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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell took a moment on her show on Monday to tell viewers that neither she nor NBC authorized the use of a clip of her that is being used in an Obama attack ad on Mitt Romney.

The Obama campaign released a 30-second ad shortly after last Wednesday’s presidential debate, in which Mitchell is shown on the air citing an independent analysis that Mitt Romney’s tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years.

At least that’s what the Obama campaign wants us to believe.

Mitchell labeled the study as coming from the “non-partisan Tax Policy Center,” but as a joint venture of the Urban League and the Brookings Institution it is far from non-partisan. In addition, Mitchell failed to report that one of the authors of the study used to work for the Obama administration.

Despite her liberal leanings, Mitchell took the Obama campaign to task for using the clip, not because it was inaccurate, but because it was both unauthorized and taken out of context, since it was part of a segment fact-checking both campaigns:

I want to move on to a point of personal privilege. Some viewers might be understandably confused by the fact that the Obama campaign is airing a commercial right now including a video clip of me fact-checking Governor Romney after last week’s debate.

You should know that NBC has not granted either campaign permission to use our news material and immediately requested that the campaign refrain from using its material in this and future advertisements.

While the Obama campaign’s unauthorized use of the Mitchell clip is bad enough, her claim  that the study is coming from a non-partisan source is a more egregious error that should be corrected but won’t, since it came from MSNBC.

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  • MSNBCfullOfLies

    Only 3 people watch the old hag and her lies at MSNBC, but that is half of MSNBC’s audience so she can say she gets a 50% share.

  • The Major

    I am so afraid that this Andrea ‘Bitch’ell will do what I believe the rest of the Pro-Left MSM will do on election night,,,that is start to call the early closing States in the NorthEast like this,,,,,” Here in so&so state,,with 1% of the Pcts. counted & 1% of the votes in those Pcts. counted,,,we here at CNBC,,or MSNBC etc,call the WHOLE state of so&so for OBAMA .” I believe the exception is Fox News.
    Remember,,,it happened in 1980 & Carter gave a consession speech at about 9:30 pm EST ,,,THREE WHOLE HOURS before the Polls in the West closed.
    Folks,,,just watch & wait & check ALL of the News stations to see who is GIVING this most IMPORTANT of elections to the Marxist/Muslim POTUS ,,who by executive order ALONE ,,will ruin our economy,,,by giving it all away in the name of FAIRNESS,,, or SOCIAL JUSTICE ,,,,buzz words for Marxism,,,while kissing the toukas of ALL of his MUSLIM BROTHERS ,,& sendind OUR money around the world in greater numbers than ever before. I kid you NOT.
    Remember,,if the obama glove don’t FIT,,,you MUST vote MITT!!!