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      During the 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton’s travels abroad became a campaign issue. Then-President Bush criticized Clinton’s participation in anti-Vietnam War demonstrations while in England. He said that “to be in a foreign country and demonstrate against your own country when it’s at war — that’s wrong.” Clinton demonstrated against a war that he avoided by lying about his desire to go into an ROTC program back in the U.S.

      Bush also raised questions about Clinton’s student trip to the Soviet Union. The liberal media didn’t like that. Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen wrote, “Bush hints that when Bill Clinton visited the Soviet Union on a student tour, Clinton may have met with KGB officers. Bush implies that something sinister was arranged. What was it?? The KGB sent a brainwashed Bill Clinton back to become governor of Arkansas.” Quillen said that was “preposterous.”

      It may not be so outlandish. Speaking at an Accuracy in Media luncheon in Washington, D.C., Ivian C. Smith, the former FBI special Agent-in-Charge in Arkansas, voluntarily brought up the issue of Bill Clinton’s tour of the old Soviet Union. “That’s never been satisfactorily explained,” he said. Smith said that while Clinton was never formally branded a security risk by top officials in the bureau, many believed that he had never fully explained his travel to the Soviet Union. As President, Clinton expressed concern during his affair with Monica Lewinsky that a foreign government was tapping his phones.

      Smith said books about Clinton, such as “First in His Class” by David Maraniss, never explained it either. Smith added, “I can tell you back in those days, though, that there would have been close scrutiny by someone because students didn’t just wander in and out of there. I suspect there’s a reference to Bill Clinton somewhere in some kind of archive back in Moscow?” >From the perspective of an FBI counterintelligence agent, Smith said, “We would have liked to have a more complete answer to what happened during those weeks there.”

      The implication is that the “someone” was the Soviet KGB. However, in retrospect, it appears that President Clinton became an ally of both Russia and Communist China. China pumped untold millions of dollars into his 1996 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Attorney General Janet Reno refused to authorize an independent counsel investigation of that scandal.

      Smith noted that questions have also been raised about Al Gore’s ties to Russia. Gore had family connections to the late Soviet agent Armand Hammer, whose father Julius laundered money to establish the first Soviet espionage networks in the United States. Armand Hammer helped make the Gore family rich. J. Michael Waller, a writer for Insight magazine, reported that some U.S. intelligence professionals have viewed with deepening concern the two generations of relations between the Hammers and the Gores. A retired CIA official told him, “Are you unwilling to ask the public if they want a president who owes his personal family wealth to a known Soviet agent?” We may get a chance to answer that question again.

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  • Herbert Dorsey

    The whole issue of communism vs capitalism and right vs left is created by the Jesuits who as real history has shown created and control both sides. Stalin was a Jesuit, Hitler was placed into power by the Jesuits. Wall Street Capitalists financed the Bolshevik revolution and Hitler’s Rise to power. Now Russia wishes good commercial relations with the West while the warmongering West demonize Russia. Source: “The Secret History of the New World Order.” Any informed person knows what a joke the Democratic Convention is. The Republicans aren’t any better. All the emotional speeches based on untruth just to get their candidate elected. The only solution is for people to quit believing all the propaganda and start doing a little research on their own.

  • Eileen Kuch

    Herbert, Wall Street did finance the Bolshevik Revolution and Bolshevik Communism all the way up to the end of WWII; but as far as Adolf Hitler, the Banksters financed his rise to power, but withdrew this financing and turned on him when he rejected the New World Order – err – New World Odor and pulled Germany out of the abyss through building projects such as the Autobahn, driving the unemployment rate to near zero and jump-starting the economy to great heights, while the US, Britain, France, etc. remained mired in the Depression, with its high unemployment rates.
    The Wall Street and London Banksters hated the fact that Germany was prospering while the US, UK and others were not; so, they declared an economic and “holy” war on that nation. They were intent on starting WWII, just as they had started WWI.
    Now, 70 years later, the Wall Street and London Banksters are at it again – this time, demonizing Russia as they had demonized Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. “The Secret History of the New World Order” is a very good source. War – especially, world war – is a highly profitable business for these Banksters and weapons manufacturers. Bolshevism’s the most destructive, murderous system in human history. The late Russian writer/historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote two books on Bolshevism and its horrors: “The Gulag” and “200 Years Together”, its sequel.

  • Phil Dru III

    “War is a racket” Smedley Butler, USMC, (Ret.)

  • carnac123

    We are a stupid nation with half of our people ignorant about just about everything. These are the Democrat voters. Most of them do not know Bill was in the Soviet Union doing God-knows-what. They do not know what Socialism is and only know what they see on the alphabet channels. This means they know absolutely nothing. Bill and Hillary are communist and they have never shown the extent of their communists beliefs even yet due to having to fool the American public. if you notice that during the Dem convention the top dogs make speeches like they are almost conservatives because they want to fool the American people. You know that when a democrat is running for election he talks like a conservative but once in, he turns completely leftist. The Dem party should be on the terror list along with ISIS>

  • Halley

    The Soviet Union never left the turnstiles. You do what you know until you are told to do something else. But wait! Nobody does something else if what you are doing WORKS.
    There is the “false patriot” movement in the USA that is formed by the Protestant (protester) and it is anti Catholic. I have some news for all of the uninformed in the world; you will either answer to GOD or you will have your body and your families flesh destroyed and you will be sent to hell or you’ll submit to GOD’s will. That’s all there is .

  • Gus Mueller

    Two things are guaranteed to make you look stupid: 1) using the word “bankster” because it brands you as an Occupy dupe, and 2) not getting “The Gulag Archipelago” right and calling “Two Hundred Years Together” a sequel WHICH IT IS NOT, so you can suck it. You failed completely in whatever you tried to do here.

  • HP Austin

    Bill Clinton was accompanied on his trip by a son of a member of the Czech Central Committee of the Communist Party. They stayed at a very expensive hotel in Moscow, where ambassadors stayed. After about two weeks in the USSR, they went to Czechoslovakia and stayed with his friend’s commie father. We’ll never know what happened because shortly afterward the son left a hotel through a high window – a favorite communist method of assassination. This is the first death around Bill Clinton that I am aware of, but read “The Clinton Chronicles” and “The Clinton Body Count” free online for more.

    It’s worth noting that one of the first thing the Clintons did after election was transfer the office that gave approval for the transfer of dual-use technology from the Defense Dept. to the Commerce Dept. Over the objections of the Defense Dept., the Clintons allowed the Chinese to obtain missile technology, supposedly for a satellite communications project. This allowed them to develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), with which they could strike the US with nuclear weapons. No wonder the Chinese illegally donated millions to the Clinton’s reelection!

  • WhiteEagle

    Banksters is appropriate.

  • THB

    This was all done under Ron Brown, who also died in a plane crash.

  • Royal Payne

    You all should look at John Kerry’s father next…lol

  • Jim Henson ????????? ???????

    Bill Clinton — Agent of Influence for the Soviet Union.

  • SunshineandFleurs

    Seems this article is very pertinent to today’s discussions!

  • SunshineandFleurs

    #1 on the Clinton death list…

  • Larry

    It was against the law for him to go to the Soviet Union. He should have never been given a security clearance.

  • jim

    The chinese developed and deployed ICBMs in the 70s using soviet technology….you are ill informed and need to check sources