Accuracy in Media

Episode 50.  This week we discuss the College Football Championship game between Alabama and Clemson coming up on Monday, whether or not Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC was a good career move, the future of Obamcaare under a Trump presidency, the new Celebrity Apprentice and more.

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  • mioahu

    To be honest, the only reason I watched Megyn Kelly is because she was on Fox, Yes, she is sassy and hot, but i would not watch NBC just to see her show. The silver lining is that hopefully she will bring more conservative ideas to NBC

  • markincharlotte

    I am not sorry to see Megyn gone from Fox, she was responsible for opening the bias door by attacking Trump at the first debate in what was a very personal attack. He actions allowed the remaining media to pile on Trump through out general until now. I despise NBC, so ignoring her in the future will not be a problem. I really enjoy Tucker, her replacement.

  • JRobb

    AG Sessions call Obama before a Grand Jury and allow Atty Orly Taitz and Atty Mario Appuzo to present the Evidence.