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The latest from “moderate” Libya: Four foreign Christians, including an American with dual Swedish citizenship, have been arrested on suspicion of being missionaries who have been distributing Christian literature. They were apprehended in Benghazi, the jihadist hotbed where U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in September. The missionaries could face the death penalty under Islam’s sharia law, which forbids the proselytizing of creeds other than Islam, imposes capital punishment on Muslims who convert to Christianity, and similarly discourages any speech that might sow discord among Muslims.

Ray Ibrahim picks up the story from the Guardian, quoting from an official from “Libyan security” – the outfit the Obama administration relied on after the president’s unprovoked, unauthorized war to topple the Qaddafi regime placed Islamists in de facto control of much of the country:

Discussing this case, Libyan security official Hussein Bin Hmeid, trying to justify the Islamic ban on free speech, observes: “Proselytizing is forbidden in Libya. We are a 100% Muslim country and this kind of action affects our national security.” Indeed, Muslim governments-most notably Iran’s-constantly suppress any talk of Christianity, claiming it threatens “our national security.” …

According to Benghazi lawyer and “human rights activist” Bilal Bettamer, Christians should not offend Muslims by trying to share their faith: “It is disrespectful. If we had Christianity we could have dialogue, but you can’t just spread Christianity.  The maximum penalty is the death penalty. It’s a dangerous thing to do.”

Of course, it bears observing that it was not just President Obama who backed Libya’s Islamists in the cashiering of Qaddafi, who was then an American ally supplying what our government had described as vital intelligence about Libya’s legions of anti-American terrorists. The Republican Beltway establishment also enthusiastically supported Obama’s war, led by Senator John McCain, who called Benghazi’s jihadists “my heroes.”

Oh well, like the president said at the U.N., “The future must not belong to these who suppress the Gospel” – oh, no, wait … looks like I may have that wrong.

This article appears at NRO.

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  • letstalkcandidly

    Western countries have a real problem when they are led by liberals. These liberals know that they can defeat their political opposition by undermining the very security of their own country – and they do that through perfectly legal channels. First, they ignore realities and let people who are defending the nation die, in enemy territory, rather than protect them from imminent danger (Benghazi). All the while they are pushing an agenda of high levels of immigration from the very hostile countries that attacked the US only a few short years before thus protecting and incubating this enemy domestically in a generous system with liberal laws. Then they weaken the system even further by opening their borders to millions of illegals on top of that. And then, one more step – they push the civil liberties agenda in order to further insulate these now internal hostile elements from prosecution and punishment.

    Liberals use social disorder to persuade naive and uneducated people that the fault lies, not with their liberal policies of “kindness to the enemy”, but that those who attempt to stop them are the enemy. And it has worked because, as they know, an ever-increasing number of people in the US are uneducated and politically ignorant, and are not capable of ever seeing “behind the curtain”. It works because liberal policy itself is designed to create the very intellectual vacuum they need to make it all work. Before you know it you’ve got a broken and divided society – just like the sort America has right now.

    Defend yourselves, America – and start by getting rid of your present liberal leadership.