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As Michael Rubin says, it’s hard to love the Saudis.  But still…they’re valuable allies, they’ve been there for seventy-odd years, and although they treat women abominably, and export radical Islamist ideology via their global network of religious schools and compliant mosques and imams, it’s hard to justify President Obama’s gratuitous insults in recent weeks.  He’s complained that they want to be “free riders.”  He’s visibly annoyed that the Saudis want him to join their campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and paying for it with American blood and treasure.  Indeed, he’s called on the royal family to find a way to “share” the region with the Iranians.

Now he’s in Riyadh for tomorrow’s summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council, composed of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  The auguries, and past history, aren’t great;  a year ago the Saudis boycotted the summit to demonstrate their unhappiness with his Iran policy.  The Saudis just did a favor for the White House, accepting nine Guantanamo inmates.  In the past, such men have rejoined the jihad, so the royal family was taking a significant risk.  It remains to be seen if Obama is going to do something nice for the royal family.

Meanwhile, the royal family demonstrated its contempt for the president by sending a minor official, the governor of Riyadh, to meet Obama at the airport, while the king himself met other heads of state.

The stakes are substantial.  There’s a big war in the Middle East, with Iran playing a major role.  The mullahs have thousands of fighters on the ground in Syria, run a major logistics operation to supply Assad with weapons, bombs and ammunition, and are supporting a civil war in Yemen.

The United States has done little or nothing to counter this assault, but the Saudis have done quite a bit.  They have worked with Washington and the West in an expanded intelligence-sharing role;  formed a multi-nation Islamic counter-terrorism coalition to fight terrorist organizations throughout the region;  tracked terrorist funding sources and shut them down, with one such effort identifying 17 different ISIS financial facilitators.  Moreover, they have participated in the U.S.-led coalition conducting airstrikes against ISIS, and coordinated with Turkey to deploy special forces in Syria.

Most people are surprised when they hear of all this Saudi activity (this ignorance enables Obama to get away with misleading expressions like “free rider”), but facts are facts.

It seems obvious that Obama should side with the Saudis in their historic battle with the Iranians, but he seems hell bent on going down in the historical ledger as the man who pursued a strategic alliance with Iran, whatever the cost.

The other GCC members have no doubt implored the United States to help defeat Iran, but I doubt any of them expects this to happen.  They know they are going to fend for themselves until next January, at the earliest.

A version of this piece previously appeared on PJ Media

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  • Cyborg119

    The author, like most understands zero about Islam. Saudi Arabia has
    been the indirect or direct sponsor of most of the terrorism. They
    believe in Wahhabism. They are also Sunni. Most of the population of
    Saudi Arabia is Sunni. Sunni’s hate the Shia. Saudia Arabia has funded over 70% of the Mosques in US, which teach Wahhabism, a more extreme form and very anti-west.

    Saudi Arabia came into power around 1932 from their Oil wealth. Over the last 30 years, at least 90% of all the terrorist acts against the West have been committed by Saudi Arabian citizens.

    Saudi Arabia is Sunni and hates Iran as it is Shia. It is afraid of Iran
    having the Bomb. Two reason they have befriended US ( only on surface ); we buy Oil and they purchase US mfg. weapons.

    Peanut Brain was responsible for putting Khomeini in power which has birthed all the mid-east Shia / Shariah extremism codes. Now “barbaric” Shariah law is rampant. In 1960’s most middles
    easterners including women wore western dress, danced and even wore lipstick.

    The rebels in Syria are not fighting for Assad. They are rebels
    sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood who Obama has been aggressively
    supporting. Kerry went to Egypt to protest ouster of Muslim Brotherhood leader – Morsi. Morsi was head of Muslim Brotherhood rebel terrorists.
    Egypt sued US in World Court over US support and arming of terrorists. US has also armed Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Syria, and Libya.

  • carl

    The Saudi’s are not our friends. It is very possible that they funded the terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11. They use the oil as a weapon and threaten to sell $750 in US Treasury bonds.

  • Iran Fail

    I am less worried about Saudi Arabia than Iran since the Saudi’s are not in the business of invading its neighbors unlike Iran in Iraq and Yemen, nor are they interested in using all their money to develop ballistic missiles with 2,000 mile range and being nuclear capable, unlike Iran.


    I personally would like to know just what is in those intelligence reports about the Saudis and the 9/11 attacks. If they are really our friends at all, after all Osama came from there, he learned his variety of Islam from there and we were friends with King Faisal, not Saudia Arabia.