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Former CNN Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry, who announced last week that he was leaving the network for Fox News, had little choice but to find a new job according to a report from FishBowlDC.

The site reported that Henry was told earlier this year that his contract wouldn’t be renewed, and by late spring CNN had begun to court Jessica Yellin who was just named yesterday to replace him.

Henry’s departure shocked the White House Press Corps. And when it was announced that he was moving to Fox News, that brought immediate condemnation from the left-wing Media Matters, which tried to paint him as a right-wing nut, though there was little or no evidence even by their standards to back up their claim.

CNN may have actually helped Henry, much in the way that NPR helped Juan Williams by firing him. That led to Williams getting a big payday from Fox along with more exposure, which Henry will definitely receive by jumping from a cable news laggard to the current cable news champ.

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  • Chris

    Makes me wonder if Henry is a plant in the media in their war against FOX. Also makes me wonder if Henry was under some “conditioning” (read “mind control” or “brainwashing”) from Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

  • Rick

    Ed Who ?

  • For all their differences, BOTH the “left” (CNN, MSNBC) and the “right” (FAUX) agree on everything that’s good for the jews. That’s because all the major media is jew-owned and their reporters are obviously jewish employees. ? Both swarm Decent Americans who say the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE banking cartel and should be abolished. Or who say jews engineered 9/11 to manipulate the U.S. military into taking over the Middle East for the jews. Or who say AIPAC should register as a foreign lobby and that jews/communists with dual citizenship give up their allegiance to israel and sign a loyalty oath to America. Or who say the jew-owned ADL and ACLU are behind the removal of anything Christian from America and The West. Or who spread the truth about jews founding communism.
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