantation owners selling off their children to hide their actions.
    Danney Williams and his mother should have a seat in the family area at the Debate in Las Vegas. He should get to ask Hillary a tough question, why?

  • Rob

    This isn’t about Danney’s history good or bad. He was like so many impoverished kids with no opportunity. And to think is father may have been the leader of the free world!

  • Cher

    Seriously. his nose bump, his teeth, his eyes…freakin identical. People today are becoming so weird. They see things right in front of them and deny it.

  • Ruth Thomas

    You make a lot of assumptions. I don’t have an opinion on who the former president’s biological father was, and really don’t care. I merely mentioned that there are questions surrounding his paternity.

  • Bob

    The only place Bill Clinton’s father is questioned is on crazy right wing websites and radio! Even if his father was in question, you’d be able to look for links to Bill’s mother’s family. Once again, if this kid was really his son, they’d be plenty of ways to confirm, without Bill giving any DNA. I’m sure your hero Trump wouldn’t do a DNA test for some random crazy person!

  • ansonia

    If it’s true Clinton didn’t father this young man who looks so much like him, then why isn’t he so eager to end the talk that he’s taking a DNA test?
    Bill Clinton certainly looks like he’s avoiding taking that test.

  • Who cares. It was consensual sex. All of Bill’s infidelities were consensual. Bill lied about them to protect his reputation. Who wouldn’t? He had a family and a career. The homewreckers took advantage of Bill and received every drop of money they could because, unlike Trump, Bill didn’t counter sue. He didn’t even fight.
    Who cares if 1,000 desperate slags slept with him. I sure don’t. It doesn’t make him a rapist. He didn’t set out to hurt people or call them names like Trump.

  • Maria?

    Get a DNA test today, untainted please.

  • Tracey Reitterer

    Christopher Ruddy also wrote a book on Vince Foster’s death, back when he had some integrity as a journalist. Then he went over to the dark side & became a Democrapper/Hillary supporter. I’m sure Foster is spinning in his grave.

  • MikeofAges

    But you can prove consanguinity with paternal or maternal Clinton relatives, if these would cooperate by taking the test. This would strengthen the circumstantial case.

  • Art Jackson

    People see what they want to see. I don;t find any particular resemblence. Put another way, his facial characteristics make him “look like” a number of adult men.

  • ItsJo


  • cj10

    Looks like Trevor Noah to me. OMG maybe Trevor is also Bill Clinton’s son!!!.

  • Koby333

    The kid (30 + yrs old) isn’t trolling? Oh, pshaw! Glad that was taken care of – no DNA match. Oh, really? Where did that crawl out of? Even if there was even the remotest chance of a match – would this dishonorable piece of (what?) get the nerve to wait 30 years to question the authenticity of what his MAMA told him? HIs mama may need some psychological care, but thankfully, no DNA match. HOW MUCH DID THEY RECEIVE FROM DONNIE-BOY FOR PITCHING THAT STORY?

  • Cher

    No resemblance…LOL At least lie a little like maybe just his nose? Denial runs deep when you totally deny. wow.

  • Cindy Bill

    They used the DNA test he submitted for the Starr Investigation and compared that to Danney Williams DNA. No match, not even close so they dropped the story.

  • Art Jackson

    By that standard I can find several thousand people who must be your children in about 2 weeks time merely by looking at scads of photographs for slight resemblence between one facial feature of theirs and the same of yours. Equally as absurd is the fact that by that standard people who ARE related to each other must share physical characteristics, which leaves the large number of people who do not out in the cold.

  • Art Jackson

    ROTFL! nice one! ;D

  • Gail

    Star? A tabloid paper?
    You are too stupid.
    I was watching this unfold back in the day.
    There was no dna testing! Even if they did we along with Daniel will never get the truth cuz we are dealing with the Korrupt Klinton Klan! Nothing is out off their reach!
    Daniel is better off without the
    Korrupt Klinton Klan !

  • Cher

    yes but can they say they had a prostitute mother who had sex with bill clinton?

  • Leah

    I thought this was Accuracy in media! Can’t trust any source now? Just pass on a trash publication’s story?

  • Susan

    BULLSHIT story. DNA was not done on full spectrum. It didn’t deny the possibility..sorry

  • Susan

    Of course you don’t. And I’m sure you think the republicans are bullying Hillary too

  • T

    If he didn’t take a DNA test how can you state Clinton is not the father? I mean he may well not be but no one knows for sure.

  • Sean Christian Homes

    And can you trust the DNA test if there is one? You think the Clinton’s will let an accurate one be done? They cheat on everything. They cheat in debates. They fix elections. Hillary on record talking about Palestine elections, “if we have an election there, we better make sure who will win” .. Look it up, it’s audio.
    They are entirely corrupt. Worse than you can imagine. The foundation collected money for Haiti hurricane victims and used it to build a textile factory for a donor on the other side of the island.
    Who exactly are the Clinton voters? And if they do vote for those idiots, is it for their public or private opinions? Idiot Clinton voters.

  • davehogue

    Where did they get a sample of Clinton’hair, fluids or whatever to do the test? Was the test done by a legitimate lab?

  • Ya Ya

    I can’t trust this article. For one, there’s way too many grammatical errors, and there has never been a DNA test. Look up Danney Williams YouTube videos, etc. Does anyone really believe the Clintons would allow this to come out?

  • Ah Dee

    AIM doesn’t care this is a propaganda war. The very nature of this site is to twist stories to fit a particular narrative.

  • Ah Dee

    You know this story is true or the Clintons would sue. They can’t sue, as it may allow a judge to force a paternity test.