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In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, President Obama reveals that he prefers Jon Stewart over cable news and that he reads The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

On Stewart;

I like The Daily Show, so sometimes if I’m home late at night, I’ll catch snippets of that. I think Jon Stewart’s brilliant. It’s amazing to me the degree to which he’s able to cut through a bunch of the nonsense – for young people in particular, where I think he ends up having more credibility than a lot of more conventional news programs do.

Especially when he is ripping conservatives and Republicans, which he does almost every night.

As for newspapers, in addition to thumbing through the big three mentioned above, Obama said he reads all of the Times columnists, singling out Paul Krugman who he said is “one of the smartest economic reporters out there.”

Maybe that’s why the economy is in such bad shape.

Obama also said that he reads the conservative columnists to see what’s out there, but based on his policy decisions it’s obvious he doesn’t learn much from them.

In addition to the Times, Journal and Post, Obama said he reads some blogs, including Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast, and he thinks that The New Yorker and The Atlantic still do terrific work.

Those choices should only endear him more to the liberal mainstream media and ensure their continued support of his administration during what is proving to be a very tough re-election campaign.

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  • Brujo Blanco

    Of course he prefers Liberal newspapers. They have something in common and that world be communism.

  • im American im never wrong

    Nice hyperbole.

  • The Wall Street Journal is liberal? Really? The paper with one of the most conservative editorial pages around and whose news pages have moved increasingly conservative under Rupert Murdoch’s ownership?

  • Not Paranoid

    You people really are the most blind uninformed naive bunch of morons I’ve ever seen.
    HINT: Jon Stewart is a comedian with a comedy show – not the news and and not pretending to be the news.
    You are paranoid and delusional, just like your brainless paranoid delusional leader. Cliff.
    I bet he’s still clinging to the UN tax thing that will cost us nine-hundred-trillion-billion-dollars a day that was debunked years ago.
    Oh, and Cliff knowingly worked for a convicted criminal.
    So keep it up and keep exposing yourselves for the blind naive paranoid bunch you are.