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[Editor’s Note: In the spirit of Christmas and the Holiday Season, we offer up this unusual essay, that while not media related, does speak to truth and optimism, and a child’s dreams and realities.]

Dear Virginia,

Yes, Santa Claus is very real. He is truthful as the idea of life, and values. I believed in him since I was a wee lad, and my sincerity has rewarded me with the bountiful memories of joy. Your friends are mistaken about Saint Nicholas. Their minds have been changed by the disbelief of a doubtful age. All minds are small compared to the vast universe. We can only measure it by comparing our intelligence to the exact truth. Now arises the question. Would the world change if Mr. Claus weren’t real? It depends on the personality of the person I guess. Being happy for me on a great holiday like this is the primary reason why we believe. So yes Virginia, Santa Claus is so real that he knows you endlessly, and will always support you.

I am a very hesitant person, but I hope Santa Claus is real. Every year, the question you asked me becomes a debate in my mind. The rational part of me wants to say that there is no evidence, but the part of me that feels replies back, would I be happy if I never believed in the Spirit of Christmas. I then search the memories of Christmas past, and tried to see myself ignoring the common beliefs that our parents taught us. It appears that I couldn’t go on. The world seemed a gloomier, and bleaker place. Every year I suffer through insults, stress, and adapting to changes that I could not foresee. The rational part of me then agrees to my emotional side that Santa Claus is real. Its explanation is – if Santa Claus had not been real, then I would be in sorrow all the time, but I am the exact opposite. I am constantly cheerful, and my life is so bright with hope that it could light the night sky. The calculating side of me comes to the conclusion that since my mood contradicts reason, then Santa Claus is very much real.

Christmas is the holiday that has always stayed the same to me. It is the most special one to me, because it has an icon, and it involves everyone. By everyone, I would like to explain that it means you can be any religion, race, nationality, and age. Sure some argue Easter is like that too, but it doesn’t celebrate friendship, fellowship, and family. I desperately hope you can understand me regarding this point, as I am going to ramble on. Now to read past this, you must forget everything everyone told you, and break some rules. You must believe in him, and if you can believe no more, you must keep going. If you don’t, Santa Claus will disappear from your world. It will seem as he never existed, and you shall no longer reap the rich rewards of Christmas.

The science men or scientists say there are no known species of reindeer that can fly. If you believe, Virginia, anything you imagine could happen. Then, they would say, because of the different time zones, Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, only if he travels east to west. This means Saint Nicholas visits 822.6 houses per second. This means for each celebrating household with at least one good child in it, Santa has one thousandth of a second. He, must then, in the impossibly short amount of time, park, go down the chimney, fill the stockings, place presents under the tree, eat the cookies, drink the milk, and return to the sleigh. If, only you believe he can, then Santa Claus can, and then he might even go faster. The scientists have even said that traveling at the speed of light can cause time to stop and travel backwards. So if Santa moves at the speed of light he can travel to every single house effortlessly.

Do not believe that Saint Nicholas is too old. He might be well over 2000 years in age, but he slept most of those years. By hibernating eleven months per year, Santa greatly rejuvenates his vitality. All that sleep causes him to be awake for only two hundred months or sixteen and a half years! Virginia, remember Santa’s little helpers? If you do, then you must remember the helpers do everything for him. That must take away most, if not all of the stress. This can further extend Santa Claus’ life.

So believe, Virgina, and if you do then, great things will happen. Faith is a virtue with countless benefits. Those benefits are enduring, and shall affect you positively for the rest of your life. Now to answer your question, Saint Nicholas must exist. He is the figure of all things a child can possibly wish for. With his merry character, and hearty laugh, and twinkling eyes he brings joy around the world. Forget about the evidence that Santa doesn’t exist. Trust your heart, and follow the path. Believe in yourself and never stop imagining.

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  • Fox Mulder

    I want to believe.

  • morrighan


  • Maria B

    Hello. If you believe, you believe. Personally, I don’t believe in him but it’s not my fault to judge. People are mean on here and don’t let you believe. The only thing I believe in is God.

  • Sbands203

    I’m 11 and ever since the year of 2010 I’ll never forget the sounds I heard that scared me so freacking much that no ones gonna convince me that santas not real!!THATS HOW BAD IT SCARED ME!and plus I’m scared of Santa and his elves!idk y but the year of 2010 I found my elf at the top of my tv stand and so I screamed,yelled and cried cuz of the elf!!!and yes,i was terrified lol u couldn’t even explai
    my emotion that night

  • true

    ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeorsly is santa real yes no yes it is

  • Ok

    hey yall

  • ya ya

    im scared plz

  • Idiots

    fuck I put the wrong email

  • Camila

    Im 11 years old and I still believe in Santa why? because every single Christmas I would the this huge thump on the roof exactly at 12 pm and i never told my parents when i wrote my letters to him. My mom never lies to me she told me when she was 12 she saw Santa from her window ever since she still tells grown up ppl she believes in Santa they think shes crazy ! i believe parents who tell their kids he is not real only say that because they didn’t believe in him and you basically lose the spirit of x mas when u saw hes not real then he doesn’t show up at your house but ill always believe in him i mean i never told my parents that i wanted this one thing for Christmas i got it. i have lots of evidence that hes real and ppl tht don’t believe in him please don’t take the magic from us because u don’t believe but that does not mean we shouldn’t and i respect what everyone thinks i cant make anyone do or say sum thin they dont want to.So whatever u think just enjoy the season happy holidays!!!!!!!1

  • Sara

    me too but i celebrate but still who cares??? its a holiday! have fun and get presents!!!!

  • Sara

    Wether hes real or not, happy holidays!! And im jewsh so who cares??? 🙂

  • Sara

    im in 5th grade, and unless you have enough deers you can pull it off so pay etention to your teachers

  • Sara

    i try to belive… but ever since my mom told me she gets the presents, i regret asking….

  • HO HO HO! hi boys and girls its me santa claus im not likeing what im seeing right now i am real for all the good boys and girls that does good in school dont forget about your chores and whatever you want for christmas will be under your christmas tree this year HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR HO! HO! HO!

  • Not_real

    Go 2 hell santa

  • Sponge bob

    Santa’s coming TONIGHT TONIGHT. Santa’s coming TONIGHT.