Accuracy in Media

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler called out Hillary Clinton on Monday for an inaccurate tweet regarding the mass shooting in Las Vegas and gun silencers.

Clinton’s tweet was aimed at the Hearing Protection Act, which would make it easier to purchase suppressors for firearms and has been the subject of fierce debate in Congress as some liberals believe having such devices on guns would make them magically silent as they are in the movies.

But as Kessler pointed out silencers aren’t really silent.

Kessler had looked into suppressors after Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) sent the following tweet in March.

He gave Gillibrand three Pinocchios, saying that “she should not use misleading terms such as “quiet” to describe the sound made by a high-powered weapon with a suppressor attached.”

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  • Rich Schmidt

    HRC has shown us over and over that she simply says what sounds good at the time. What serves her purpose.
    The media is desperate in propagating the silliness of this women, for they have no one better than this angry sick divisive has been.
    Send in Max Waters or Nancy Pelosi for laugh relief. Or maybe Kamala Harris the Democrats suicide bomber.

  • samo war
  • Dennis Schaaf

    Hillary rotten’s lies notwithstanding I suspect she doesn’t sleep well.