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Donald Trump’s unexpected victory is causing the writers of CBS’s upcoming spinoff of their series, The Good Wife, to rewrite scenes that had Hillary Clinton winning the election.

Showrunners Robert and Michelle King of the spinoff series, The Good Fight, shared the first page of the script with Entertainment Weekly:

“Like most pollsters, we thought Hillary would win the Presidency, so we wrote scenes about Diane retiring from the law because she ‘broke every glass ceiling.’ Obviously, we needed to rewrite — on the eighth day of shooting.”

Christine Baranski will reprise her role as the strong-willed liberal lawyer Diane Lockhart on The Good Fight, which is described by the Kings as a “satire of the liberal mindset.” The first episode will now deal with her shell-shocked reaction to Trump’s inauguration instead of reveling in a Clinton victory.

Trump’s victory is forcing a lot of rewrites, including by the liberal media, which were preparing to dance on the GOP’s grave after they predicted Trump would lose in a landslide. Instead they find themselves analyzing the decimation of the Democratic Party.

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  • D Hall

    these so called celebrities ,were so sure that THEY could persuade you to vote for THIERE choice,that they never even thought for a moment,that you would actually tell them to pound sand.

  • jg collins

    They should NOT rewrite those scenes. They should retreat into the Bubble, along with their viewers who are so deep in denial that they are still prepared to believe that Hillary won. All the show needs is a brief intro voice-over, “Meanwhile, on the Planet Woo-Woo…” There. All fixed.

  • Mesa Mike

    Very cool! You’re exactly right. Then they should call Terminix to fumigate Hollywood.