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This morning, Time magazine announced that their Person of the Year for 2016 is President-elect Donald Trump. That probably didn’t surprise anyone given Trump’s stunning—to the media—election victory. But the magazine didn’t bestow the honor on the next president without showing its own liberal bias by calling Trump the “President of the Divided States of America.”

Trump took issue with that characterization during an interview with Today’s Matt Lauer, right after the announcement was made.

“When you say ‘divided states of America,’ I didn’t divide them,” Trump said. “They’re divided now, there’s a lot of division. And we’re going to put it back together.”

Actually, a number of polls have suggested that Barack Obama is, in fact, the most polarizing president in history.

Usually when a president is selected as the winner, Time refers to him as President or President-elect and refrains from other commentary. But Trump is apparently a special case who deserves some snark, reflecting their true feelings about him.

Time had a golden opportunity to show some respect for Trump as he prepares to take office, but they just couldn’t resist taking a shot and exposing their bias for all to see.

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    You’re being “TOO” nice, Don !!! time magazine and their ILK still deserve an “A$$ KICKING” for attempting to undermine the greatest document given to mankind, “The United States Constitution” !!! The 4th Estate has failed in their “RESPONSIBILITIES” to TELL THE TRUTH and to be a watchdog FOR the American people.

  • Scott LoCascio

    Just read the times person of the year article….what a piece of garbage. Im not a Trump cheerleader but the way they make Hillary Clinton seem so innocent is disgusting. They have their head so far up their ass it’s amazing. She was a horrible candidate who did not win her own party’s primary, she stole it from Bernie. Clinton was and is a deceptive pandering snake.

  • MesaMike

    I recall reading the Time issue that named George W. Bush as Man of the Year (in 2000?), and it was a hatchet job, too, filled with unsourced or anonymous quotes and statements. In the ensuing years, a Time editor proudly acted as the mouthpiece for the bumbling White House bigot, aka Obama (though, at least in that position, it was in an official capacity, not covertly).

    In Ian Fleming’s book Live and Let Die, Bond is being driven into New York City, and he muses that the tightly packed city is one of the most valuable nuclear targets in the world. I think just the media alone in that city send off so much hate and so many lies that they risk severe cosmic reprisal.

  • mioahu

    The Times is a disgusting left wing publication, I stopped reading it years ago, it has become irrelevant

  • Mgcrich

    “The greatest document given to mankind, The US Constitution?” Give me a fucking break. You Americans have a hard time realizing you’re not the centre of the earth. You’re a 240 year old country with the worst gun violence in the world and a mad man as your president elect. Go sit in the corner & lick your nuts like a good little puppy.

  • Steven Barrett

    Ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel if TIme did her any favors last year by naming her the “person of the year” and followed it with that gawdawful cover. When it comes to winning the award, more times than not, it tends to be a burden afterwards to the “winner.” Much ado about little to get worked up about.

  • Steven Barrett

    Okay, the Constitution isn’t “the greatest document given to mankind,” and I’m saying this as a fan of John Adams, who wrote the initial framework for what eventually became the Constitution voted out of the Philadelphia Constitution Convention for ratification. It’s own framers knew it was flawed and eventually required that it have changeable set of Amendments to be included in the Bill of Rights. But to trash the document in much the way you did Mgrich, you went beyond offering any sensible alternative suggestions, arguments or … whatever else you could think of instead of just ranting. No amendment was ever “ranted” into or out of the Constitution. LOL, we can even jokingly say one of the amendments dealing with prohibition was poured out.
    The point is, we can change and come up with a sensible laws, amendments and policies towards respecting the rights of legal and responsible owners of firearms to own their guns. (Look, if we allow states to set down into laws policies pertaining to who can and can’t drive a lethal weapon weighing more than a ton, what’s stopping us from doing likewise concerning ownership of firearms? Perhaps the firearms manufacturers. If auto makers have no problems with state and local governments restricting the use of products they sell to individuals based on one’s lack of sobriety, and other mentally and physically incapacitating reasons, it’s high time that we elect politicians who can be as gutsy, far seeing, and morally responsible to say, “Enough, it’s time we enacted laws to protect the lives of everybody from misusers of firearms just as we can elect people who’ll demonstrate the guts to take away the damn pens of crooks who bloviate all they can on the wonders of an unregulated private economy as they’re robbing their customers and fellow citizens blind.”
    Is the original Constitution a document chiseled into granite, or printed on paper or typed into computer documents for eternal safe-keeping. If you want to really preserve the Constitution so it can serve all of us in the best way possible, the flexibility that the original framers put into it by making it amendable has to be respected.

  • ????? ?????????

    Sanders got JÉWED… ha ha ha…

    ? Bolsheviks (((Bernie Sanders)))
    ? Mensheviks (((Debbie Wasserman-Shultz)))

    I confess… comrade Putin sent me a secret decoder ring in a box of Trix cereal and when I voted, it hacked all ballots for Donald Trump! Natasha was so happy…

    (?????? ? ?????????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ??????… ????????? ??????? ????????? ?????? ? ???????????? ? ??????? ? ???????? ???? ??????.?)

  • LiberalMediaLies

    What’s worse is that Time Magazine had Trump sit in a chair and pose just like Hitler when he was on their cover. They did this intentionally to subtly compare Trump to Hitler. So I cancelled my subscription. Liberal media bias is EVERYWHERE. Read between the lines in your next news article.

    Ex: The “hard news” supposedly non-biased writer will cover an event Trump went to…and then discuss all the negative allegations against him for the rest of the entire article. Even though that’s not relevant to the event he went to yesterday. But they’re sure happy to continue talking about it. That’s how the media (tries) to influence your opinion. Don’t let them.

  • LiberalMediaLies

    Yup! And CNN’s Donna Brazille gave Hillary questions before the debate with Bernie so should could have an advantage. Funny how the media never talks about how THEY helped rig the election. It’s always some “hackers” fault HAHA.

  • keludel

    All liberals can suck a dick