Accuracy in Media

There is little doubt that Fox News Channel is President Trump’s favorite news outlet based on the number of appearances he has made on the network. Today he did something that showed just how much he loves the conservative cable news network by live-tweeting the Fox and Friends morning show for almost two hours today.

Just look at the sequence of tweets from Fox and Friends and the President.

We’ll have to wait and see if he live-tweets any of tonight’s primetime shows.

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  • Mesa Mike

    Quoting President Trump: “122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo,
    have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!”

    Excuse me, Mr. President, but it’s not called “a mistake”, it’s outright TREASON dammit! So use your office and act accordingly, starting with Obama, Soros and the Clintons. Throw them in prison for life.

  • Jochen

    All major German media inform that the VAST majority of prisoners was released BEFORE, and only VERY few during Mr. Obama’s presidency. As a German citizen, I am disgusted: are the German Media now co-operating with US-“Fake” Media? 😉

  • Jochen

    Actually the German media say that Mr. Trump told a LIE (sic!). How in the world can I believe German and US media now? Shall I go to PRAWDA for information? 😉 I think you US folks just have to get used to lying about the lies of liars, and keep watching TV soap and publicity together with soap “politics”.

  • Jochen

    OK, I’m back after re-checking: I just found Mark Steele of the “Independent” makes it clear for me too: “For centuries the human race has been bogged down by red tape, such as the requirement to provide evidence whenever you accuse someone of a crime. Now we can dispense with that, and accuse people of whatever we fancy with no tiresome paperwork.”

    And: “But of the people he was referring to, 113 had been released by George W Bush before Obama became President. That shows how sneaky Obama is – he was using his powers as President years before he was President. I expect he knocked on the door at Guantanamo Bay and said, “I’m the President, release everyone”, and he’d have been able to impersonate George W Bush accurately, because of all the hours he spent listening to him while he was tapping his phone.”

    So it was not a lie,- sorry Mr. Trump. It’s just that I was not aware we are just beginning a new era. Maybe I’m getting old and stupid.