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Fox News, which has been under siege from sexual harassment claims and sniping between some of its star anchors, has received some good news in the form of ratings for Tucker Carlson’s new show.

Carlson’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, not only substantially improved on the ratings posted by Greta Van Susteren and Brit Hume over the last two and a half months, but it also beat the combined numbers posted by CNN and MSNBC in the 7 p.m. hour in both total viewers and the key demo.

Total Viewers:    Carlson: 3.212 M / Hume: 2.286 M / Van Susteren: 1.997 M

A25-54 viewers: Carlson: 613,000 / Hume: 435,000 / Van Susteren: 327,000

The 7 p.m. program averages for the week of Nov. 14:

Total Viewers:    FNC: 3.212 M / CNN: 975,000 / MSNBC: 1.125 M

A25-54 viewers: FNC: 613,000 / CNN: 285,000 / MSNBC: 216,000

Carlson’s first week was the third highest-rated week of the year for Fox News in the 7 p.m. time-slot, trailing only the 2016 election week and Republican National Convention coverage. The show also landed two of the top 25 most-watched cable news programs of the week.

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  • Hans Pfall

    I thought Carlson was going to be a total stiff. I was wrong. So far, he’s going at it like a real firebrand. If he stays on the course he’s charting right now, O’Reilly better think about retiring soon so he won’t have to admit he’s no longer the “number one show on all of cable”.

  • Reginald Thornton

    This is unsurprising to anyone who has any history of watching Tucker dissemble his rhetorical opponents.

  • WayneOvolcano

    This is a man who loves America. A man who embraces individual liberty and freedom.

  • sickofgovwaste

    Agree, some of the best factual verbal ju-jitsu I’ve seen in a very long time. What do I mean by that? Well, he deftly uses the “weight” of some pandering pundit’s own arguments to throw them off balance by forcing them in the direction they were already leaning.

    It is fabulous when someone asks the APPROPRIATE follow-up question in response to blatantly bogus statements that alleged experts spew. Nobody in the #MSM does this, or they’re really snarkily interrupting and inappropriate. Tucker Carlson is an adept interviewer who will only improve.

  • Tricia

    Tucker is a real guy. You can’t cuck Tuck.

  • Citizen-for-Trump

    He is the best. Watching him chew up some blm CUCK that is defending the Ohio machete murderer.

  • Kathy

    Best political discourse on television in a veeeery long time. Good to see Tucker back in action doing what he does best.

  • Tbear

    Tucker – a voice with a brain!!!!

  • Love watching Tucker dismantle inept liberals. Certainly not something that I am going to get tired of watching anytime soon.

    A nice change of direction from the ordinary drivel.

  • Mercyneal

    Tucker has the best, most infectious laugh EVER!

  • preferred user

    Good show my DVR records the series so I don’t miss an episode this reminds me of Mike Wallace in high gear but with a good Tucker Carlson spin on it .