Accuracy in Media

President Trump’s tweets, which have raised the ire of many a journalist, disappeared yesterday when a customer service employee deactivated the account on his last day of work.

Twitter was not pleased.

There were a lot of reactions on Twitter about the missing account, including this one from Meghan McCain, who is no fan of the president.

Trump didn’t respond to his account being down until this morning.

This is another black eye for Twitter, which,  like other social media platforms, has struggled with accusations of being biased in their policies and practices.




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  • Mark Midas

    Once again, no one is fired or charged with anything in such an instance because the insubordination and/or crime is seen as benefiting Demon-crats.. I guess we all know now that social justice is certainly not equal justice.

  • Richard Schmidt

    At the least it’s vandalism. Charge accordingly.