Accuracy in Media

Episode Nine- Hillary Clinton clinches Democratic nomination, California’s jungle primary dooms GOP, What’s Bernie Sanders next move?, Are Trump’s comments about Hispanic judge racist?, Hillary’s 12K jacket and other expensive clothes, Miss USA promotes women in combat, Elizabeth Warren trashes superdelegate system.

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  • Lyn Joy

    The votes in California are incomplete. As of June 14, four more counties have flipped for Sanders. The count should not be final before July 7.

    Philly will be interesting. If Hillary has not been indicted or otherwise removed from the race, anywhere from tens of thousands to over a million people will be holding signs – #NeverHillary.

    Sanders’ followers will not vote for Hillary, even if he asks them to. Her minions have lied, cheated and maligned them.

    By the way, she is very dangerous. Hillary is for Hillary. Selfishness if the opposite of love.