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Episode 29.  This week we discuss the movement away from celebrating Columbus Day, Trump’s second debate performance, biased media debate fact checking, Clinton campaign emails mocking Catholics, Paul Ryan under fire and more.

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  • Steven Barrett

    The so-called Podesta wiki stuff, and that’s what it basically amounts to, and not very good stuff, shouldn’t be given the time of day. But since accusations of anti-Catholicism and anti-Evangelical Protestant Christianity are being tossed around, let a Catholic, now Anglican, who used to be an Evangelical set things straight. It’s quite obvious that the Republicans are doing whatever they can to widen their base and if lumping conservatives in with Evangelicals to create one will do the trick, they’ll take a stab at it. True, there is a strong and very pro “American Conservative Roman Catholic” element working within the conservative ranks, particularly within the GOP. They’re heretics if they tell you they fit in that category. You’re either Catholic, Orthodox (both Greek and Russian and other Ethnic Branches), Anglican, Evangelical (Reformed) Protestant or Mormon. But if you want to claim to be in “full Communion” with the Papacy, it means you have to drop the ideological and nationalistic labels. “Oh, c’mon, where do you get that idea?”
    In a very beautiful prayer Catholics recite every Sunday and weekdays when they attend Mass. It’s called the “Nicene Creed.” Anglicans recite the same prayer, too. I won’t get into the differences between the various Christian branches, but there’s only one original trunk of the Christian tree and it was founded by Jesus and found its way to Rome, Constantinople and Canterbury. It’s neither “conservative or liberal” when it comes to national policies or economic theory, but it does set forth teachings based on Scripture and Tradition, (much like our own Supreme Court acts as our Magisterium when it comes to clarifying what the Founders meant along with the necessary flexibility built into the original Constitution. “Oh where’s that?” It’s called the Preamble and it’s quite a beautiful passage to work from.)
    What the very clumsy non-church doctors of the wiki-leaked goodies that supposedly came from the Clinton’s inner circle is intended to do is spread doubt, lies and all sorts of confusion for the sole sake of one Donald J. Trump. Cause confusion in the Hillary ranks, discord and what have you, and the Russian government, now back in the hands of the never friendly to western interests, much less western Christianity. Or should I say Russia has re-embraced her far more divinely inspired Orthodoxy and ditched Communism for its (leading) state religion, meaning all the other faiths have to settle for slim pickin’s when it comes to respect for religious freedoms. Who knows, maybe Vlad and his buddy, The Donald might yet manage to blow the world to hell and back, but not without imprisoning all their dissidents and possible opponents who dare to call them out on their lies.
    This bunch of crap being touted as “anti-Catholicism” within Clinton’s campaign team is just that, a bunch of crap by people who don’t know much more about Catholicism … which means a universal faith, founded by no less than God when He walked among us and died and rose again from the dead for all of us, not just conservative generic “just give me Jesus” Christian Americans.