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The Washington Post created its own fake news on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton with a satirical column on what a Clinton presidency would have looked like.

The column in the style section “What if Hillary had won? A jolly trip down memory lane, alternate-timeline edition” also featured an alternative newscast created by the Post.

What if Election Day 2016 had gone a little differently? What if a freak snowstorm across the Rust Belt had kept rural Trump voters from the polls? What if Russia had read its psyops data wrong and pivoted its resources to Snapchat? What if James Comey had taken a closer look at those emails in late October and decided, eh, it’s probably nothing.

What if all of these things happened?

What if Clinton had won?

Let’s pretend.

First, we have the fantasy Inauguration Day:

On Inauguration Day, President Hillary Rodham Clinton took the oath in a headband and a pantsuit. Hey, it was rainy, and what does she care what you think anymore? That night, Lin-Manuel Miranda brought the house down with a freestyle rap at her first inaugural ball, while new White House co-chief strategists/toasts of the town Robby Mook and Donna Brazile set Twitter afire with their exuberant choreographed dance.

The following day, dozens descended on the Mall for the “Men’s March.” Three fistfights broke out over who forgot to secure a rally permit.

Then a stab at Trump:

Meanwhile, construction began that month on Trump Dacha, a 300-room luxury hotel scheduled to open in Moscow in 2019.

Another victim was Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner:

Setting off on his own, Jared Kushner passed up a TrumpTV job to film Season 1 of “Undercover Landlord” for Bravo, in which he went undercover as a housing inspector. In the pilot, the real estate heir visited an East Baltimore housing project where a tenant refused to pay until the landlord made simple fixes on the property. Kushner, after pretending to take note of all the property’s deficiencies, revealed his true identity and the show’s catchphrase: “Guess what? Get out.”

The writers do ding Hillary by mentioning impeachment efforts and bringing Bernie Sanders into the mix.

Among the general public, the most fervent supporters of Clinton’s removal are not Republicans but a band of far-left activists who wait in line to attend the public hearings wearing T-shirts that say “Bernie Woulda Won, Too.”


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  • Dennis Schaaf

    Do they have any adults at the Wapo?


    Gee all that and not a single real word spoken of what would have happened this past yr if she had actually won. There wouldn’t be more people back at work, there would be many more illegal aliens in the country, the middle east would be even more unstable, the Russians would now own a third of our nuclear material capability, North Korea would be much further along with being able to bomb the crap our of us, No spending would have been cut at all, she would have already shut down many of the coal mines for good, inflation would be even further along, Soros would have been embolded to even greater spending on all those violent protests, men would be in every womens restroom in the country, none of these sexual predators would have been accused of anything, our schools would be in worse shape than they are, and so on, and so on, and so on…… In other words, we would be in utter chaos by now.

  • Mike S.

    Imagine there’s no Jeff Bezo/No more Amazon or Washington Post online.

  • Alberta Ed

    People still read the WaPo?