Accuracy in Media

During an anchor roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, ABC’s Good Morning America and This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos emphasized the importance of being accurate and factual in reporting the news:

The most important thing we can do is to get things right. Be absolutely accurate, absolutely factual, because we know — we all know it — the price for making a mistake now is incredibly high.”

Now if only Stephanopoulos and his colleagues in the liberal media would actually try to do that rather than frequently ignoring the facts and filling the airwaves with opinions that are thinly disguised as news…

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  • sox83cubs84

    Yeah, Tiny George….that’s why you and a fellow talking head decided to suggest on national TV that the Batman movie mass shooter was a Tea Party member purely because he had the same name as the shooter (John Holmes) and lived in a Denver suburb. You’re a typical libtard hypocrite, Tiny George: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  • Realist

    Very little is actually as simple as jounOlista Stephie claims, but like all journOlista he only wants to provide a simple-minded, fuzzy, low granularity answer that seems (But only seems) to provide answers of absloute certitude to complex questions and issues. journOlista are masters at deception, after all. It is, in a very real sense, their raison d’etre.

    Reporting verifiable facts is only the start. Providing “news” that is exclusively one-sided, even if that news is factual, is just a bad and just as biased. For instance, if the journOlista decide that, in order to feed their massive egos they need to find some new incident that they can all coalesce around thereby “proving” one or more libcult premises, they eagerly undertake that task. It might be a Trayvon The Innocent, a Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown or even a human tragedy like Bruce “Caitlin” Jenner that provides the journOLista the necessary vehicle to push whatever is the latest, in-vogue libcult dogma making the rounds at cocktail parties on the upper west side, but, to misquote Spock, the needs of their egos outweigh the needs of the many.

    And they always will. They are libcult, after all.

    Of course adding in the personal, emotive pontifications of the journOlista themselves just adds icing to the libcult cake. And like all of the libcults emotion-fueled confections, both the journOlistas affectaticious icing and their vacuous cake are guaranteed to fatten your brain with misplaced outrage, vicious invective and loads of guilt.

    Heads that are fattened on such a horrific diet are guaranteed to die of Realitysclorosis, a condition where the complete lack of Reality leads to a premature intellectual death. Its a horrible thing to witness. The universities are now ground zero for this ugly, frightening condition with no cure in sight and no cordon sanitaire being placed around the infected areas.

    Bottom line:
    libcultism is a deadly condition and any new emphasis on “facts” that only fit the libcult agenda while equally valid facts that refute or oppose that agenda are completely ignored will not provide a cure for what ails Big Media.

    That much should be obvious to even the most casual observer by now.

    Good luck with that, Stephie.

  • JimmyBgood

    And this is a guy that worked for the Clintons. BWAHAHAHAHA

  • John

    George Stephanopolous is a member of the Rockefeller/CFR along with Diane Sawyer and ABC president Ben Sherwood. Other members include John McCain, Bill Clinton and George Soros. See member lists at cfr org.

  • Mesa Mike


  • coldything

    Georgie – the world you live in and the one you prefer is the one that is bringing the country down. Your brand works by lies, intimidation, deceit but never stimulates real growth and prosperity, but it does lead to a slow gradual decline !! Because of your intellectual inferiority you do not understand economics and believe Keynesian economics is panacea. Youn fear gun rights because when things crash, the citizens will come after you an your ilk. You think free speech rights are absolute, as long as what is said is what you agree with. Yo all believe that as long as you can a segment of the population dependent on free stuff you will retain you power, and continue to enrich yourselves.
    Sadly, you and your compatriots are like rats, you never seem to be eradicated and seem to spread the disease of ignorance, and it works as long as you all control education and media.

    Sad you little TURD

  • Leona Moir Course

    Key words “SUPPOSED TO BE”! I know several million people the MSM is trash! It is going to be the “BEST DAY EVER” when all of their ratings are in the toilet! There will be dancing in the streets when that happens!

  • Leona Moir Course

    And the list goes on!