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You already know the headline – more chaos at the Trump White House. But what the shakeup at the White House communications shop indicates is a return to order.

Anthony Scaramucci made President Trump choose between him and Gen. John F. Kelly, the new chief of staff, when he insisted he continue to report directly to the president.

He gave the president no choice. He challenged both Trump’s authority and that of Gen. Kelly. Poor choice unless he wanted out all along.

This is not chaos. This is closer to the opposite, as people who operate in the business world recognize.

Corporations frequently bring in people to make change and then remove the change agent. The change agents themselves are unpopular and can’t operate, so they are dismissed. But the changes they brought live on, and the successor is well received because he isn’t the guy everyone hated.

Scaramucci will not be missed, but he played his role perfectly.

The media will have a field day with Trump. Nothing new there. And the White House, under this Marine, will become much less exciting but much more effective.

Will that mean dismissing what remains of the poisonous neverTrump brigade within the White House? Will Trump have only actual supporters in his White House? This has not happened in a timely fashion; maybe now, with Gen. Kelly on board, it will.

Trump needs loyal troops in all White House positions, particularly in the communications shop. Who will be next?

Reince Priebus was too cold. Scaramucci was too hot. Who is just right?


Photo by Center for a New American Security


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  • John Cunningham

    Let me see: Scaramucci or General Kelly? That is a tough one but I believe I will take the man who with deeds has proven himself time and time again. Not some pint size that has to prove he is tough by cussing and ranting and raving to the Press.

  • TED

    A “return to order”? Ha, ha, ha! There’s NEVER been any “order” with Trump and family and all their assorted hangers-on … and it’s unlikely there will be any going forward … although Kelly might be able to keep the lid on somewhat tighter than anyone else could.

    In the end, this whole Trump Tour down the rabbit hole is nothing but chaos (and an embarrassment all-around)!

  • Mesa Mike

    Maybe Scaramucci was akin to a relief pitcher in baseball. He was brought in to face a couple of batters, he got them out and his job was done and that was it. Two bad actors are gone, and no one remaining in the administration got mud on their hands; in fact, they even looked good for dispatching him. Just a thought.