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In an interview with National Public Radio’s David Folkenflik, former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson said that the network  discouraged her from pursuing stories on the Obama administration, and seemingly lost interest in her government watchdog stories to the point that they kept them off the air. Here are some excerpts from Attkisson’s interview:

“You know, times I’ve been encouraged to begin covering stories about the Obama administration but then mid-stream I’ve been clearly discouraged from continuing to pursue them as the stories seem to start to get dicey, or as I seem to be able to turn up very good information and sources.”

“That if they say something, we’re to believe it. If they put out a press release, we’re to report it. And I come from an entirely different school of thought where I think – of course we are supposed to check those things out and look at them critically.”

“There was a changed appetite for the types of stories that I often specialized in, which tend to be a lot of government watchdog stories.”

CBS didn’t address Attkisson’s charges directly. Instead, they chose to issue a general statement to Folkenflik stating that “CBS maintains the highest journalistic standards,” which are “applied without fear or favor.”

Nice PR answer, but it doesn’t address Attkisson’s claims of bias in favor of Obama.

Attkisson did receive some support for her position from former NBC investigative reporter Lisa Myers, who told Folkenflik that the “mainstream media has been less eager to hold this administration accountable than it was to hold the Bush administration accountable.”

Since Attkisson’s departure from CBS, the network has reverted to being just another liberal news outlet that would rather curry favor with the Obama administration than report the truth to the public.

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  • wyatt81

    No surpise here. We don’t have news anymore-just propaganda. With their guy in the White House, what’s to report?

  • joshuasweet

    and all the news services are doing the same thing except FOX which is why Obama does not like them.

  • All Propaganda, All the time…The only MSM “News” I watch anymore is the local weather…and even that is suspect…

  • Stick

    C’mon, the new archetype of a Journalista is Candy Crowley. Sharyl doesn’t even have a stripper’s name. She’s not qualified. Just ask Dan Rathers.

  • yorugua

    This is EXACTLY what happened in Venezuela after Chavez took over 1999. Most stations went into “neutral” mode meaning no political or very little political news and whatever they report is never critical of the government.

    owned by billionaire Gustavo Cisneros, became “neutral” in other words they report little, if any, political news.

    very critical early on, by 2004 became also “neutral”.

    considered critical of Chavez simply because it reported both sides and the only network with complete over-the-air coverage of the entire country, was not renewed its over the air license by Chavez in 2009 and it’s equipment and studios were taken over by the government who created a new network called TVES (Venezuelan Social Television). without any compensation.


    an only on cable all news network, considered critical of Chavez simply because it reported both sides was harassed and threatened for years -just like FOX is here in the US. Both physically and legally harassed.

    Finally in 2013 it sold to a shady group composed of Raúl Gorrín, Gustavo Perdomo and Juan Domingo Cordero. Gorrín -a multimillionaire who owns homes in Flordia and also owns a majority share of the largest insurance company in Venezuela, La Vitalicia- supports the ideals of 21st century socialism, which advocates a less capitalistic and more equal society. He once said that the “time has come for humanist entrepreneurs.”

    (Venezolana de Television). This is the state owned TV station turned into a propaganda machine reporting only good news for the government or bad news for the opposition -the equivalent of MSNBC here in the US (but at least MSNBC is not tax supported). Like MSNBC, VTV is unwatchable.