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During an appearance on The Today Show on Monday, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, defended the administration’s response to last month’s attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, calling the investigation a “very transparent process:”


The President has been clear it was a terrible tragedy that took place in Benghazi, we lost four American lives. He initiated an investigation to get to the bottom of it, of what happened and how we can keep our embassies safe all over the country. Every step of the way, information is learned, as intelligence is approved, of what happened on the ground that night, the President makes it available to members of Congress and the public. It’s been a very transparent process and he’s determined to bring whoever perpetrated this against our four Americans to justice.

That may be how Cutter sees it or is trying to spin it, but it isn’t how most Americans view the process.

Even the liberal media , which are very supportive of the President, are struggling with the lack of clear answers from the administration.

On Chris Matthews’ program on Sunday, Andrea Mitchell said that it was clear from State Department briefings that as the attack was taking place, there was an open line between Washington and Tripoli in the operations center and that the intelligence community knew, Washington knew, everyone knew that there had been no protest.

And yet the administration sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on television to say it was the result of a protest about an anti-Islam video.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also backed the protest line, such as when he was questioned by ABC’s Jake Tapper two weeks ago.

I guess for Cutter it all depends on what her definition of transparent is.

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  • spartacus

    this nation and it’s leaders are an embarrassment to the men and women of bygone years who gave their lives and fortunes to forge this “once great country ” ,please do not expect the “GOD” who gave us this nation to bless it any longer because we have turned our back on “HIM” !!! , the ” degenerate cesspool ” that has been created is to go the way of “sodom and gomorrah ” and we have earned it !!!

  • Al C Las Vegas

    For Hweaven’s sake! Who with a modicum of common sense pays any attention to Stephanie Cutter?

  • indy1600

    She means *transparently false.*

  • what

    That woman is a very accomplished liar.
    Her crooked mouth (going up to the left ear) matches her crooked mind.

  • ItsJo

    Men are ALSO paid MORE at Obama’s Whitehouse, Andrea. OR, didn’t you KNOW that? If you were’nt such an “Obama Bootlicker” you might have a LOT MORE information on this Fraud in our Whitehouse. Now, why don’t you do some REAL investigative journalism, and expose the ‘just released emails in Real Time, that PROVE OBAMA LIED ABOUT THE ‘TERRORIST PLANNED ATTACK ON OUR AMB.IN LIBYA & 4 OTHERS WHO WERE MURDERED???”

  • The Major

    Oh Yeah,,,as transparent as Concrete. I heard a rumor that these 4 brave souls were CIA,,,& it’s not an ‘official’ compound,,,just a ‘safe-house’,,,either way,,the Obama crew of Liars & Thieves are doing their evil best to cover for their ‘God’.
    The ONLY transparent thing I have been witness to for many years is that Obama
    is STILL a Muslim,,,& STILL a Marxist,,,my opinion only. I do NOT want to be like Europe in either Gas Prices ,,6-7$$ a Gallon,,,nor do I want Socialized medicine with it’s RATIONING ,,as there will be TOO MANY patients & TOO FEW Doctors. Obamacare has NOT made provisions for NEW Med Schools ,,like Truman wanted in 1947,,but it was shot down in Congress,,after 14 years of FDR style Fascism.
    Of ALL the LIES that came out of Obama’s lying mouth at the 2nd debate,,the WORST was that he said he was “PRO 2nd Amendment”,,Yeah,,,& the POPE is PRO-Abortion,,,,,don’t hold your breath on that one.
    If the obamaglove don’t FIT,,,you MUST vote MITT !!!