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I’ll not spend much more time responding to this latest white liberal phenomenon, the public racial attacks both verbal and graphic of certain conservative blacks.  Using this as some kind of perverse cover for their outright adoration (as a statesman) of the terrorist thug Yassir Arafat or the warfare being unleashed by the French in the Ivory Coast (without consultation or blessing from the most-important United Nations), the left has boldly proceeded down the road as genuine hatemongers.  Incidentally, that’s just who I’ve said they were all along. 

I’m glad they’ve finally begun to prove the points I’ve been making for years all by themselves.  Based on their actions of the last few decades, the left’s words and deeds are now revealing the contempt and hatred they have for blacks who’ve escaped their grasp.  Whether it’s an editor of a major newspaper or a socialite sipping wine with her Brie and crackers, the left has now established who’s “their” kind of black and who is now subject to what Clarence Thomas accurately described as a “high tech lynching.”

The only prodding needed was the recent nomination of Dr. Condoleezza Rice by President Bush for the position of Secretary of State.

Before a wrong impression is given, my recent usage of racial epithets was not a cheap way of being sensationalistic.  This indeed is one of those rare opportunities to stuff all the years of lies, mass manipulation, and authorized words back in their smug liberal faces.

It started with repulsive comics and graphics of Dr. Rice.  The pictures and drawings were relegated to the Internet on liberal hate sites.  It has since graduated to major newspapers and other media outlets.  It has since escalated into words: those recently, proudly, and defiantly expressed not by Republicans as always pointed out by liberals, but by those very liberals themselves.

The beauty (if you think about it) is not only the liberal implosion complete with their need to check themselves in for varying degrees of post-election therapy, but the self-outing of the bonafide racists within them.  These people are so angry about the Bush victory, feel so empowered to allow their true hatred be known, that even black people can be verbally and graphically assaulted by (liberal) white people and no one seems to be batting an eye on the mass media level, aside from those like the New York Times who are willing accomplices.

“MADISON, Wis. – A radio talk show host who called Condoleezza Rice an “Aunt Jemima” issued an apology Friday, but not to Rice.  “It is with a heavy heart that I apologize this morning to Aunt Jemima,” John “Sly” Sylvester said on WTDY-AM in Madison.  “She wasn’t a self-serving hack politician who got up in front of Congress and lied.  Aunt Jemima didn’t kowtow to Don Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney.

“He said Aunt Jemima was really a “strong, independent black woman” named Nancy Green.  “Aunt Jemima never lied about yellow cake uranium, she just makes a damn good pancake.”
– Associated Press

Can any of us remember a time when that kind of racism was broadcast proudly over the airwaves?  It was usually the Tavis Smileys and Jesse Jacksons who would lose their minds if such a comment were even said to have been thought.  Now they sit back and watch while bombs are being launched toward conservative blacks and that’s now considered protected speech.

Where’s “I’m-Looking-Out-For-You” Bill O’Reilly?

Mr. Bill launched on Jackson for the “careless” use of Rainbow Push funds for his own personal use, and the IRS’ lack of balls to audit him like they tore conservatives new ones under veiled direction during the Clinton years.  Where’s that passion over the racist caricatures of Dr. Rice?  Not singling out O’Reilly, but why don’t those in the media display the same infatuation in going after liberal racists as they do conservatives who suffer from foot -in-mouth disease?

Rush Limbaugh is one of the few conservatives of national prominence to fully articulate the pent up frustration and anger at the images and words of the New Left.  As far as those lefties, who’ve never heard him are concerned, Rush is the embodiment of racism incarnate.  Yet he’s one of the only who hasn’t just glossed over the subject.

“Tom Walker, general manager for Mid-West Family Broadcast Group, which owns the station, said he doesn’t agree with Sylvester’s statements but defended his right to free speech.

“He has the right to do it and say it,” Walker said after Friday morning’s broadcast.  “As long as he isn’t hateful and as long as he isn’t racist, I’m fine with it.”
– AP

Has Mr. Walker been paying attention?  Was not what Mr. Sylvester said hateful?  Was not what Mr. Sylvester said racist?  Makes one wonder just what would be Walker’s breaking point.?

Since when is this nonsense permitted, if not protected?  Wouldn’t such comments be considered so over the top that the distance between the host and that station be widening by the second?  Simply stated, why does Sylvester still have a job?

Maybe that’s really the way some white liberals see blacks that they can’t control? legally.

“Rice’s selfless renderings to the white and wealthy have earned her a lifetime of…more of the same.  Should she crack under the weight of her own and her masters’ lies – as sometimes seems imminent – there is a commodious attic in one of the Bush domiciles where “Condi” can be safely stored.
– Black Commentator

Liberals sat back and watched Democrat and Republican blacks duke it out, like the little children they’ve considered us for decades, but here’s the dirty little secret: blacks can’t deliver Democrats elections anymore.  All the talk of “disenfranchisement” and “voter intimidation” faithfully repeated by the likes of the usual black liberals, Amy Goodman and CNN alike, was ineffective.

They don’t “need” blacks anymore so when they treat us publicly like they think of us privately, none of the broadcast elite is going to make anything of it.  Much too risky the potential for some liberal bonehead to say something that would require damage control, big time.

It’s even become en vogue for racists abroad to chime in.  Arab terror-station al Jazeerra has contributed under the cover of America’s liberal media, racist comic depictions of Dr. Rice, since it’s now “acceptable” to do so.

So while I’m in this act-of-defiance mood, let me state what a lot of people think but are cautious not to say loudly: screw the New York Times.  With all their slanted coverage and pro-Kerry editorials, they couldn’t deliver an election either.  Their pity party of Affirmative Action, starring Jayson Blair, blew up in their face.  Blair spat back in theirs and wrote a book that no one bought.  Now here’s a prominent dark-skinned black woman who’s a Republican and an independent thinker.

She’s meat.

Dr. Rice’s resume is selectively mentioned since she’s most likely more qualified to do the job of every one of the yahoos who are racially attacking her.

“Linda Hoskins of the NAACP’s Madison branch said she could not comment on Sylvester’s remarks until she had heard them in their entirety.”
– AP

The NAACP is waiting to hear the context of Mr. Sylvester’s comments before they issue an opinion?.  Just what does Ms. Hoskins need to hear?  Did the NAACP show that kind of restraint when Rush Limbaugh essentially said something that, if you’re a fan of football that doesn’t live in and around Philadelphia, know is true about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb?

“Sylvester, who is white, said he called Rice “Aunt Jemima” on Wednesday’s show to describe her and other black officials as having only a subservient role in the Bush administration.  He also referred to Secretary of State Colin Powell as an “Uncle Tom” ? a contemptuous term for black people whose behavior toward whites is regarded as fawning or servile.”
– AP

During the Clinton Administration, can anyone name me one of his appointees who were free agents and made their decisions independent of administration policy?  Did Madeleine Albright or Janet Reno act alone?  Were Sandy Berger and Warren Christopher lone operatives or did they “parrot” Bill Clinton’s directives?  It would seem Powell and Rice was expected to defy President Bush at every turn and perform in the way liberal masters expected.  Since they didn’t, they’re the latest “sellouts” and fair game by any means necessary.

Since memories can be short nowadays, do you remember the cow Jesse Jackson and the NAACP had over the Japanese’ na?ve use of the Black Sambo image a few years ago?  Now while Japan seeks the best of Americana, they mistook the former popular usage of Sambo and created dolls, lunchboxes, and backpacks honoring the idol.  The usual suspects seemed to be in seventh heaven bashing Japan for it’s racial insensitivity.  I wonder how much that incident cost the Japanese while “contributing” to the Rainbow Push bank account?

The liberal renaissance is now on display for all to see.  The hate speech and “art” can be found anew and with ease.  The runaway slaves must be exposed and the liberals are looking to pick them off one by one as they reveal themselves.

I can just imagine the language I’ll use towards my television set when another liberal accuses a conservative of “intolerance” and “racial insensitivity.”  I’m just gonna sit back and watch because it’ll take them awhile to dig this big hole.

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