Accuracy in Media

After Washington and Colorado passed laws to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, The Washington Post published an editorial endorsing the move, while at the same time acknowledging the health dangers of the drug.

First comes the concern:

 There is reason for caution about ditching federal pot restrictions. Marijuana can be harmful, and the Drug Enforcement Administration reports that potency levels are higher than ever. The possibly major effects on public health of more driving under the influence of marijuana is a particular concern.

Then the rationalization:

 …it’s unrealistic and unwise to expect federal officials to pick up the slack left by state law-enforcement officers who used to enforce marijuana prohibitions against pot users and small-time growers. Unrealistic, because it would require lots more resources. Unwise, because filling prisons with users, each given a criminal stain on his or her record, has long been irrational. For the latter reason, we favor decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot, assessing civil fines instead of locking people up.

What’s irrational is the Post’s position that efforts to rein in the drug trade by prosecuting marijuana users and small-time growers—which has the effect of reducing the availability of the drug—is a waste of time, while admitting that the drug is becoming increasingly potent and endangers public health.

Just another example of twisted liberal logic.

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  • Scooter

    I agree with this page. The Washington Post seems a bit Hazy on their stance.

    Now my rant!

    Oh, so Marijuana is more potent now, than ever before? An how it impairs driving!

    Please do tell me how Alcohol has slowly lost it’s proof over the years. An how Alcohol related traffic offenses for a legal substance has dwindled!

    While we’re on the subject, when was the last time you saw a stoner commit a serious offense while under the influence?! And snagging a few potato chips from your bag does not constitute!

    While some drunk yahoo in a bar, where it’s legal to drink and mingle, is getting into a fight over some female he wants to bone. Or some female, who is lightly impaired, uses her alcohol induced attitude as a means to “it was an accident” so they can hook up with strangers?

    And one last thing!

    Alcohol > Proven health issues, cirrhosis of the liver, links to cancer, anemia, can damage your cardio system, depression, and some others (some seem kind of out there) but none the less, it’s Legal, causes proven health issues, and the Health Industry profits from this.

    Tobacco > Throat cancer, lung cancer, impairs the cardio system, COPD, and smokers effect others health around them! It’s Legal, and again, the Health Industry is making bank off of those who suffer!

    Marijuana > Has been illegal for years, if someone was going to die from Marijuana, it’s going to be from stupidity (like a DWI, jumping off a building, etc). To die from smoking this, one would have to consume roughly *1500lbs of marijuana in a 15 minute period. It would take far less the amount from nicotine in Tobacco products to induce cardiac arrest or shock. An roughly one full size bottle of Everclear would probably do the Average person in! *Yet please don’t let that furry little friendly four legged pooch near the stash!

    So to be quite fair, seems like the Health Industry, or the FDA doesn’t want the public finding out something about Marijuana. If it’s legal to use, more test would be done on it, under these test what might we find?!

    PS My stance is that it’s being kept Illegal on a Federal Level, so legal testing cannot be done. One could console with a notable science industry newspaper, or press release; however, just like all the other news in todays society, it’s chopped up with what they want you to hear along with some stems and seeds so you don’t get the full amount of information! Sometimes a person has to get it straight from the source, to get the good stuff, and Uncle Sam doesn’t seem to want that to happen!