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Commenting on her appearance at a Women for Hillary event in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called Chelsea Clinton a “pretty good campaigner.”

“Chelsea Clinton not surprisingly strongly supporting her mother to become the next president of the United States,” Blitzer said. “She’s a pretty good campaigner for her mom right now. And her mom has a whole bunch of other excellent surrogates as well.”

They may be excellent in Blitzer’s view. But that may be only because for the most part they have avoided or deflected questions about Clinton’s email server, along with her honesty and trustworthiness, which are extremely difficult to defend no matter how “excellent” they otherwise are.


Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

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  • alex

    what journalist would refer to hil-liar as “mom” unless you’re buddies at a cocktail party?! (god, the bias is drooling out of him) & he then should have said & ivanka, tiffany, eric & donald jr are like superstar spokespeople for their “dad”. they are the most articulate, charming, well educated, well versed adult children of any candidate or president so far. and you can see the love there too.

  • Chris Miller

    That’s “Wolfgang the Communist Scum” for you.

  • Sean Z

    Everyone at CNN is liberal.