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I awoke Saturday morning to hopefully enjoy the weekend…until I was hit in the psychic gut with the horrific memory of Friday: Hundreds are mourning the loss of 20 children, 6 adults, and a deranged 20-year-old who killed himself after a shooting rampage.

Like many Americans, I placed myself, and the memory of my son attending public schools, into the “what if” category…and cried one more time.

I thought back to when my youngster was carefree, learning, trusting, his life before him in a setting that afforded love, tolerance, encouragement.

Thank God he, and his mom and I, did not have to endure such horror.

The story continues to unfold and the victims have yet to be buried. Yet the gun-control debate began within hours of the tragedy.  President Obama said the nation needs “meaningful action,” New York Mayor Bloomfield called for “a bill to Congress to fix this problem.” New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler urged the President to pressure Congress by “exploit(ing)” the tragedy.   American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten echoed the call for more anti-gun legislation.

Let me say, as God is my witness, if a total gun ban and confiscation of guns would end the madness, I would begrudgingly support such action.

But it would not. History, and this tragic loss of life, proves it.

Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation, and Adam Lanza broke them all with impunity. Among them:  Not of legal age to own a firearm…had no license to carry a firearm…went to a public school while armed…broke into a “gun free” school (with new security measures, no less).

Lanza also stole the legal, and registered, weapons from his mother… and committed murder, the most serious breach of law and human existence.

There are scores, if not hundreds, of compelling and credible studies that show criminals (and the deranged) ignore gun laws, prove police cannot be everywhere, and that armed, responsible, citizens can make the difference in such situations.

Let us follow Israel’s lead.

When Islamic terrorists began killing students at “soft targets” such as the school Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva in 2008, teachers and staff were encouraged to become trained and arm themselves. Parents now pay an average of 20 dollars per student for an armed security guard, and according to some reports, staff are still encouraged to pack and carry. Soft targets are now hardened, and such attacks are rare to non-existent.

Let the states, not Congress, debate this issue, this terror we face.

If Connecticut citizens want to go door-to-door and place checkpoints at its borders to confiscate guns, perhaps establish some sort of “Minority Report” to proactively decide who is a potential threat and who is not, so be it. There is no doubt merit in identifying, and helping, the mentally ill; but ultimately, it is a cultural problem, a spiritual problem, problems no law can correct or enforce answers to.

History and logic point to a more effective, cost-efficient, and constitutional way to end the madness.

The time has come to protect the classroom, the place of worship, the public park and other “soft targets;” train and enlist teachers, staff, and fellow responsible citizens to protect their own, and, if need be, literally kill the cancer before it spreads.

Notice, by far, the mass shootings of 2012 have been where there are “gun free” zones; unfortunately, they are not free of evil.

Edmund Burke said it well: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

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  • I agree 100 % so do the police departments according to what I have read on Police One newsletter that I subscribe to. They also said that teachers should be trained to handle a gun. One shot to the chest would have dropped this killer before he committed this carnage. One article also suggested to recruit retired police officers to ride shot gun on school buses and in the schools. Every school shooting could have been stopped if only just one person there had been armed. Just like airline pilots are today. You will notice that we have never had another 9-11 and we won’t.

  • Ron

    What about all the anti-depressant drugs such as Ritalin , which was what the two kids who did Columbine H.S. took when they were six . That drug is a cousin of cocaine , Why would anyone give such a drug to a developing mind and body ? I believe that gun free zones are really killing zones and that we should start looking at big pharm and all the anti-depressant drugs they administer to children. They alter the moods and they say on their labels they are 7-8 times more likely to bring on violence . When are we going to start looking at the school doctors who prescribe these mind and mood altering drugs . . .

  • Connecticut’s laws were supposed to prevent Adam Lanza from buying an assault rifle, and they did! Unfortunately, the laws had no provision for stopping Mrs. Lanza from buying such a gun, and leaving it available for her deranged son.

  • jdelaney3

    Commonsense is of scant interest to the intellectually dishonest Left. And, yes, leave the matter of hardening school defenses to the States, not to that idiotic God-awful DC Leviathan whose members can never shoot straight. Pardon the pun.

  • nutella59

    Why would muslim-friendly socialist President Hussein and his leftist honchos even think of adopting anything Israeli?

  • queeky

    You realize that the shooter’s first victim was an avid, trained gun owner, right? Why didn’t she stop the attack? This is the myth of gun ownership: that the attacker won’t have the jump on you. Also, the shooter was wearing body armor. Also, remember the Fort Hood shooting: on an Army base where 13 were killed and 29 wounded before he was stopped. Do you really think we can get our schools more secure than an Army base?

    This is a complex issue to address, but the idea that “every school shooting could have been stopped if only just one person there had been armed” doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

  • MountainMikey

    queeky, I understand the first victim (Mom) was asleep (thankfully). As to Fort Hood, the “complex” issue there is one of how our Army personnel were far too ‘politically corrrect’ to identified the shooter was a radical Islamic wolf in their pack and should have been watched and/or redepoyed before he devored out men and women.

  • Mark Cragin

    The Army (the brass, anyway) had become so PC that soldiers were not allowed to carry loaded weapons on base. I agree that the Army should have disciplined (or better yet, discharged) Maj. Hassan long ago.

  • Mark Cragin

    Let’s be respectful of the dead. We don’t yet know how Adam came to be in possession of her weapon(s). As stated above by MountainMikey, Mrs. Lanza was shot while asleep in her bed by her son, who was apparently enraged by her attempt to have him involuntarily committed to an institution where he could have received the help he so obviously needed.

  • bobfairlane

    Why have Americans armed middle eastern scum, while disarming themselves?

  • bobfairlane

    Why was the middle eastern scum in our Army base?