Accuracy in Media

Episode 19.  We take a close look at Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, lying to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday about her email scandal, Donald Trump and the Khizr Khan dustup, Aetna’s plan to leave Obamacare, Melania’s nude pictures in N.Y.Post, Rio and more.

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  • Steven Coy

    Thank God it wasn’t nude pictures of the wort HOG hillary I would have never been able to get that picture out of my thoughts. Hillary should be lined up and shot for Jeopardizing National Security and brought up on charges for being complicit in the Murders of Ambassador Stevens and 3 American Hero’s who gave their lives to protect American Citizens and Hillary fiddled while our Ambassadors Compound Burned. She is an absolute joke as a human bein, and if he is as smart as you all say she is then why has she been caught in Espionage and Murder and her money laundering scheme called a Charity. Any one that votes for a Traitor is the same a Traitor, Trump (not my first pick) is far better than Hillary the Manchurian Candidate Traitor needs prison not thye Semi Whit House, we don’t need any more Terrorist Muslims or ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THIS COUNTRY MURDERING AMERICANS AND TAKING THEIR JOBS AND PUSHING THEIR CULT ON US. THEY NEED TO LEAVE AND GO BACK TO THEIR THIRD CENTURY TOILET COUNTRIES AND LEAVE US ALONE!!! Vietnam Vet

  • Detriotcity

    What these crooked politicians are doing is pushing America into a civil war of a magnitude that will make the American civil war look like a Sunday school picnic. The rule of law must be followed and that is why they cannot have our guns and self protection. Hillary Clinton and the news organization bias shows even when there is nothing to actually report.