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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who has been under attack from GOP front-runner Donald Trump ever since the Republican debate a few weeks ago, returned from vacation and scored her highest ratings of the year.

Kelly averaged 3.096 million total viewers and 603,000 in the 25-54 demo—which ranked second in all of cable news—trailing only The O’Reilly Factor, which averaged 3.349 million total viewers and 631,000 in the demo.

Trump picked up right where he left off before Kelly’s scheduled vacation by issuing a series of tweets criticizing her for her performance Monday night.

Despite Trump’s bluster, Kelly isn’t going anywhere. She is a bona fide star on Fox News and has posted strong ratings ever since her show debuted nearly two years ago, strengthening the network’s grip as the No. 1 cable news network.

Instead of criticizing Kelly, Trump should thank her for preparing him for future debates with less friendly moderators who undoubtedly will ask much tougher questions than she did.

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  • man_wolf

    She owes her ratings surge to Trump.
    Millions already knew FAUX NEWS is the Praetorian guard of the RINO establishment.
    That farce of a GOP presidential debate they held earlier this month simply confirmed it for anyone who still doubted.
    When I happen to watch any news on satellite, I watch the Newsmax channel. Screw FAUX.

  • John Cunningham

    Imagine Donald Trump as President? Would he just fire off tweets and Facebook to his enemies or, would he send in the secret service to have a word with these People? Donald Trump will have enemies if he becomes President. He has enemies now. The big problem now, anyone who dares speak ill or, ask a disparaging question.

    Meygen Kelly asked a question that will come at him from now on. She was just the first. The more it looks like Trump is a serious threat to the Democrats the harder the questions will be. Soon, he will get Sarah Palined and I don’t think, by his past History, will be able to take it.

    I have heard by Trump supports anyone who is on Donald Trump’s side are Patriots. That, scares the Hell out of me. Almost as much as the potential of Barack Obama. Almost, as much as the Nazi’s in the early thirties when describing Adolf Hitler.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    You never know ! If she wants to become the first lady that bad , he may ask her to marry him before the election – lol

  • Pumpkin King
  • man_wolf

    It doesn’t matter what end of the political spectrum they occupy or what they look like…
    Bitches are all crazy.