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Republican Texas elector Christopher Suprun, who is garnering media attention for his decision to not vote for Donald Trump when electors meet on December 19, was singing a different tune when he contacted me a month ago seeking Accuracy in Media’s assistance in getting the media to correct what he said was false reporting on who he planned to vote for.

Here is the email I received from Suprun on November 10:

Mr. Irvine:

Thank you for your time on the telephone a short while ago.  As I noted I am the Republican Elector for Texas’ 30th Congressional District.  Multiple reports have come out based on an interview I did with Politico in August stating I am considering voting for or considering voting for Hillary Clinton.  They are false.

At that time, I told Politico that I got into the race for Presidential Elector to remind people that 2016 was also the 15th anniversary of September 11 – an event which I responded to – and there were multiple policy issues we should be bringing up in light of the anniversary (immigration, life issues, infrastructure, etc.).  I also said at the time I was intent on supporting the nominee and while I had concerns for how we were running, he was my candidate.  Over the past few days several articles have been written – most without contacting me:

Laura Italiano, New York Post

I did not speak to Ms. Italiano, but told a colleague last night the article was factually false. They published anyway.

Ryan Teague Beckwith and Haley Sweetland Edwards, Time Magazine

I never spoke to Ms. Edwards prior to publish.  I informed both her and her editor, Mr. Beckwith, the article was false.  No retraction, no correction.

Aaron Blake, Washington Post

Never contacted me – just republished the Politico story

The worst part of this is the original Politico writer has done this before.  Kyle Cheney did the same thing to Ben Carson fabricating part of an article in November of last year.

This is appropriate contact information for me at this email.  I am willing to do media nearly immediately to say this story is wrong and is not only click bait, but it is dangerous.  I am now getting tweets expecting me to vote for Secretary Clinton and there will be disbelief when I do not.  The media is trying to tarnish the Electoral College I think by creating a false illusion there is a chance Trump can still be defeated.  This is false and creates a false hope for something that should be over.  They are in essence saying Mr. Trump will have no honeymoon period.

As a conservative I have worked for good government for years and tried to give the media the benefit of the doubt, but this is now over the top.  As I noted in tweets to Haley Sweetland Edwards this would not pass muster in Ms. Tyree’s 11th grade journalism class when I was on the student newspaper.  It is embarrassing and should be stopped.  A hard race was run, both sides are justifiably tired, but it is now time to go on to the business of governance.  Thanks for your time and interest.  I remain respectfully yours,

In friendship and service,

Christopher Suprun

Just a few days after receiving the email, The New York Post did correct their earlier story. And when Suprun contacted me to get an update I told him that since the Post had made a correction we would not be acting on his original complaint.

I thought that was the end of the story until I saw an op-ed by Suprun in The New York Times on December 5 outlining why he will not vote for Trump.

In that op-ed, Suprun, who in his email to me that the media was tarnishing the Electoral College and creating an illusion that Trump can be defeated, wrote the following:

“The election of the next president is not yet a done deal. Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the country. Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience. I believe electors should unify behind a Republican alternative, an honorable and qualified man or woman such as Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. I pray my fellow electors will do their job and join with me in discovering who that person should be.”

Why did Suprun change his tune?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he and some other Republican electors are being represented by “social media justice” firm Megaphone Strategies, which was founded by former Obama Green Jobs Czar Van Jones.

From Megaphone Strategies website:

“Megaphone Strategies is a new social justice media strategy firm run for purpose, not profit. We offer cutting edge strategy, training, and media relations services to high-impact social justice organizations and individuals. Our mission is to use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements—lifting up diverse progressive leadership in the media—and to provide services based on ability to change the world, not ability to pay.

The chances are extremely slim that the outcome of the election will change on December 19, but at least Suprun got his 15 minutes of fame, which seems to have been his goal from the start.


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  • Jimmy Leggs

    Maybe just before Suprun votes, he will get hit by a truck while crossing the street. Just like the Marxists killed one of the key McCarthy witnesses in the ’50s a day before he was to testify in a Congressional hearing. (The latter knew too much about Communist infiltration and sabotage.) Of course, only Marxists would think of doing such thing. I guess after you kill the first ten million people, it gets easier. Et tu, Vladimir?

  • This is very frightening. Why is Van Jones involved with Republican electors?
    I also worry about our stalwart faithful electors. They are being put through hell, and it is wrong. Can nothing be done to help them?

  • Joe Fahey

    This jerk thinks this election is about him. He obviously craves attention and this was the only way to accomplish that. Mr. Suprun is incapable of doing anything noteworthy on his own, but then this fell in his lap. He no doubt thinks that this controversy will get him noticed, but all it will accomplish is getting him forever known as a guy who failed to uphold his promise.

  • Frank de Varona

    He is a traitor. Please investigate if he was offered money from Soros or any other person trying to stop Donald J. Trump form becoming president. Frank de Varona

  • votedemout

    Living in Texas, Mr. Suprun will probably not be killed, but I’ll bet some good ole’ boy kicks the s@#T out of him.

  • KS_girl

    Can’t he be replaced?

  • Bob

    remember if this man does not vote for Trump, you have allowed him to void your vote. In that case why even vote, he knows more of what is best for you than you do. Typical libturd thinking. In Texas we need long prison sentences for electors who go against the will of the people, or very short ropes.

  • What_no_change???

    Aren’t they obligated to vote for the duly elected candidate of face fines?

  • rac647

    It is unfortunate that this has been allowed to happen. It will tarnish the Electoral process which is what the Socialist/Communist Democrats have wanted all along. Their party continues its slide deeper into the mud and muck of delusional excuses for realistic thought.

  • Steven Barrett

    What part of the recent news about official Russian hacks, or even freelancing hacks working with the official approval of the Kremlin to tip our election to Trump … do some of you guys fail to understand? What’s more important, a man voting his conscience or just following legal orders or going along with the party line? If this elector was a Democrat and faced with a similar situation, and he decided to bolt for the Republican nominee, you’d be praising him to the skies. What’s more important, the integrity of our elections or just getting Donald J. Trump into the White House?
    Granted, we’ve done our share of finagling other nation’s elections, but that was far different (but no less wrong) than what we’re faced with here involving two of the three most powerful nations on the planet. I don’t care if Putin was backing Clinton (who I supported and voted for after voting for Sanders earlier) and he was playing footsie with our voting systems across the nation and managed to get her elected, it’d still be wrong and worthy of fixing one way or the other when the electors meet to vote.
    When the overall interests of our free nation are at stake, and fewer things could and should be sacrosanct than the secret ballots we fill out behind a screen . . . anybody who is willing to buck his party, no matter what party it happens to be, should be applauded, not the other way around. What are you really afraid of?
    If this election isn’t going to serve as a wake up call for the nation to finally ditch the electoral college, a relic of the 18th century successful attempts by the pro-slavery southern/rural states to preserve their way of life, no matter the cost. At first the cost was the lash of bullwhips on the backs of “human property,” then the price soared to nearly a million Americans total resulting from the treasonous war started by the pro-secession renegade traitor states … on behalf of their rights to continue lashing that damn bullwhip on their ever so precious “human property” and right to own other human beings, and Lord knows what price we might be asked to pay if Trump is allowed to take the oath of office without making a binding oath that his first act upon becoming president will to call for the end of the electoral college. If he fails to do this much, he’s going to face impeachment. Maybe he won’t get tossed out. But he’ll have one hell of a rough time in office if he can’t keep this simple pledge.
    I understand that the so-called “fly over” or less populated rural states are concerned about fair representation in Congress. Hell, they’ll still have two Senators. And the way the conservatives with the very pro-GOP American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have locked the House up through Gerrymandering, another relic of the late 18th century, Republicans need not worry about getting shut out too soon. It doesn’t bother them to finagle and manipulate voter registration systems to block African American, Hispanic, the poor, disabled and other folks they’d just soon not see voting on election days.
    There’ll be people saying we need to slow down, be more patient, keep the system, and above all, let’s not change anything our forefathers left us as if everything they wrote was infallible. The founding fathers were not infallible, the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 wasn’t by any measure a magisterium of sorts. In fact, many of the delegates were frightened out of their wits in the wake of Shay’s Rebellion in Western Massachusetts. It was the only truly successful rebellion from the bottom up in our nation’s history. Too bad many of the wealthy who gathered in Philadelphia shortly after Shays and his Regulators laid down their guns, the same elite, the one percenters of their time constructed a government that was meant to enshrine economic class and worst of all, which former Sec. of State Condi Rice properly described as our “original sin” of slavery. Remember the lash which led to the war to preserve the lash, followed by electoral college games that led to Union troops getting pulled from the traitor states and the rise of Jim Crow to replace slavery? We’re still dealing with all this go-slow, and genuflecting before the supposed all-infallible founding fathers, most of whom I wouldn’t give my vote for dog catcher in any town, city, county, state or region of our nation.
    He’s not with us, except in spirit with many Democrats who still remember his many years of fighting for the various Civil Rights Acts passed during the Sixties, but Hubert Humphrey also reminded a historic gathering in Philadelphia in 1948. He was soundly heckled and booed when he had the temerity to remind the Dixiecrats who showed their real colors when they walked out of the hall, that it was time then for the Democratic Party (and for that matter, all thinking Americans) to move forward to advance the cause of civil rights for everybody.
    It’s time for everybody, Democrat, Republican, Independent, whatever they want to call themselves, to demand an end to one of the last vestiges of our worst legacies of an otherwise brilliant moment in history, the late 18th century when we up-ended British rule and changed the world forevermore. On the whole, we accomplished that much, save for not doing anything about that “original sin” of slavery, and all the mincey steps and phony compromises we took to placate what was then and still remains the most class-ridden and feudalistic quarter of the nation. It calls itself the Sunbelt now. But a quick look at the region’s politicians and their economic leanings on the whole reveal that they have not shown the courage to march forward in time and leave their ever so-precious plantation mentality behind.
    Putin’s taking advantage of our old sins and the ambitions of new celebrity-politicians more concerned about keeping their image and “legacies” alive in history. Yeah, they’ve done a good job of keeping some legacies alive. But at what cost, and how many more elections do we have to put up with this? Why should we have to wait for a former Communist dictatorship’s spy who later became president of a formerly free Russian Republic only to turn it into his personal version of a neo-Romanoff dictatorship … to wake us up? I hope people will remember the number of lives we lost in our long struggle with Communism that primarily took most of its orders from Putin’s former employer; and that we won the war through judicious use of power without firing a shot. And I wonder how many of them will think on how close we are to losing it all without firing a shot no thanks to our slavish devotion to keeping a relic from our post colonial days and victory over Britain, which we stand to throw away.
    Stand on all those Federalist papers and see how tall you’ll feel later on when Russian rules dictate who gets to vote and who doesn’t and whose vote will count the most. To be fair, I sincerely hope my views are those of an alarmist and this will all blow over soon and there’ll be nothing to worry about. And I hope that if he does become president, Mr. Trump will have a successful administration for the sake of us all. That’s all I and we can do now; hope that reason will prevail and the Electors will put their Country over the chains of legalism forged two centuries ago during the horse and buggy days.

  • llkenney

    Another low life trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. He needs removed from his duties.

  • wyatt81

    What some sad and pathetic people will do for 15 minutes of infamy. Weak and traitorous.

  • llkenney

    TX is not a state that binds the electors to the popular vote. He’s citing Alexander Hamilton’s fear of the mob vote…he’s an idiot

  • llkenney

    Your sanctimony is a big BS! Our Founders were so much smarter than you obviously are which is WHY they came up with the electoral college. Without the college the states of CA, TX, NY, FL and NY would decide every election leaving out the rest of the states from having a say. And people like you are the heart throbs of the liberals who march their sheep over the edge of the cliff. This Russian thing is a bunch of BS meant to question the integrity of our political process, something Communists strive to do. It undermines the confidence of the system and you’re playing right into their nasty little hands. Election officials with much more knowledge than you have already and repeatedly said there is absolutely NO evidence of hacking or tampering. The recount in WI has shown negligable change in the outcome. MI was stopped due to Wayne county, heavily Democrat, and showed multiple cases of voter fraud for Clinton. Here in Louisville, KY at the west end precinct with is heavily black multiple voters were coming and going each time with different IDs…The voter who said something to an official was told to keep his mouth shut or he wouldn’t be walking out of there. So there’s fraud alright, it’s just not the Republicans.

  • armydadtexas

    Donald Trump Is the next President of the United States. REPUGLICAN, RINO, pcs of human excrement cannot change that. They may manage to destroy the Republican party though. I have never in my life experienced such worms in my life. They have no respect for the will of the American People. These are the types that cause civil wars

  • Steven Barrett

    Obviously there’s no further point in discussing this matter with you. You’re mind’s fixed and I respect that. Don’t agree with your opinions, but I respect your right to them.

  • efred1

    Honorable Man, John Kasich? Feh!! Throw this bum out on his ear!

  • Gz7

    I could not have said it better. It’s not about the elector. Thank you.

  • Colorado Conservative

    This supposed conservative, Supron, is just another useful idiot of the left getting his 15 minutes of fame. Thank God he is being exposed.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Good point, He was either a Soros plant from the get go or has become a useful idiot for Soros and the other communists who want to end America as we know it. Here is a great 11 minute video by Jamie Glasov on “Why is Van Jones at CNN?” detailing Jones’s commie ties and history.

  • mioahu

    Professor Barrett showing us again and again how gullible and falsely informed he is, it seems he read all the books but the constitution and the federalist papers. Well, that happens when you live in the libtard bubble. Only an idiot would want the abolition of the electoral college. And only an idiot would think that the russians are the reason Trump won the election, But as long as they stay idiotic in their childish make belief land, with their books and movies, being in denial regarding their stupid socialsit ideology and the corrupt candidates that made them lose the election, that’s great, we will just keep winning ! keep it up comrade,

  • Steven Barrett

    Excuse me but for you, it’s Comrade Herr Doktor Professor Barrett. LOL, did I get ’em all in for you? It’s Christmas time and the election’s over, so let’s calm down, Republicans, Democrats and independents, unless we see real possibilities that one of our marching units during Trump’s inaugural parade is going to march to the beat of “The Farewell of Slavianka” in tribute to The Donald’s friends in the neo-Romanov Empire he’s trying to reconstruct … and we start getting paid in worthless Rubles, we’ll make it through the winter and beyond.

  • pyoyo

    So your mind is not fixed?

  • Steven, without the Electoral College voting according to the will of the Voters who sent them, all we will have are “opinions” – we won’t have any votes to make them matter. Not only do we still need the Electoral College, we need Electors apportioned by COUNTY, so that every County in the nation gets its voice heard. Then the true will of the people – minority as well as majority – will be much easier to understand.

  • beladnj

    Steven, it seems you have forgotten to cover one essential part of this whole affair.

    When the light shinned upon the nest of cockroaches of the DNC and the Clinton campaign were the emails factual in their content or were they fabrications intended to fool the American public.The emails have not been challenged by anyone to say that the contents was not true. So, I suggest that whether you like it or not, it seems that the democrats were in the process of doing exactly what you claim the the Russian rules are regarding voting. The DNC conspired with the Clinton campaign to keep Bernie from becoming the democrat nominee and all the alphabet news outlets conspired to do everything in their power to make Trump unelectable, but what happened, the American voters decided that they had enough from the power inside the Beltway and wanted change. Now the dems and the media, along with the corrupted intel agencies want to thwart the American public, AGAIN. Believe me when I say that this country is at the precipice of another bloody civil war and tools like you are only feeding the flames.

  • Steven Barrett

    About a day or so ago, I decided not to participate or subscribe to AIM’s page any more. How the notification of your replies got through remains a mystery. So, since I have much better things to do than wasting it replying to much of the perjorative-packed nonsense that seems to be part and parcel of today’s “conservative crowd’s” means of discussing serious political issues … See ya.