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I do not know what it is about Islam and liberalism that causes both to turn logic and truth on its head, but we have been witnessing it in different ways in recent days.

First there was the “humanitarian” flotilla running the Israeli blockade of Gaza and then there was the appalling anti-Semitism of Helen Thomas, formerly of the front row in the White House press room.

Suffice it to say that the so-called Palestinians are not living in a state of “occupation.” They have repeatedly been offered a state of their own, but have refused it for some six decades. They exist as wards of the United Nations.

Israel is a sovereign nation and has been since May 16, 1948. Its ancient sovereignty dates back to the days of David and Solomon. I say “so-called” because Palestine was the name applied to Israel by a Roman emperor in an effort to make the world forget that Jews had been living in their own land for over a thousand years before being driven into exile.

Arabs who live in Israel are called Israelis because they are citizens there. They number more than a million and, while most are Muslim, about nine percent are Christian. So, while the enemies of Israel talk exclusively in terms of its Jewish population, they are ignoring a sizeable number who are Muslims. It need also be said they enjoy freedoms that their counterparts in other Middle Eastern nations do not.

What I have always found astonishing is the way the Arab nations surrounding Israel and who have attacked it repeatedly nonetheless regard Israel as the aggressor.  

This is the same strange logic that says al Qaeda destroyed the Twin Towers and attacked the Pentagon, but is blameless because they did so in response to U.S. policies in the Middle East. It is the same sick logic and contempt for everything that is not Islamic that pursues the creation of a mosque within walking distance of ground zero.

Not surprisingly, after 9/11 the U.S. responded with military action against the Afghanistan base of Al Qaeda operations, followed thereafter with an invasion of Iraq, the second such military action after having initially driven the Iraqis out of Kuwait. The result was the end of the three-decade regime of Saddam Hussein. The Saudis and oil-rich Gulf states were the major beneficiaries.

There is not a single justification for the “humanitarian” flotilla, one ship of which was filled with men who violently resisted the boarding by Israelis under long established international law regarding blockades.

Tons of humanitarian aid is routinely delivered daily to Gaza after inspection. The inspection is necessary because, since having withdrawn from Gaza as a gesture of peace in 2005, the area has been used to launch thousands of rockets. Even the Egyptians who share a border with Gaza maintain a comparable blockade to ensure weapons are not smuggled into the Hamas hotbed of hatred for Israel. 

So far in its short history, Israel has fought a 1948 War of Independence against several Arab armies. The famed Six-Day War followed in 1967. In 1973, the Israelis were attacked on one of the holiest days of their calendar, Yom Kippur, by a coalition of Arab nations. They also endured Yassir Arafat’s PLO Intifada of terror bombings

In 1982 the first Lebanon War was a response to constant terror attacks on northern Israel. It was followed in 2006 by a second Lebanon War in response to the abduction of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, a proxy Islamic organization funded and armed by Iran. The most recent Israeli 2009 military engagement against Gaza was a response to constant rocketing and attacks. The blockade is part of the way Israel must cope with a self-defined enemy.

In every case, the Israelis were accused of being the aggressors. Arab nations insisted they were “occupiers” in a land in which Jews had lived for 3,500 years and called their home despite an exile that had existed for 2,000 years prior to the reestablishment of Israel. It followed the Nazi Holocaust that killed six million European Jews during World War Two.

Throughout the Middle East and most particularly in the United Nations, Israel has always been called the aggressor. The same irrational hatred for Jews that has existed everywhere for centuries explains why Israelis are armed to the teeth and why Jews worldwide are experiencing a rise in anti-Semitic attacks.

What worries Israelis these days and should worry Americans as well is the policy of the Obama administration that has clearly turned against Israel, emboldening its enemies. It shames the history of friendship that has existed since Israel was reestablished over sixty years ago.

It is an invitation for war in the Middle East, one that has been joined by Turkey, a nation that has abandoned its history of secular governance in favor of the Islamism that threatens Western nations in particular and the world in general.

Allowing Iran to acquire nuclear arms will tip the world into a global conflict whose casualties are incalculable.

America needs to assert its support for Israel, if only in its own interest. America is being infiltrated by Islamic terrorists and it has a growing number of home-grown ones. Having elected a president whose stated preference is for Islam, the prospects are not good. In the words of Islamists, Israel is the “Little Satan” and America is the “Big Satan.”

Commentator, J.D. Longstreet summed up the threat. “I am not optimistic that hatred of the Jews will end, or even lessen any time soon. In fact, I expect it to get much, much, worse and eventually lead the nations of the world to a place known as the Megiddo Valley and the final battle known as the Battle of Armageddon.”

Will the armed might of the U.S., already present in the Middle East in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in the Persian Gulf, be used to thwart this? That question waits upon the decision of Barack Hussein Obama.

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  • hogorina


    Yes, indeed, our United States confederated states have been
    completely inundated with world-wide trained professional
    revolutionists, that absolutely are filled with self-hatred towards
    Western civilization. Karl Marx coined the phrase ( man is man ). One of
    Marx’s fellow travelers, the late David Ricardo, fabulous mouth piece
    of London’s intellectual rabble-rousers, collided with Marx’s view that
    proletarians of the world to unite, and they had nothing to loose but
    their chains, to loose. Ricardo was given the originator of the so
    called ( iron law of wages). Here we have two characters on the ideal
    anti-social third rail of colliding intelligentsia butting heads, in
    controlling any and all decent laboring people within the occidental
    empire. Mud people have no allegiance with our contemporary mankind. Yet
    they come out of every sewer line that trails back into recorded history
    of progressive civilizations. Parasitic by nature, our Republic must
    eliminate this explosive nest of vicious and vile reptilian instincts
    from our shores; and let Karl Marx and David Ricardo remain as perfect
    examples of bankrupt personalities, that have influenced the
    mob-controlled political failures of which holds America in complete
    derision. The late President Ronald Reagan thought so much of Karl
    Marx’s and David Ricardo’s social engineering that he personally brought
    one of Ricardo’s relatives into the federal labor department. Reagan
    was a liberal’s’ liberal. And this mud people scheme moves along in
    shaking down our republic. The late Hollywood columnist, Hedda Hopper
    vouches for Reagan as a genuine liberal in moving into the life of a
    political whore. No better to place to seek public officialdom that
    Hollywood that to run the sewer lines streaming from the Screen Guild’s
    gutter of psychoneuroticism

  • hogorina


    Marching forward into a state of nihilism lies a future of
    politically doomed pseudo democracy-possibly a mandating self-sustained
    monetary syndicate, of ruler ship. Russia and America are meshed in
    between the jaws of British finance, and global disparity. The United
    Nations Organization is a major weapon of syndicated fools and
    idle-minded parasites, of whom are used as merely tools, in enslaving
    mankind’s rights and privileges, as this gang intends to dominate and to
    deploy whole sale propaganda between both states, in order to divide
    both nations in the world’s eyes. Since one cannot see the same river
    twice; it is impossible for separate states, Russian and American (
    citizens ), to anchor their ships of state to an island where the Bank
    of England, and it’s little known ( City of Gold ), marches forward
    spreading pseudo Democracy vs Natural capitalism globally. This combined
    wealth can only sustain it self, while enlarging a universal path to
    total domination, leaving behind a global panorama of crime, corruption,
    poverty, and disease.

  • hogorina

    Bible scholars are not clear as to who are really Jews. The word Jew
    came into existence around 1775. This word is not found in the old or
    new testaments. In fact, Shakespeare nor anyone before him never used
    the word. The master lie that Christ was of Jewish extraction is the
    most brilliant lie ever forwarded into print.
    Christ was King of the
    Judeans, not Jews. The Pharisee speaking to Christ was a mongrel. This
    individual was not a Jew. He claimed that he was the seed of Abraham,
    but Christ rebuked him. Certainly he was neither Jew not Judean, for
    there were no Jews at that time. Clearly, these mongrels clashed with
    the Judeans, in claiming that they were practicing divine guidance of
    which was false.
    Clearly, the word Jew is a translators option for
    Judean. But the translators went to work just about the time of the
    American Revolution. Abraham was no Jew; yet a mongrel, not a Jew nor
    Judean, was nothing but a roaming nomad. Pharisee! Christ addressed this
    vagabond as a liar–a breed of low-level humanity. Our Lord declared
    that this individual’s father was of the devil: of whom had killed all
    the prophets from the beginning of time. Too, zeckariah, ( PROPHET 600
    BC ), was murdered between the temple and wall, by a mongrel who was no
    Jew, but a Hebrew. Let’s quit blaming specific Jews of whom did not
    exist in the days of Christ

  • Bertharina Rina


    Beginning in 1800 thousands of immigrants from eastern Europe flooded New York City via Ellis Island. After the failing revolution in Russia of 1792, wealthy people fled to New York from eastern Europe. This was better than being jailed. All of these people settled in the eastern end of New York City. Here a major ghetto was formed. In fact, communism took root here. Yes, communism went out of New York City and went into Russia. And now, it has returned and has actually overthrown America. There is a question as to the origin of the people known as Khazars This is a joke being palmed off on stupid people. Napoleon in his then known war through the eastern world was a tool in the hands of financiers. He established the first Synagogue in south east Arabia, It does not matter as to what social structure people are drawn from, for this has no bearing on a global movement using religion as a means to implant a well developed an anti-social structure developed thousands of years in the past ! Let’s get it straight–Gentile and Jewish bankers have created a monstrous structure called investments, and of which a majority of gangsters have control over the Stock exchange. These illicit investors would marry the devil to make a fast buck. If we are going to attack a people in flawlessly, putting them in hand baskets, then take a look at the gentile bastards that borrow their money to do dirty things to make a fast buck. The dirtiest bastards are those who borrow Jewish or gentile moneys to commit criminal acts in the commercial industries, and creating ghettos through slum mastering, desire to blame money loaners, because they failed in some corrupt transaction, and hate to repay interest.

  • Bertharina Rina


    Christ did not smile

    Christ did not laugh

    Christ did not hug people

    Christ did not shake hands

    Christ slept alone at night

    Christ did not visit sick wards

    Christ was not of jewish extraction

    Christ was a Judean

    Christ was king of the Judeans

    Christ was of the house of David of which was in the tribe of Judah but was not

    of the tribe of Judah

    Christ is our oldest brother as first born in the flesh of God

    Christ never spoke one single word of kindness towards his enemy

    Christ loved Jacob which is Israel

    Christ hated Esau the brother of Jacob


  • Bertharina Rina

    In 1941 a famous journalists, John Gunthener, the then top war correspondent for the New York Times, met with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Small talk was brief until Gunther probed the President con concerning a Pan American high way from America into South America. John’s concern was the future safety of America being swarmed with millions, walking into Washington and literally taking over national government without firing a shot.

    Today, a Pan American passage way is ready-made for this invasion of our national continent. The question remains. Will Congress and the State Department slow down the invasion of swarms in comprising with man-like locusts invading and destroying a christian, descendants of Anglo Saxon civilization.
    We take a look at the sad situation in Syria. At one time it was only Assyria. Now we have Syria. Syria is the home for political criminality. Formerly, Assyria was an empire from the loins of one of Noah’s sons. Over the years that nation was split into two states. The technique of Israel’s division go back to ancient Egypt. This nation had slaves and an enemy within to nourish rebellion among God’s people. Several thousands of years later, contemporary religions are infested with the seed-line of ancient Esau. Israel,
    counterfeit, still nourishes the whims and wiles of satanic infiltration. America is wedged in between Esau’s gang and God.

    If we take the bull by the tail and to look the situation square into its face, we will have a double-take of a wall-eyed fool of whom commits complete self-destruct via voting for the two-party bastards responsible for refugees fleeing Syria. This terrible global crisis is the balancing-bar of the Middle East. Spiritual postulation in line with political prostitution is a massive crime against humanity. The main Syrian rebellion is in conflict with the Israel sat up in 1948. Our western Israel was established in 1930. Contrary to our national administration, the gang in the District of Columbia makes and breaks dictatorships over the eastern hemisphere. And the misfortune of fate lays low in the wings of engineered social instability as created in Assyria. American tax-payers fund alien dictators in order to divide man and his God, as held in check by political gravity through the fascist proponents of pseudo democracy. Global wandering nomads that had hindered Moses as a collective mess of mooching parasites are with us today.
    Unfortunately, the trek of mass humanity from war- torn Syria unto the nation of Hungary in walking to Vienna is one of the most deadly anti-social political crimes in the history of so-called America. No western country has the right to enter helpless Third-World Republics via bribing hoodlums in office, as vicious boot-licking bastards straight from the realms of hell are nothing less than a revolutionary spear head for Wall Street investors. These dirty low down bastards are causing innocent souls to flee their homes and driven along the way as common cattle.
    Actually, it melts one’s heart to know that the origin of war on innocent and helpless souls are running from the umbrella of Zionism and its fraudulent manifestations as representing the state of Israel. Israel has a problem since 1948. The Israel sat up in 1930 follows suit. We must break the religious/state machine of . profit and gain at the tax-payers lost. Not until these Gods are separated from political impropriety towards an obscene mind-bending set of self-serving clergymen will true democracy come forth. May God be with these massive souls of whom now are nothing more than global wanderings. Irregardless of one’s sought after God should suffer under an international gang as allied with the Bank of England and the City of London. Ancient Esau’s contemporary blood line ruling aristocracies on earth represent Beezlebub and his family of devils now holding office within our national government.

  • Bertharina Rina

    Incomprehensible the political muck-raking being flashed forth from the Middle East. Our national news industry hungers, for an ongoing
    national festivity, of slopping from a socialist trough, of collectively ecumenically influenced pseudo-religious hounds, feasting from trolling the well-planned organized confusion of war-dogs, raping & looting helpless Third-World nations across this globe, as hell bent in seeking the black gold of oil. Church and state within America obediently and openly bend the knee, to an elite social engineering machine in sustaining national political prostitution. But, hold on !
    There is more to this false flag of foreign intrigue, rather than
    an allied gang ambushing towards oil wells. The final fate of this gang will be long-time looser; just as Don Quioto paled in taking out his frustrations on windmills; sorrowfully, the international Monetary Fund & World Bank will follow suit. People of threatened Democracies have become regulated sheep, just as pseudo
    Democracy has walled-ln freedom of speech with mental agony.
    As usual, war is a racket. Civil interpretutude becomes inundated
    with questionable news industries. Professional lying alienates people via politically totem pole elevation. Truth is laid to rest, being entombed as class ruling elites gang up with familiar spirits, criminals are enthroned. This has happened in Liberia. Following up will be Iraq, Assyria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Damascus, & the folly of invading Iran through professional revolutionaries as being handled with this gang of universal criminals in the hands of NATO, the United nations, their bribed allies. Iran was recently bribed with 1500 billion to law low for three weeks. Israel was just bribed with 40 billion that she will buy weapons for her allies to fight as middle men wedged in between Presidents Obama & Putin. Yes, local blood will soil alien soils; and the flower of American youth will die in vain.
    Indeed, as War is a racket, so is the magic spell of man-made religions. In this respect, millions of Catholicism flood our borders from Mexico and European nations. Likewise, Protestantism gains spiritual domain, as a copy-cat. Money is the root of all evil. If this is an elequent observation; we must conclude that America is a con-summed Republic to be embalmed, when the Red flag appears to wave over our White House.
    Naturally, rebellion is organized from above, while mobs walk as zombies, in the fable that the craftiness of religion in alliance with criminals in high seats of government will fumble down to such outcasts for food and housing via the ballot box. Fools apply their logic of rule through trumped-up semantics to mobs having itching ears.

    Absolutely, globalizing a One World Government is more politically relevant, than a few alien occupied oil wells. This is not the root America’s march forth into imperialism. Bottom line is a war between a two world religious states, Mohammadism and Catholicism. Protestantism has become fossilized within a massive bed of intransitive clergymen in foiling the truth. A Satanic viper is coiled in between Obama & Putin. War and religion at full gallop.

  • Bertharina Rina

    Who is financing Presidential candidates. How much from the Communist network over America. What about funds from the Trotsky / Leninist bunch receiving moneys from Uncle Sam. Too, a criminally devised hoard of ghetto masters, under the hood of mortgage gamblers. Only damned fools would pull a lever, in sending tax moneys to collectivized political gangsters; being anchored to both sorry bastards in conclusion, with a doubled-deck of hopeless scoundrels in collusion, as a two-party swindle drummed down into a pseudo Democracy. Mobs are useful in aiding swindlers into national office. Continue to think & act like a stupid mass of misled fools, to be hoodwinked under a national administration, in the arms of Marxian incipient socialism. FEMA, HLS, SWAT, & oppressive police all have gulags awaiting for ring in the nose individuals, as nihilistic cattle. America is being pulled into Eastern World fundamentalism. Vote & enlarge the hell that is to become your future. ?Show less

  • Bertharina Rina

    Bull Dykes and think a likes should have preferential acceptance into sitting under the state dept water shed, in having more input into foreign affairs. Over the years, we have witnessed some strange situations regarding the influence of allied nations boomeranging exported treaties returning home to haunt incompetent political plants and their strange foreign realizations. Needless to say, several characters within this most sensitive post are of national government has been the breeding ground for unwarranted sour heads, of which bottle neck significant areas of Presidential influence regarding national security. Ever since the late President Franklin New Deal pro-communist watering hole practiced total irresponsibility in ignoring the state dept, as this practicality of official conduct has been a one-way conduit of professional hindrance of foreign affairs. State secretary of state Hull under Roosevelt was a lose cannon and unfortunate yes man. Under John Kerry, we have a sweetheart affair with Netanyahu of Israel. Hillary Clinton was a muck-raking bag of wind, winding up worthless as tits on a bore hog. Why not bring into pro-menace more of the displaced closet gang, in really widening this circus of burnt out blockheads, of which formally leaped over the congressional watchdogs, in pushing liberalism under the guise of a free for all love in !

  • Bertharina Rina


    ( Our Lord’s will )

    Abraham was, and still is, the father of all nations. This lineage is through the blood lineage of Shem, the oldest son of Noah– the biological progenitor of

    Joseph’s seed down through the ages, as to when Joseph lived in Egypt. This Joseph was Mary’s husband. The Joseph within Egypt was one of the twelve tribes of Jacob known as a Hebrew. The blood,

    DNA, of all global nations flow back to Abraham except one. This seed cannot be traced back to Adam and Eve. Genesis ( 3: 15 ) shows that there are two seed lines on this earth. It is frightening as to how all man-made religions spiritualize this matter into infinity. Satan’s followers fall into one of these blood lines. The IRS puts this information to rest via bribing the American religious empire–church & state grip !

    Jacob, “ Israel,” had a brother named Esau. Esau’s parents, Isaac Rebecca, Obeyed God’s racial law against intermarriage with heathen nations. Esau went a stray intermarried into the Hittites. This was one of the seven nations of which made war on the Hebrews. Today, contemporary America is infested with mongrelism, too, millions of our national citizenry contend against each other as professional political prostitutes play the racial game. This is the master crime against humanity, for all mankind are God’s children. Actually, ninety-five percent of humanity do not know just who they are. Without this reckoning, innocent souls are politically pitted against each other. Our Lord does not split straws. We are what we are and nothing more, however, we have a human needle within our spiritual haystack claiming seed through Abraham’s lineage of which has no DNA whatsoever. This is America’s enemy within. Self-hatred is a conscious identification as to one’s origin. So to speak, our Republic has been railroaded into ways of ancient Esau–God’s worst opponent. As Shakespeare opted, “ Oh’ death, where is thy sting.” The late president, Herbert Hoover, in his biography, 1947, belated Esau’s influence over our nation. Esau and his gang are choking this Republic by way of willing tools such as George Romney and Ted Cruz. Here, we have a cross of Jacob with Ted in the line of Esau. Satan plays off such scoundrels as personalities of questionable intentions. We trace Romney back to Abraham and Crus to ancient Esau. we calculate this recognition through their spiritual nature. Down through history, the war between Jacob and Esau exists until this hour; we see its influence within the gangsterism of pseudo Democracy holding our nation in hostage at this moment. We see these two individuals in hock to a gang of criminals in denying all citizens to vote. This low-life rebellion against a nation is satanically induced. TREASON !

    History is the best teacher. A conglomeration of criminal nations ruled for hundreds of years in ancient Canaan. This land cuddled numerous gods.

    These people committed every crime against humanity that can be mentioned. Today, within our America; we go a little further, in bowing down to gods of various global nations– bringing the ideal idolatry as their forefathers had done within ancient Canaan.

    No one knows our Lord’s intention at this moment about troublesome America. Lest we forget;

    the Canaan of a prior era of the past; Joshua, God’s mouthpiece, was ordered to invade Canaan in order to slay every man, woman and beast; to kill all that breathed. Seven nations inhabited this land. These souls cowed down to the evil ways of Esau. Jacob was only a byword of reproach. Accursed of God these people were a collective dungheap of Hittites, Jebusites, Hivites, Girgashites, Amorites, Perizzites, and Edomites. Joshua failed to do so. Jacob’s Israel

    began mongrelism; this is a satanic weapon to destroy America. Their invasion of America is well orchestrated to fragment christian families. Donald Trump spoke of this!