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The liberal media, which failed spectacularly in their effort to defeat Donald Trump as president, now faces the prospect of seeing their traditional role as arbiters of the news emanating from the White House completely upended when Trump takes office in January.

As I have previously written, the media loved Trump during the primary campaign as he defeated far more prominent Republican challengers with a grass-roots campaign that attracted tens of thousands of supporters at campaign events across the country.

The Trump candidacy was a gold mine to the liberal media—particularly cable television news channels whose coverage of Trump campaign events sent their ratings, and their profits, skyrocketing. That’s what they loved about Trump. But when it came to his policies and commentaries, they relentlessly bashed and criticized him. All, that is, except for Fox News, which for the most part treated Trump very fairly from the start.

As the presidential campaign wore on it became clear that Trump was running not only against Hillary Clinton, but the liberal media as well.

On election day the media were confident that Hillary Clinton had enough of a lead to easily win the Electoral College and become the first woman president in American history. They were so sure in fact that they had begun prepping headlines, magazine covers and analysis on how she achieved her historic victory.

Well, we all know what happened, as Trump broke through the “blue wall,” winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan and handily winning the presidency with 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232.

Since the election, the media have been trying to figure out how they will cover a president who they worked so hard to defeat, and who holds them in such high disregard as a result.

Both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times have declared that they will cover Trump fairly and honestly. CNN said they will hold Trump’s “feet to the fire.” But by and large the media aren’t sure what they will do or how they will be treated by the most unconventional president in history.

One suggestion on how Trump should handle the media comes from former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer, who wrote in The Wall Street Journal that Trump should take back control of who sits in the White House briefing room, since the liberal media occupy most of the 49 seats available. Fleischer thinks the media should have access as well.

My colleague Cliff Kincaid said something similar on AIM’s Bias Buzz podcast—which, by the way, aired before Fleischer’s piece in the Journal—suggesting that organizations like Accuracy in Media and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas be given White House press credentials and put the liberal media in the back of the room.

Those kinds of suggestions send shudders through the spines of the media, as they can see that they might no longer be front and center when reporting on the White House. Trump’s frequent use of Twitter, with which he makes and shapes news, only reinforces that idea.

The Trump administration has a golden opportunity to reshape and redefine how the media cover the White House, and to end a process that has confined front-line reporting to a handful of journalists with an agenda that is often not in line with those of most Americans.

The balance of power is shifting and the liberal media are just going to have to adapt to this new world press order.

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  • Attorney guy

    They should really start with revoking the credentials of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, USA Today, etc. THEN, issue credentials only to news organizations.

  • Ruttles Rohan

    Breitbart, Drudge, Foxnews, the others that didn’t have a Hillary tattoo on their forehead, they should be the ones allowed in the room. The others can get their news from Twitter…..

  • ScienceABC123

    Personally I’d revoke the White House credentials of every reporter that has a clear history of political bias. If ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NYT, WP, and others don’t want to report from the White House in a non-biased way that’s their choice.

  • Lynette Johnson

    One America News Network (OANN), Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), Breitbart, Before it’s News, Drudge, Foxnews (-meghan kelly), The Blaze (Tomi Lahren), The Last Refuge, Paul Joseph Watson ?of Prison Planet, Owen Schroder of Info.wars, James O’OKeefe’, etc. Deserve those seats!

    Credentials of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, USA Today, Politico, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc. should ABSOLUTELY be revoked. Not for being “liberal media sources” per say but for being Fake, edit, cut, copy, paste, hoax “SPIN” story creators not valid NEWS organizations!

  • maribel

    These measures should be implimented. NYT.WAPO,NBC,cnn,msnbc et al should be seated just outside the back door. Poetic justice, NOTHING will change thier mind-set. Have so abused thier special privileges. NO CREDIBILITY.

  • phrowt

    You have to be kidding (Megan Kelly???) Her bias is very evident, she is in it for herself and no one else. Haven’t you seen her book promotion and how she seems to cut anyone off as soon as they go against her point of view?

  • phrowt

    I think MRC (Brent Bozell) should be included in the mix.

  • One-Eye

    Put Milo from Breitbart, Chuck Johnson, Mike Cernovich and James O’Keefe in the front row.

    Shove CNN up the back next to the coffee urn.

  • ThraceThrice

    Naw, Presidents from now on will resort more and more to the Youtube gambit. It has all the advantages of a Press Conference, but without any downsides. The President’s side of an argument can be presented “unfiltered”. For the Press, it’s a disaster. For politicians, its a new golden age.

  • CitizenVetUSA

    Look again it’s minus -megahn Kelly

  • Dannz

    Our chance to destroyed the old media, let’s not waste it.

  • phrowt

    Thanks Sorry I missed the minus sign. Thanks.

  • Lynette Johnson


  • Ron MacDonald

    Above is the seating arrangement in White House Briefing Room, the worst of the mainstream media should be moved to the back.

  • Charlene Rollins

    Be sure to use Dennis Michael Lynchs team

  • DemocracyRules

    Open it up to video conferencing. Feed the video directly to youtube. No filters, no pundits blathering, nothing. Just the video feed, straight up.

  • DemocracyRules

    Questions to be asked by a random selection of 50 American volunteers.

  • DemocracyRules

    Revoke ALL their credentials. Any American can volunteer to ask a question. Take a random sample of 50 volunteers, and let them ask their questions on Skype video.

  • helena handbasket

    MeAgain Kelly

  • Mushrikoon

    I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.
    – William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Yes, and RSBN will be doing the videography and sound.
    You tube just catches it.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Delete CNN. Proven untrustworthy 1000000 times over.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    They are no longer NEWS organizations, not for at least 2 generations.

  • Tim

    Expel them all and start fresh with supporting Journalists.

  • sox83cubs84

    Ari Fleischer’s idea is a great one. The pretend journalists will pout and whine publicly if they’re relegated to the back of the room in favor of real journalists like Fox News, AIM, MRC and Project Veritas, but most of us will laugh at the libtards when they do.

  • sox83cubs84


  • Oldchopper

    Where’s the fun in that? There needs to be at least 4 seats available to mainstream media. With the other 45 real media seats filled with those that will actually report the news instead of their biased opinions they would have no choice but to actually print the truth. If they don’t I’m sure there’s other honest media folks that would love to sit in.

  • Right you are. Well said.

  • BakkenBill

    Fair and honest reporting has been lost. MSM needs a ‘slap in the face’style WAKE UP call.
    If they truly want to be fair then a good start would be by clearing up all the racist/bigot garbage they continue putting out. Not much positive is being reported.

  • When the disgusting CNN say the it will hold trumps feet to the fire what does that mean. Will it continue to slime the president with the likes of the notorious wolf or the empty headed lemon. As far as the ny slimes is concerned their writers continue to perpetuate the dirty diaper image.
    The sad truth is that the White House press corps have been pure stooges for the vile Obama what is worse is how this despicable pres uses flunked lke cbs reporter margaret Brennan to plant questions so he can trash his opponents. He has done this many times. We have never had such a despicable person in the wh

  • JES

    I sure hope you are CORRECT! It’s about time that Americans received some news that is ACCURATE!! Thank you so much, Roger, Cliff, Mal et al. We so appreciate all that you do and all that you have done to protect Americans from the liberal agenda & their one-world pundits.

  • NoCoincidences

    “The mainstream media should be moved to the back..” Actually, the lamestream media should be escorted to the back and right out the door.

  • NoCoincidences

    You are correct, the people that work at those alleged ‘NEWS organizations’ are not, and have not been, real journalists or reporters of the news, as you said, “not for at least 2 generations.”
    They have been repeaters (of propaganda), especially under 0bongo’s rule. Those ‘news organizations’ produce ‘stories’ that are sensationalized for ratings and profits. And, each repeater always has an opinion which some viewers, in turn, believe wholeheartedly those opinions, whether they are true or not. That is why we have the problems we have today. No one does his/her due diligence to research the issues they hear about from questionable repeater services. It”s a shame….

  • Frank de Varona

    Great suggestion to include the media in the press room at the White House. The mainstream media reporters demonstrated how biased they were in covering the presidential election. Hope has a seat in the White House press room. Frank de Varona

  • Discochip

    And an anti-Semite like ugly-inside-and-ugly-outside Helen Thomas wouldn’t even make it thru the door. And We The People agree with whatever Trump’s decision is 110%. Especially the NY Times, give them a muzzle and some crayons.

  • Discochip

    Should have written it out, like “minus Megyn Kelly” cuz she’s ugly on the inside.

  • RonHess

    When are you going to stop calling them “liberals” and “progressives?” These are COMMUNISTS.

  • Yea, now we’re talking. But, if you really want to make it more interesting, how about we shut the MainSteam Media completely out of the White House altogether. Only the Alternative Reliable Media like: , , , , & are aloud. Ya want to shut the MSM Liberals completely out of business, that is an exstreamly progressive but best place to start.

    ~ Daniel Johnson @LifeWithTV
    ? Life With TV:

  • Harleyrose

    The lying, leftist MSM declared themselves ‘watchdogs’ many years ago.
    They have no ‘right’ to WH access or to screen President Trump’s words to America.
    No WH access till AFTER they prove themselves capable of honesty.
    The MSM lies and leftist agenda lies have gotten police murdered and cities turned into war zones!
    They need to fix the shiit they created##

  • Steven Barrett

    Attorney guy, yo….what the hell kind of h.s. did you “graduate” from or receive your mail-order diploma from? What the hell do you think all those network letters you typed in above represent? LOL, I don’t want to know, I’m still trying to pull myself back from laughing so hard at your hero’s decision to jump the gun on reneging on defense contracts, with Boeing related to AF-One of all planes.
    I guess Attorney-guy, your idea of “news” would be a very tacky and IQ challenged bunch of like-minded cuzin’s of the Duckster family delivering the news on a new special Bannon News Channel,or a rehashed old Goebbels style German News Bureau.

  • Steven Barrett

    Hell, what’s the purpose of hauling that old line when anybody familiar with the only real conservative, er right wing fishwrap “serving” the diminished Boston area is the Boston Herald. I’ll take my chances on hearing what the “first 400 people” have to say. No, better yet, I’d trust the first four hundred living in Cambridge than anything owned by or formerly owned and tainted by Murdoch.

  • Steven Barrett

    Bozell is a classy guy and a Buckley. No way in hell will he join in with this level of untermensch, aka Breitbarted Rightist Prole Trolls.

  • Steven Barrett

    You’re kidding, right? You’d even allow CBN and Fox to still (pollute) as well as have the privilege of sharing the same air to breath as the reporters from the Times, WaPost, Boston Globe, NPR, HuffPost, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, BBC, Time, The Hill, National Journal, Roll Call, WSJ, DowJones and even AlJazeera to round out most of the better outlets. I can just see you packing the room with proles wearing farmer john overalls, all hailing from some swamp (Trump won’t dare to drain) … yeah, what’ll that “nuz bidnez” be calling itself, Duckster Huckster Trumpster Dumpster Nuz Chunnel.

  • Steven Barrett

    You’ve got to stop watching all those Hitler Rants, Ruttles. What the hell are you going to do when liberals start pulling together what’ll be a far more popular YouTube channel ridiculing the boobs who take Der Trumper’s twits as gospel truth. Lawdy, this “thread” is turning out to be a classic. Should be republished as a book. On the other hand . . . I’m afraid it’d turn into a best seller and earn the righty tighties even more money to throw around for trashing the truth and anybody standing to a nanometer’s worth of space to the left of far far rightist drivel. Hmmm, that sounds like stuff published by Breitbart and Drudge.

  • Steven Barrett

    Your “chance to destroyed the old media.” Or be destroyed by it: which is it, Dannz?

  • Attorney guy

    President Donald J. Trump. Your tears quench my thirst.

  • Ced

    No seat for cnn at the table. No soup for wicked suzanne malvoux. No msm media at all. Like ABC who? Ugh never martha ugh radditch…never ever George ugh Stephanopoulas…fa geh da ’bout it mika&joe..babye andrea mitchell

  • Ced

    thank you

  • Ced

    Project Veritas!

  • Valdemar Sanchez

    Great idea.

  • Jiggins

    lol, always the leftists who invoke the leftist godwin cliche

  • Jiggins

    he should just do away with the pressroom altogether, it is an outdated mode. just do press releases on government owned resources like no real reason to have physical conferences and the huge staff to support them. I dont want some pundits interpretation of what was said, I just want to read it. This is literally how it would go down: Press Speaker: “Donald trump sanctioned an elite unlimited funding research and they cured cancer” MSM Headline: “Donald Trump spends taxpayer dollars to put Oncologists out of jobs” Forget all that noise, the internet removed the need for press conferences. Give each media outlet 3 questions they can submit and their answers will be posted on

  • Suzie Nunnally Clary

    I agree that ‘reporters’ with proven history of obtuse bias should lose their credentials. The only news org that may not be ‘restorable’ could be MSNBC. The others need to be moved to the back, but not excluded, unless making room for the new news sources means having to let some of them go. Then it’s the ones with the worst track record for truth. Truth, not bias, since bias is really just reporting news from a certain worldview. We all have the right to receive news from our worldview. What’s important to one view can often be quite opposite of a different worldview.

  • soljerblue

    Make them reapply, and be sure to slow-walk the apps. Maybe a conditional denial for one or two orgs, or suggesting one applicant’s choice of a reporter be reviewed or changed. Innumerable ways it could be done. The White House has the power to tie the b@st@rd$ in knots. Use it.