Accuracy in Media

Twitter users ripped the New York Times for failing to mention Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez’s party affiliation in an article Monday ahead of his corruption trial, which begins this week.

The Times updated the story and apologized for the omission, but not before some Twitter users criticized the paper for “stealth editing.”


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  • jg collins

    Is there anybody who thinks this was an accidental oversight? Not me. The NYT can be trusted as far as you can toss a live bull up a silo.

  • Telling readers that a corrupt politician is a Democrat is actually redundant….

  • thebearded1

    Now they need the same magnifying glass on the ENDLESS scandals, crimes and schemes going to real trials before real juries. Do we realize they’ve committed so many crimes that they could be outlawed? Why aren’t we going that far?

  • mark

    I live in the uk, is the NYT like washington post, nothing is too false for them not to claim its true

  • mark


    Wait before you rush to buy the book since hitlary finally told the truth about something and you want it in black and white…. I am joking.

    You know its still whinning and lying title lol

  • Christine Fiscus

    What about that Illinois DEMOCRAT that tried to SELL O’Crooka’s Senate seat when he ran for President?

  • jug

    Commicrat, not democrat!
    There are no democrats, hasnt been in years! They are all Commiecrats today!

  • jug

    Again, another Commiecrat!

    Democrats no longer exist, except in some very old folks minds!

    Are you that old?
    I am not, even though I am 81.
    Wake up, get with the times!
    And I dont mean the NYT!

  • riverrat119

    Did anyone else notice that Fri night on CBS Evening News they covered part of segment Jane Pauley will run Sun, Morning with Hillary on her book. I emailed both CBS News & Jane Pauley asking since when do they run whole segments on the LOSER? I’m almost 80 yrs. old & I’ve never seen media publicize the loser! Said only loser media station would waste expensive air time on the LOSER, do they not understand the concept of “We don’t care — the nasty woman lost?”

  • jg collins

    There’s a story that a candidate visited a reservation and spoke to the tribe about all the things he was going to do for the Indians, if elected. The Indians smiled and responded to each promise with a hearty, “Wapoo!” The candidate pulled out all the stops in his speech. Afterwards he was shown around the reservation by the Chief, who said, “That building there is the trading post, and the one over there is our clinic. And this field right here where we’re walking is where we graze the cattle. Careful not step in wapoo.” I like to call the Washington Post, “the WaPoo.”