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Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has been giving Hillary Clinton some serious competition in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, has embraced capitalism, at least when it comes to his campaign store.

Sanders is mostly selling standard campaign gear; mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts—including a “Feel the Bern” collection and a baby bib for your favorite socialist infant.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a campaign store to sell merchandise, it does seem hypocritical for an avowed socialist to profit from a system that he often rails against.

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  • race_to_the_bottom

    It is no surprise that someone who writes for AIM, is completely divorced from reality. In the separate universe the Right inhabits, Bernie Sanders is operating as THEY would.

  • Steven Barrett

    C’mon, don’t you think that Bernie Bib would look stylish on Hillary when he’s in full Clingon about Bernie’s more mature approach towards reaching sensible and enforceable regulations designed to keep the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of our most dangerous potential weapons buyers? How many tantrums and food tossings (legislatively speaking) did then-Senator Clinton’s efforts produce and how many lives did she save as a result? Some might pose the same second half of the past sentence towards Sen. Sanders if they wish. But at a risk. After all, he was responsibly and yes, more cautiously, pushing for proposed laws that would have a better chance of winning more bipartisan appeal. At least Bernie Sanders is wiser enough to know that all Senators, not just long-time progressive or well-packaged “progressives” (for electioneering purposes) are as interested in keeping the worst weapons out of the hands of the worst possible owners. But the wiser solons know that mere shouting, poutin’ and paradin’ won’t produce the workable and sensible laws with teeth that they want put before on the President’s desk for signing.

  • Rick Meyers

    If you had been paying attention you would know that Bernie does not oppose capitalism and never has. What he opposes is the completely immoral and grotesque unchecked level of capitalism that damages the middle class and the country itself when billionaires , Wall Street, and massive corporations control our Congress instead of Congress regulating them.

  • Steven Barrett

    Amen Rick! When he was Burlington VT’s mayor, he took a rather moribund old city that was part collegetown and turned it around into an economically vibrant place that’s one of the nation’s best cities to live in. To pull that off, it requires boosting and sustaining a growing private sector. That’s something Bernie’s quickest on the draw critics often overlook because they’ve never managed to pull the craw called “socialism” out of their own windpipes first. Notice how quickly Mrs. Clinton has gotten into the act of referring to Bernie as a socialist more and more often, notwithstanding how many programs and ideas she’s supported in the past that have socialist roots or already proposed by Bernie and other Democratic Socialists (who are anything but the “Bolshie” variety Sen. Sanders’ harshest (and cheapest) critics) have tried to smear him with. Tis’ a shame that not many of them have bothered to see what a terrific price they paid in Europe while standing against the forces of the very worst forms of socialism ever introduced into society: Bolshevism and National Socialism. Ah, but Bernie’s critics will never let facts get in the way of a handy generalization from which to create even more cheap shots to throw at him … even when in Hillary Clinton’s case, they so often agree with him but lack the guts to back the same ideas with the same force. In the meantime, Burlington is doing quite nicely thanks to that “Bolshie” originally from Brooklyn. (One other thing, I can’t help wondering how much of this openly snide use of the “socialist” rap to make Sanders look at least a bit suspiciously enough “too pink” for socially acceptable politics today isn’t a remnant of lingering anti-Semitism directed at a Jew from Brooklyn who did pretty damn well for his adopted state of Vermont. (Not to mention a lot of that other human malady called envy for his record of being the longest serving Independent Congressman/Senator in the nation’s entire history. LOL and Geeesh, how’d that “Bolshie” pull that off?

  • Richard D

    I think this is absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Because Sanders wants this country to move healthcare from the private to the public sector and wants the government to help fund public colleges, he should not have an online store to sell campaign stickers, etc.

    How does an imbecile like this guy Don Irvine write a column on a website called Accuracy in Media? I mean, come on folks. Bernie “profits” from his campaign store? Does he pocket the proceeds or something? He raised something like $25 million dollars in contributions in a three-month period, but he is “profiting” from a campaign store. This guy Irvine is a real genius. Great commentary dude. Who wakes up in the morning and thinks this stuff up?

  • Jonathon Hollis

    This is the absolute dumbest political article I’ve read in my life. He has a campaign store, so he is no longer a Democratic Socialist? And why wouldn’t someone rail against the current state of capitalism in this country-where we’re the richest country in the history of the world and yet, 15% of people have lived in food-insecure households. Wages have stagnated. He has issues with many of the aspects of capitalism in this country…so you think he’s not allowed to sell campaign merchandise?

    The way roads, police, fire dept. etc. are provided for you are, financially, Socialistic. Equally provided for Americans thanks to money that the govt. takes from us. Since you think someone’s only allowed to act unilaterally with either pure Socialism or pure Capitalism, have fun never driving, receiving protection from military, or police.

    Imagine someone from another country reading articles like this from an American website called “Accuracy in Media.” Think about how that makes this country look.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Unfortunately, to be a legitimate candidate for office in this country, you have to have mountains of cash. Bernie Sanders doesn’t accept millions from rich a$$holes only to turn around and do their bidding. So he sells merch to make his money. Oh the humanity!

    Irvine is a blithering idiot. He’s not quite up to Kincaid’s level of doofusness…but he’s getting there.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Ever notice that all of this site’s comments are from liberals (like me)? Who is this site even for? Conservatives don’t appear to be reading it, that’s for sure.

  • Patrick McNair

    First off, Bernie is not a socialist, as many have already noted here. In fact if you pay attention to the store you will notice that everything is made in the United States by unionized workers; which really shows his full commitment to the ideals he speaks of, helping the working class of this country. He clearly uses any profits to fund his campaign. Nice attempt at a slander piece, but not only is just about everything you said wrong (Sanders is a socialist, he is profiting) the only thing that has small truth is him railing capitalism, yet that’s not even true because he rails against ‘greedy’ capitalism, while this is, as I said, is through unionized American workers, i.e. responsible and ethical capitalism.