Accuracy in Media

Germany: Iran Plotting Terror on Jewish and Israeli Targets

Iran is responsible for a significant amount of espionage activity in Germany over the past decade, and is responsible for planning terrorist attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets, the Jerusalem Post reports. In a letter sent to a Left Party deputy from German’s interior ministry, the federal government launched 22 criminal investigations concerning Iran’s illegal […]

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A Ruling about Nothing

A federal judge suspends Trump’s unenforced ban on funding for sanctuary cities. A showboating federal judge in San Francisco has issued an injunction against President Trump’s executive order cutting off federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities. The ruling distorts the E.O. beyond recognition, accusing the president of usurping legislative authority despite the order’s express adherence to “existing law.” […]

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The Moral Obscenity of Kim’s North Korea

North Korea’s menace has been all over the news, including its missiles tests, visible preparations for a sixth nuclear test and its threats to attack a U.S. aircraft carrier and to reduce the U.S. to ashes with a “super-mighty preemptive strike.” Assorted experts, debating how to handle the rogue regime of Kim Jong Un, have […]

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Redefining the battle against terrorists

Identifying the enemy will prevent them from getting U.S. arms One of the hallmarks of the 2016 presidential campaign was Donald Trump’s insistence on being honest about the threat of “radical Islamic terrorism.” It’s a phrase that President Obama refused to speak, preferring the euphemism “violent extremism.” Hillary Clinton muttered the taboo expression half-heartedly only […]

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Hollywood Hijrah

A correspondent sent me the links to two commentaries on the fate of “Homeland,” a TV series, described by Wikipedia as “an American spy thriller television series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa based on the Israeli series Prisoners of War….” I have not watched the series, because, for one thing, I don’t subscribe […]

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Trump vs. the “Blood Brothers”

As Syrians and Russians picked up the pieces after the United States bombed a Syrian-Russian base, The New York Times (where I once worked) still had a front page headline about how the CIA and the FBI (John Brennan and James Comey) believed there were serious signs that the Russians were working hard to get Donald […]

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I’m starting to get a sick feeling about what just happened in the White House…

There are some interesting things happening in the President Trump White House. Recently President Trump seemed to make comments about his “strategist” Steve Bannon. Anytime someone says “I like you, BUT” – well, the separation is coming. There have been dismissals, but it appears it’s no longer rumor and innuendo. There will be some who […]

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How the Clintons Sold Out U.S. National Interests to the Putin Regime

Kremlin-crazed Trumpophobes snored as Hillary and Bill made Russia great again. The Democrats and old-guard news media (forgive the redundancy) are pathologically obsessed with the hypothesis that Team Trump and Russia rigged last November’s presidential election. If Donald J. Trump so much as played Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slav on his stereo, these leftists deduce, he was […]

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April 2017

4/28/2017 - Germany: Iran Plotting Terror on Jewish and Israeli Targets

4/27/2017 - A Ruling about Nothing

4/26/2017 - Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program: On Course, Underground, Uninspected

4/24/2017 - The Moral Obscenity of Kim’s North Korea

4/21/2017 - What the Vietnam War Should Tell Us About Committing Ground Forces in Syria

4/20/2017 - Redefining the battle against terrorists

4/19/2017 - Hollywood Hijrah

4/18/2017 - Trump vs. the “Blood Brothers”

4/17/2017 - I’m starting to get a sick feeling about what just happened in the White House…

4/13/2017 - How the Clintons Sold Out U.S. National Interests to the Putin Regime

4/12/2017 - No, robots won’t put us all on the unemployment line

4/12/2017 - Why Islam Needs a Warning Label

4/11/2017 - Was Obama’s White House Politicizing Intelligence To Influence The 2016 Elections?

4/10/2017 - Pretend conservatives for not so clean energy

4/7/2017 - The political dilution of the Trump administration

4/6/2017 - Countering North Korea’s nukes

4/5/2017 - How Senate Dems Went Anti-Israel

4/4/2017 - Democrats Know the Election Was Legitimate but Persist in a Dangerous Fraud

March 2017

3/31/2017 - Does Trump Have a Strategy to Win the Global War?

3/30/2017 - Weighing Aspirations, Trump Argues for Increased Defense Spending

3/29/2017 - Georgetown University and Radical Islamists: It’s a Family Affair

3/28/2017 - The UN’s Palestinian-Women Shakedown Racket

3/27/2017 - Intelligence Committee Democrats hell bent on destroying Trump presidency

3/24/2017 - An attack on our democracy

3/23/2017 - Cognitive Dissonance in Europe

3/22/2017 - The New Democratic Party

3/21/2017 - President Trump, Please Plug Those Leaks

3/20/2017 - The Travel Ban Is about Vetting — Which Means It’s about Islam

3/17/2017 - Nancy Pelosi’s Wardrobe Confusion

3/16/2017 - Obama-British intel agency conspiracy to spy on Trump exposed by NJ judge

3/15/2017 - RELEASE THEM: Obama/Iran Nuke Deal Secrets Are NOT Classified, Just Kept From You

3/14/2017 - Sessions’s Firing of 46 Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys Isn’t Scandalous

3/13/2017 - How to Fake an Islamophobia Crisis

3/9/2017 - “Peace” Constitution 70th Anniversary

3/9/2017 - Some Quick Thoughts on the Leak of CIA Hacking Documents

3/7/2017 - CPAC Declares World War III Against Jihad

3/6/2017 - Trump in Israel’s Eyes

3/6/2017 - What every American should know about the CIA analyst who quit and blamed Trump

3/3/2017 - Are We Refugeed Out Yet?

3/2/2017 - The trouble with Oscar

February 2017

2/28/2017 - The North Korea-Iran Link Will Test Trump

2/28/2017 - A Terrifying Terrorist First

2/24/2017 - Another Major Democratic Email Scandal the News Media is Ignoring

2/23/2017 - Iran’s Bluster Is Just Fear of Trump—and Revolution

2/22/2017 - Trump’s Russian Gambit: More and Less than it Appears

2/21/2017 - George & the Dragon Slayer

2/20/2017 - Party of Government Obstructs Governance

2/17/2017 - MSNBC’s “Morning Alinsky”

2/16/2017 - A new approach to U.S. Middle East strategy

2/15/2017 - A beautiful friendship

2/14/2017 - Drunken Sailors

2/13/2017 - The Immigration Threat Hollywood Just Doesn’t Get

2/10/2017 - Kryptonite For Teachers’ Unions

2/9/2017 - Trump’s Immigration Order: Why Islam is the Issue

2/8/2017 - Prosecute the Rioters

2/7/2017 - Surprise Discovery: Sanctuary Cities Will Pay For Wall

2/6/2017 - Restoring America’s leadership and security

2/3/2017 - How Trump’s refugee order targets educational injustice

2/2/2017 - President Ronald Reagan Had His ‘PATCO Moment’ in August, 1981

2/1/2017 - Is It a ‘Muslim Ban’?

January 2017

1/31/2017 - Stop Muslim Terror by Stopping Muslim Immigration

1/30/2017 - Trump’s Exclusion of Aliens from Specific Countries Is Legal

1/27/2017 - Five Actions Ben Carson Must Take to Control HUD’s Tyranny

1/26/2017 - Threats v. Buffoonery – The Case of Madonna

1/25/2017 - Obama’s Military Pardons: Granted for National Security Violations but Not Battlefield Courage

1/24/2017 - Day 1

1/23/2017 - The Inside Story of How John Kerry Secretly Lobbied to Get CAIR Removed From UAE’s Terrorist Organization List

1/20/2017 - Because Nothing Says ‘I CAIR’ Like a Pardon

1/19/2017 - The Damage Done to America by Manning … and Obama

1/18/2017 - WaPo Columnist Doesn’t Think Dads Are All That Necessary

1/18/2017 - What the “Women’s March on Washington” Is Really About

1/17/2017 - Trump’s Great Iranian Opportunity

1/16/2017 - Why Republicans Lose the Narrative Battle: The Inspector-General Gambit

1/13/2017 - Considering the Real Russia Under Putin’s Authority

1/12/2017 - Kellyanne Conway Unplugged

1/11/2017 - The New Axis of Evil (or Comedy): CAIR, JVP and the Huffington Post

1/10/2017 - Is Trump Planning to Streamline U.S. Intelligence Agencies?

1/9/2017 - Don’t Defund the U.N., Just Say ‘Go!’

1/6/2017 - Trump Obsession Forcing Dems, Media to Become That Which They Purport to Hate

1/6/2017 - Can Obama Leave With Class, Grace?

1/5/2017 - Identifying the Threat

1/5/2017 - I CANNOT believe what liberals are planning to do 5 days before the inauguration

1/4/2017 - Russian Hacking Report like Obama’s Birth Certificate “Poorly Done”

1/3/2017 - Kerry to Israel: A State Cannot Be Both Jewish and Democratic

1/2/2017 - Government Expansion In The West And It’s Economic Consequences

December 2016

12/30/2016 - Jihadists Fear Trump’s Lineup of Tough Guys in Cabinet

12/29/2016 - Obama’s war against America

12/28/2016 - Foreign firewalls have no standing — open internet makes for a free world

12/27/2016 - German Lesson: Islamist Enclaves Breed Jihadism

12/23/2016 - The Indefensible Obama Policies

12/21/2016 - Defining Our Vital Strategic Interests

12/21/2016 - Trump’s Border Wall: The Bill Was Passed and Signed Into Law

12/20/2016 - Iran’s Theater of Operations in Latin America

12/18/2016 - Obama’s Legacy: America’s Perception of Terrorism

12/16/2016 - The Kremlin’s Ingenious Plan to Hack the Election, Revealed

12/15/2016 - How President Trump Can Make American Intelligence Great Again

12/14/2016 - Let me make myself freaking clear: this is PERSONAL

12/13/2016 - Trump’s Transition: So Far, So Good

12/12/2016 - Ohio State Attack: What Did We Learn?

12/9/2016 - DeVos: Great Pick for Education Secretary

12/8/2016 - U.S. Leaders Don’t Answer to Beijing

12/7/2016 - Pearl Harbor, 75 years on

12/6/2016 - How Trump will and won’t transform the Supreme Court

12/5/2016 - The canary in the free speech coal mine

12/2/2016 - Crucial religious freedom case arrives to Supreme Court

November 2016

11/30/2016 - Our Appeaser in Chief vs Donald Trump on the Death of Fidel Castro

11/29/2016 - The ‘Big Lie’ Is Back

11/28/2016 - Reloading U.S. military credibility

11/25/2016 - Senator Jeff Sessions Will Be the Restorative Attorney General We Need

11/23/2016 - Some friendly advice on foreign policy for new prez

11/22/2016 - The New York Times’ Dishonest Reporting on the Iran Nuclear Deal

11/21/2016 - Making America Great Again—Federal Employee Ethics and Other Matters

11/18/2016 - Israel in the Trump Era

11/17/2016 - Anti-Trump Liberal Media Spin Still Couldn’t Beat Trump

11/17/2016 - The parallels between Brexit and Trumpery have been absurdly overdone

11/16/2016 - Morning in America!

11/15/2016 - When the Trump Team Comes Looking for the Secrets of Obama’s Iran File

11/14/2016 - One Man’s View of the 2016 Election Coverage!

11/11/2016 - The Obama Era is Over

11/10/2016 - U.S. Intel is Fighting Blind Against ISIS

11/8/2016 - Unraveling Democratic deception

11/8/2016 - Michelle Obama and Political Correctness

11/7/2016 - Doggone, they just did it to me AGAIN

11/3/2016 - Is the Abedin/Weiner Laptop the Last of It?

11/3/2016 - Washington Post Has Lost It in Efforts to Stop Trump 

11/3/2016 - NAACP denies education civil rights

11/2/2016 - The FEC and FCC Prepare Speech Nooses

11/1/2016 - Checkmating Obama

October 2016

10/31/2016 - The FBI’s Public Commentary on the Clinton Investigation

10/28/2016 - The $12 Billion Dollar Man

10/27/2016 - Former Muslim warns that if Islam continues as is, the West will not

10/26/2016 - Iran’s proxy missile attacks

10/25/2016 - The Radical Turn In World Affairs

10/23/2016 - It wasn’t supposed to end this way…

10/21/2016 - Seven Reasons Trump is Winning

10/20/2016 - Explosive undercover video reveals Clinton camp mischief

10/19/2016 - Podesta Leaks: The Obama-Clinton E-mails

10/18/2016 - The “Muslim Hate Crimes Increase” Hoax

10/16/2016 - Surrender? US schools to REQUIRE Muslim indoctrination

10/13/2016 - How politicizing the military puts national security at risk

10/13/2016 - Free Speech Champions Fight Back Against OSCE ‘Islamophobia’ Industry

10/12/2016 - The End of Columbus Day is the End of America

10/11/2016 - The New World Order

10/10/2016 - Questioning the gap between soldier and state

10/7/2016 - Putin is Beating Obama in Syria (and beyond)

10/6/2016 - Obama and military are still at odds over Islamic terrorism

10/4/2016 - The New Middle East

10/3/2016 - ISIS in the Middle East and now here

September 2016

9/30/2016 - Charlotte proves, again, the case of mistaken victimology

9/30/2016 - BDS: Anti-Israel and Anti-American

9/29/2016 - Mainstream Press hands first debate to—Trump?

9/28/2016 - Joint Chiefs Chairman Rejects Obama Plan to Share Syria Intel with Russia

9/27/2016 - Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted

9/26/2016 - Muslim Refugee Terror is Changing America

9/23/2016 - The Response to This Weekend’s Terror Attacks Showed Willful Blindness in Real Time

9/22/2016 - Marine OWNS the NFL with BRUTAL letter to commissioner

9/21/2016 - Hillary Clinton Is the ‘Deplorable’ One

9/20/2016 - How China challenges the West

9/19/2016 - Obama’s Cash-for-Jihad Program

9/16/2016 - Living With The Dialectic

9/15/2016 - Waking up from minimum wage fairy tales

9/14/2016 - Fifteen Years After 9/11, What Have We Learned?

9/13/2016 - Mosul: Averting A Humanitarian & Governance Nightmare After We Win

9/12/2016 - Lessons Learned—Or Only Identified?

9/9/2016 - Yes, Hillary Knows Classified Information Does Not Always Come with a ‘Header’

9/8/2016 - Why Was Iran Given Secret Exemptions from Key Nuclear-Deal Requirements?

9/6/2016 - Google is STILL Rigging Searches for Hillary Clinton

9/6/2016 - The People and The Power

9/6/2016 - As the Cultural War rages, can we live together?

9/2/2016 - The New Race Hustlers

9/1/2016 - Multiple Outrages in Clinton-Obama Benghazi Obstruction

August 2016

8/30/2016 - Message from a non-oppressed black man to Colin Kaepernick…

8/30/2016 - TWA 800: My Improbable Lunch with the Chairman of the NTSB

8/29/2016 - Russia muscles U.S. aside in Mideast

8/26/2016 - Stop letting political correctness interfere with the anti-Zika fight

8/25/2016 - Of Course There Should Be an Ideological Test in Immigration

8/23/2016 - Meet Aleppo’s ‘Moderate,’ ‘Secular’ ‘Rebels’: Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood

8/22/2016 - While Milwaukee Burns, Obama Plays Golf

8/19/2016 - Besides Being Illegal, Obama’s $400M Cash Payment to Iran Was a Ransom [UPDATED Post]

8/18/2016 - The Trickle-Down Erosion of Honesty in Obama’s White House

8/17/2016 - Obama’s No First Use Proposal

8/16/2016 - To push no-nukes agenda, Obama mulls an end-run

8/15/2016 - This is How Obama Can Prove We Have Nothing to Fear From Syrian Refugees

8/12/2016 - Don’t Know Much About History

8/11/2016 - If the $400 Million to Iran Was Legit, Why Won’t the Administration Answer Basic Questions?

8/10/2016 - More than incompetence in Benghazi

8/9/2016 - Dumb Elephants vs. Smart Asses 

8/8/2016 - Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran Was More Than a Ransom — It Broke Criminal Law

8/5/2016 - Naturally, Dhimmi Gen. Allen Supports Hillary

8/4/2016 - No, the Constitution Does Not Bar ‘Religious Tests’ in Immigration Law

8/3/2016 - Countering Beijing’s South China Sea defiance

8/2/2016 - Destructive forest fires are due to – WHAT?

8/1/2016 - Who speaks for American Jews?

July 2016

7/29/2016 - France: The civil war has begun

7/28/2016 - New York Times Plays Down ISIS Tie to Brutal Murder of French Priest

7/27/2016 - Media Needs to Press Obama on Islam

7/26/2016 - Freddie Gray Case: The War on Cops … in the Courtroom

7/22/2016 - Trump World, Clinton Space and the Obama-Sphere

7/22/2016 - How ‘sanctuary hospitals’ cost America big

7/21/2016 - “Don’t give up the ship”

7/20/2016 - First anniversary of Iran nuclear deal marred by massive cheating

7/19/2016 - Media Goes Full Circle On Police Shootings

7/18/2016 - An Obama Legacy of Accountability Avoidance: Islam and Race

7/15/2016 - Prince Turki bin Faisal Al-Saud Drops Bombshell at Iranian Opposition Rally

7/13/2016 - A final footnote on Gadhafi

7/13/2016 - Divest from Palestine

7/12/2016 - A “culture of impunity”

7/11/2016 - The Fatal Flaws in Comey’s Theory of Why Clinton Shouldn’t Be Prosecuted

7/8/2016 - Director Comey’s Disgraceful Punt

7/7/2016 - If Benghazi doesn’t matter, what does?

7/6/2016 - FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook

7/5/2016 - Loretta Lynch’s Private Meeting With Bill Clinton Prior to Release of Benghazi Report

7/1/2016 - Loretta Lynch Lobs Love Bomb at Radical Islamic Terrorists

June 2016

6/30/2016 - Obama Caused Orlando

6/29/2016 - House Benghazi Report Details Military, Intelligence Failures

6/28/2016 - America the Vulnerable

6/27/2016 - Redactor-in-Chief Whites Out Orlando Killer’s Islamo-motives

6/24/2016 - Truth Telling about Israel by Think Tank EMET

6/23/2016 - A vote 26 years in the making

6/22/2016 - China Is Preparing for Conflict—and Why We Must Do the Same

6/21/2016 - The compromising of America

6/19/2016 - My Bout with Muhammad Ali

6/17/2016 - Obama’s Strategic Patience

6/16/2016 - On ‘Radical Islam,’ Obama Contradicts Eight Years of Obama

6/15/2016 - Ramadan Jihad Massacre at Orlando Gay Club

6/14/2016 - Why can’t Obama just tell Americans the truth about the Orlando attack and radical Islam?

6/13/2016 - Killing Homosexuals Is Not ISIS Law, It Is Muslim Law

6/10/2016 - “Moderates” Celebrate Slaughter at Israeli Café

6/9/2016 - The Obama Conundrum

6/8/2016 - China’s imperialism on the South China Sea

6/7/2016 - New evidence supporting school choice

6/6/2016 - Holder’s Dangerous Ignorance About Snowden

6/3/2016 - Religious Freedom in an Age of Secularism

6/2/2016 - Obama’s Ho Chi Minh Trail

6/1/2016 - The Obama Narrative Goes to Hiroshima

May 2016

5/31/2016 - Team Obama’s plans to fight Zika are going to make it worse

5/30/2016 - What is Memorial Day?

5/27/2016 - Obama Gives Kitchen Sink Away to Vietnam

5/26/2016 - Popping the Iranian Cork in the Strait of Hormuz

5/25/2016 - Freddie Gray and Jihad: Narrative v. Fact

5/24/2016 - Nail Driven into a European Democracy’s Coffin

5/23/2016 - The Trouble With Facebook

5/19/2016 - The Rigging of a State Convention and How to Fight It

5/19/2016 - Time to shut down the Department of Education

5/18/2016 - President Obama: Accessory to the Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens?

5/17/2016 - Petraeus’ profoundly silly Islamophobia article

5/15/2016 - Islamist London

5/12/2016 - Obama’s Pretty Words Cannot Beautify His Ugly Economy

5/12/2016 - Purple Hearts Tell Us Who the Enemy Is As Obama Won’t

5/11/2016 - The Continued Importance of Nuclear Deterrence: Four Anti-Nuke Myths Busted

5/10/2016 - Plotting Jihad in the Poconos—Who the Hell is Fethullah Gulen?

5/9/2016 - How Obama transformed the military

5/6/2016 - Immigration Fraud Linked to San Bernardino Jihadist’s Family

5/5/2016 - Obama’s UK Visit Had Churchill Rolling Over in His Grave

5/4/2016 - Barack bombs in Britain

5/3/2016 - Palestinian Children Kill Israelis in Hamas “Play”

5/2/2016 - “Climate Hustle” demolishes climate alarmism

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Iran Held Accountable for Terrorism—and, Unsurprisingly, It’s Not by Obama

4/28/2016 - The State Dept. Is Still Covering for Clinton and Obama’s Benghazi Lies

4/27/2016 - Muslim Brotherhood Day on Capitol Hill

4/25/2016 - The Void

4/25/2016 - Once We Had Some Muslim Friends

4/22/2016 - Nothing to Worry about from Middle-Eastern Refugees? Think Again

4/21/2016 - Classification Decision of 28 Pages from the 9/11 Report: Strategic for Bush, Personal for Obama

4/20/2016 - When Success In Iraq Breeds Terror In Europe

4/19/2016 - An Emerging Defense Budget Deal?

4/17/2016 - State Dept. finally turns over Huma Abedin/Susan Rice Benghazi files

4/15/2016 - Terrorism, Enclaves and Sanctuary Cities

4/14/2016 - Civilizational Conflict

4/13/2016 - ‘Islamophobia’ Is Still Not the Problem: In Kansas, Another Case Study

4/11/2016 - The Enormous Fraud of the Iran Deal Is Catching Up with Obama

4/8/2016 - Castro’s American Victims

4/7/2016 - The Lesson of Lahore

4/6/2016 - Obama Gives Iran Access to the U.S. Financial System, Flouting the Terms of His Cherished Iran Deal

4/5/2016 - Identifying the Enemy

4/4/2016 - The Unfair Media Bias

4/1/2016 - Global Islamist Terror Surges in Lethality, Focus

March 2016

3/31/2016 - Events of March Crown Obama as the Rodney Dangerfield of World Leaders

3/30/2016 - The Obama doctrine, unplugged

3/28/2016 - ‘Brexit will let us deport terrorists and stop others from coming in’

3/28/2016 - Brussels attack won’t be the last: Islamic State spreads its deadly influence far and wide

3/25/2016 - Did Obama Just Reveal His True Thoughts On Islam?

3/24/2016 - Failing the National Security Mission

3/23/2016 - Belgian Attacks Horrific, But Expected

3/22/2016 - The Feckless Mismanagement Of John Brennan, CIA’s Captain Unreality

3/21/2016 - The Senate Must Deny Obama’s Bid to Transform the Supreme Court

3/18/2016 - U.S. Media Ignore Tel Aviv Shooter’s Plan to Attack Israeli Kindergartens

3/17/2016 - Misdiagnosing the refugee crisis

3/16/2016 - How US Taxpayers Funded the Murder of an Iraq Vet in Israel

3/15/2016 - Did the Obama Administration Backtrack on the IAEA’s Dumbed-Down Iran Reporting?

3/12/2016 - Tracing the roots of Islamic jihad

3/10/2016 - Iran’s Ayatollah: Under Obama U.S. lacks the might it once had

3/10/2016 - In Yet Another Secret Side Deal, Iran’s Nuclear Violations Won’t Be Publicly Disclosed

3/9/2016 - Hillary’s ‘No Classified Markings’ Canard Actually Makes Things Worse

3/8/2016 - Clinton’s Laughable Claim: Petraeus Offense Was Worse

3/7/2016 - Despite the Oscars’ False Flag Focus, a Subtle Counter-Truth Emerges

3/4/2016 - FBI Edits Radical Islam Out of Anti-Terror Video Game: Who Is the Real ‘Puppet’?

3/3/2016 - Obama’s Empty Judicial Chairs

3/2/2016 - Crumbling of Western Culture

3/1/2016 - Obama is looting the Treasury to pay off insurers

February 2016

2/29/2016 - Why Closing Gitmo Is Still a Terrible Idea

2/26/2016 - McConnell must hold ground on Supreme Court nomination

2/25/2016 - America’s Deadly Embrace

2/24/2016 - Libya disaster: Have Western leaders learned anything?

2/23/2016 - A Global JV Team???

2/22/2016 - Phone Fight with the Government Shows How Apple Misled the Public

2/19/2016 - No Deference Is Called For on Judicial Nominees

2/18/2016 - The president doesn’t deserve an EZ-pass in replacing Scalia

2/17/2016 - Missing In America: Millions Of Non-Immigrant Aliens

2/16/2016 - How to further degrade military effectiveness

2/15/2016 - Presidents’ Day—Remembering Two Presidents

2/12/2016 - Obama and Kerry’s Deception of Islam Leaves Us Fighting Windmills, Not Dragons

2/11/2016 - How Iran Took Obama Hostage

2/10/2016 - President Obama’s Speech at Islamic Center of Baltimore: A Fact Check

2/9/2016 - Europe’s migration cancer

2/8/2016 - Iranian arrogance

2/5/2016 - Blackmail: Iran now says it TOOK THESE from captured American Sailors…

2/4/2016 - The Israel Defense Forces’ misplaced trust in the Palestinian Authority

2/2/2016 - UN Condemns Israel As the World Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

2/2/2016 - The Left’s Manufactured Muslim Crisis

2/1/2016 - 22 Clinton Emails Withheld Because Release Would Be ‘Too Damaging’ to National Security

January 2016

1/29/2016 - Coordinated assault

1/28/2016 - Seagoing coincidence?

1/27/2016 - Hostages, Hostages, and Other Deals

1/26/2016 - Answer: Who Really Is Guilty of Hijacking Islam?

1/25/2016 - 13 Hours Confirms Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Lies about Benghazi

1/21/2016 - Latest Hillary Clinton Email Dump Reveals Suggested Push For Palestinian Protests

1/21/2016 - Understanding the Caliphate Curve

1/20/2016 - The Iran nuclear agreement is national security fraud

1/19/2016 - Iran and North Korea Share a Bond Built on the Bomb and America’s Demise

1/18/2016 - Looming setback for public unions would be a political earthquake

1/15/2016 - Folks, here’s what I find VERY ODD about what happened with Iran and our Navy this week…

1/14/2016 - Another Dubious State of the Union Guest

1/13/2016 - Islamophobia & Political Correctness

1/12/2016 - When Worlds Collide: Unassimilable Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam

1/11/2016 - The 21st Century “Peace Through Strength” Mandate

1/8/2016 - New Black Panthers with Guns, Lots of Them

1/7/2016 - To Be or Not To Be: What ‘Muslim’ Actually Means

1/6/2016 - Obama’s Gun Speech Sprinkled with Inaccuracies, Distortions

1/5/2016 - ‘The Incredible Bulk’ is Alive and Not So Well in North Korea

1/4/2016 - Taking Stock and the Way Ahead.

December 2015

12/31/2015 - Muslim Immigration is What ISIS Wants

12/30/2015 - Just Asking about Islam and Terrorism

12/29/2015 - Veterans can expect more bad health care from Obama’s VA

12/24/2015 - Why Belief and Foreign Policy Matter

12/23/2015 - The Islam Terror Truthers

12/22/2015 - They Always Blame America First

12/21/2015 - Closing Guantanamo Bay Will Only Empower Our Enemies

12/18/2015 - White House Opens Door to CAIR Rep, Ignores Muslim Reformers

12/17/2015 - Tashfeen Malik’s Jihadist Social-Media Posts Were Deliberately Ignored by the Feds

12/16/2015 - Binding climate treaty now voluntary mush

12/15/2015 - Is Iran Retreating From Syria?

12/14/2015 - What a Commander-in-Chief Should Do

12/14/2015 - Microaggression Hypocrisy On The World Stage

12/11/2015 - The West Can Defeat ISIS—but What Comes Next?

12/10/2015 - Making women front-line targets

12/9/2015 - Benghazi email: DOD rescuers were ready to move but ignored by Clinton State Dept.

12/8/2015 - Protecting Ourselves From the Next Peaceful Massacre

12/7/2015 - America’s pathological denial of reality

12/4/2015 - Obama Fights to Save Planet That Hasn’t Warmed in Nearly 19 Years

12/3/2015 - California jihad? San Bernardino suspects linked to Islamist’s conviction?

12/2/2015 - Obama chastises Americans in Paris using lie, say police officers

12/1/2015 - Obama’s Increasingly Surreal War on ISIS

November 2015

11/30/2015 - Is Kerry reinventing the Middle East?

11/27/2015 - Obama’s ‘Titanic’ Deception About Islam

11/25/2015 - John Kerry’s Reprehensible Charlie Hebdo Comments Perfectly Reflect Obama Administration Policy

11/24/2015 - Uncle Sam’s ‘screening’ of Syria refugees is a pathetic joke

11/23/2015 - Obama’s distorted strategy

11/20/2015 - Refugee ‘Religious Test’ Is ‘Shameful’ and ‘Not American’ … Except that Federal Law Requires It

11/19/2015 - How Western Civilization Can Be Destroyed

11/18/2015 - How France Became an Inviting Target of the Jihad

11/17/2015 - If we don’t IMMEDIATELY do this after the Paris attacks, we deserve the consequences.

11/16/2015 - The War That Hasn’t Ended

11/13/2015 - Trans-Pacific Partnership: Critics Right and Left

11/12/2015 - Senator Ted Cruz Seeks to Remove Muslim Brotherhood’s Veil

11/11/2015 - The Mufti Loved Stalin Too

11/10/2015 - Former judge: Hillary Clinton part of Libyan weapons trafficking conspiracy

11/9/2015 - In South China Sea Dispute, Did America Blink First?

11/6/2015 - Violating the Muslim Status Quo

11/5/2015 - ISIS: From Where Does its Evil Flow?

11/4/2015 - Obama unveils anti-crime plan: Cops drive ice cream trucks in black neighborhoods

11/3/2015 - When will our leaders understand that it’s Morning in America for jihadists?

11/2/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Obama’s Lies on Benghazi — Too Many to Count, but Let’s Try

October 2015

10/30/2015 - When you can’t fix stupid

10/29/2015 - Who’s Winning in Syria?

10/28/2015 - The free world has lost its leader

10/26/2015 - The Death of Europe

10/26/2015 - Hillary’s Breathtaking Mendacity

10/23/2015 - Benghazi cover up tied to U.S. gun-smuggling operation: Documents

10/22/2015 - Israel Defending Itself

10/21/2015 - Obama’s Disastrous Foreign Policy Program Comes Home to Roost in Syria

10/20/2015 - Kerry, Israeli Arabs and the separation delusion

10/19/2015 - Delusional White House on Iran Missile Test: UN Resolution Implementing Iran Deal ‘Altogether Separate’ from Iran Deal

10/16/2015 - Does the Nuclear Deal With Iran Violate U.S. Law?

10/15/2015 - The New Axis of Evil

10/14/2015 - Mexican killer of ICE agent extradited to U.S. linked to ATF’s Fast & Furious

10/13/2015 - Whistleblowers Claim Obama White House Uses ‘Doctored’ Intel Reports

10/12/2015 - “Moderate” Palestinian Leaders Encourage Attacks, More Israelis Stabbed

10/8/2015 - How America Should Respond to Russia’s Syria Venture: A Guide

10/8/2015 - The Benghazi Investigation And Democrats In Glass Houses

10/7/2015 - Emasculation of Our Military

10/6/2015 - News editor denigrates Naval hero to defend Obama’s Islamist policies

10/5/2015 - Israel’s Iranian attack plan leaked to reporter by Hillary Clinton

10/2/2015 - A Dandy Little Adventure

10/1/2015 - Blindness In the Rationalist Tradition

September 2015

9/30/2015 - ‘Homeless by Choice’ in New York

9/29/2015 - China Is Stealing American Property

9/27/2015 - After this decision by the U.S. Army, NO ONE should enlist

9/25/2015 - Refugee Crisis Demands Coherent Foreign Policy

9/24/2015 - Obama’s dangerous drive to make US combat troops co-ed

9/23/2015 - Insanity on Steroids!

9/22/2015 - Massive Incompetence or Collusion – Obama’s Syria Policy

9/21/2015 - Obama’s deceitful, unsustainable energy decrees

9/18/2015 - Why the Veterans Administration death toll will keep on rising

9/17/2015 - It’s 1992 All Over Again. A New Agenda 21 Threatens Our Way of Life

9/16/2015 - Count the Votes!

9/15/2015 - Mitch McConnell Should Follow House’s Lead on ObamaNuke Deal

9/14/2015 - Cooking the books

9/11/2015 - Balance of Power

9/10/2015 - “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over!”

9/9/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal Is Still Far from Settled

9/7/2015 - Islamists and the radical left: Co-belligerents in a war on America

9/6/2015 - Hillary to Staffer Wary of Sending Classified Info: ‘Just Email It’

9/4/2015 - Disturbing: Is this evidence Obama is building his own military unit?

9/2/2015 - Rehashing Talking Points from Camp Clinton

9/1/2015 - Obama’s Big Government Does Everything for You

August 2015

8/31/2015 - Saving America

8/28/2015 - Black lives don’t matter: No lives matter when Life is not sacred

8/27/2015 - The Iranian Nuclear Deal Viewed Through the Eyes of ISIS and Iran’s Children

8/26/2015 - Iran is Nuclear Now! With Weapons Development and Delivery Systems

8/25/2015 - The Communist Fingerprints on Iran’s Bomb

8/24/2015 - Team Obama’s Fight to Keep the Homeless Living on the Streets

8/21/2015 - Radical Islam’s Systematic Use of Rape

8/20/2015 - Shocking discovery in Kuwait proves Iran is ALREADY at war

8/19/2015 - EPA’s gross negligence at Gold King

8/17/2015 - Hillary’s Dangerous Negligence over Benghazi — Again

8/17/2015 - Illegal aliens SUING the US for this?

8/14/2015 - How the Iran deal violates the Constitution

8/13/2015 - Schumer Should Smash Obama’s Iran Deal

8/12/2015 - U.S. acquiescence to a bad Iran deal was no mistake

8/11/2015 - No Trust, No Verification, No Sanctions: Obama’s Humiliating Capitulation to the Mullahs

8/10/2015 - Remember When the New York Times Liked Hidden Camera Exposés?

8/10/2015 - Obama’s Enemies List

8/10/2015 - CIA Enhanced Interrogation Techniques: Finally Getting the Rest of the Story

8/7/2015 - Obama’s Climate Hubris Scales New Heights

8/6/2015 - Has the Justice Department Seized Hillary’s Server? If Not, Why Not?

8/5/2015 - As Syrian regime teeters, Obama lacks a plan

8/4/2015 - We must break teachers unions, get school choice

8/3/2015 - The Hidden Politics of Abortion: Genetic Modification

8/3/2015 - How We Got Into Such a Bad Nuclear Deal with Iran

July 2015

7/31/2015 - Undermining the military

7/30/2015 - What Obama is allowing to happen to our allies against ISIS is DISGRACEFUL

7/29/2015 - How to Defeat the Grand Bargain with Iran

7/28/2015 - What Iran Just Announced Proves They’re Planning for War As Soon As Possible

7/27/2015 - Congress Must Hold Obama Accountable for His Deception Over Iran

7/24/2015 - The Iranian Deal: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

7/23/2015 - U.S. Secretly Traded Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist’s Release for THIS

7/22/2015 - Terror state will likely ramp up Mideast mischief

7/21/2015 - Obama’s age of nuclear chaos

7/20/2015 - Jihad on U.S. Troops Is Not a ‘Circumstance’

7/17/2015 - Nuclear Extortion: Pioneered by North Korea, Perfected by Iran

7/16/2015 - Obama’s Iran Deal: A Ruse to Inure Americans to the Fact that We Are Empowering Our Enemy

7/15/2015 - You Can’t Keep Up with Obama’s Incompetence, Corruption, and Hyperactivity

7/14/2015 - Whitewashing Islam: Egypt’s Grand Mufti and Muhammad’s Transformation in Medina 

7/12/2015 - On Benghazi Subpoena, Hillary Lies and Media Yawns

7/10/2015 - Obama’s pet watchdog left veterans out in the cold

7/9/2015 - The Eurocrats are Punishing Greece to Scare Other Countries

7/8/2015 - The No Deal Deal

7/7/2015 - The Latest UN Report

7/6/2015 - A Litmus Test for the Next President

7/3/2015 - ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Obama Says to Iran’s Death-to-America Crowd

7/2/2015 - Obama’s America: Look What Our Troops Are Being FORCED To Do For Islam’s Holy Month

7/1/2015 - Obama Concessions to Iran Worse than Previously Known

June 2015

6/30/2015 - Let’s Drop the Charade: The Supreme Court Is a Political Branch, Not a Judicial One

6/29/2015 - White Guy Terrorism Is Media’s Favorite Story

6/29/2015 - Al-Jazeera Disclosures Deserve a Closer Look…By the Feds

6/26/2015 - Our Immoral Rules of Engagement Amount to an Impeachable Dereliction of Duty

6/25/2015 - I am DISGUSTED by Obama’s new hostage policy

6/24/2015 - The Joint Chiefs of Staff: Our Last, Best Hope to Stop a Bad Nuclear Deal With Iran

6/23/2015 - The Left Strikes a Blow against Military Commissions

6/22/2015 - Terrorists and Criminals Yes, Trans Fats No

6/19/2015 - The Obama Administration Launches A War On The Suburbs

6/18/2015 - The Fall of Al Jazeera America

6/17/2015 - Checking China’s military build-up in the South China Sea

6/16/2015 - Why the Liberals Can’t Get It

6/15/2015 - Pathetic: Obama Thinks THIS Will Save Iraq? He’s Dead Wrong…

6/12/2015 - How Islam Got its American Privileges

6/11/2015 - Turkey Has a Long Road Back to Democracy

6/10/2015 - American exceptionalism derives from outperforming rivals, not apologizing to them

6/9/2015 - The New BDS Challenges

6/8/2015 - Kim’s Nukes, China’s ‘Islands’ Ominous Signs in Asia

6/5/2015 - Islamists Continue to Push the Wrong Questions in Boston Shooting

6/4/2015 - Look What’s Happening to a Special Forces Vet who Dared to be a Whistleblower

6/3/2015 - Free speech opponents enforce Islamic law, challenge our fundamental freedoms

6/2/2015 - Pro-Crime Policies Work

6/1/2015 - (Not) Defeating ISIS and Iran

May 2015

5/29/2015 - Ferguson Memorial Sends Wrong Message

5/28/2015 - The Debacle In Anbar Province

5/27/2015 - Barack “Climate Change” Obama

5/26/2015 - Ex-CAIR Official Again Attacks the U.S. on Iranian TV