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Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer doesn’t think the media treat President-elect Donald Trump with the respect he deserves, while they cheer on Democrats who oppose the next Commander-in-Chief.

Spicer made his comments during a recent interview with The Hill’s Joe Concha.

The liberal media went all-out to defeat Trump last year, failing miserably in the end, and now find themselves unsure of how much access they will have to the White House starting January 20.

While Spicer said there has been some improvement in the media’s coverage of Trump, he feels the President-elect hasn’t been treated properly:

“There’s some positive aspects here and there, but largely it still continues to not treat him with the respect that he deserves.”

“I think for a lot of folks inside the beltway, and inside pundit-world, they don’t fully appreciate the understanding that he has of where the American people are. They continue to mock him in ways, when it frankly just shows the lack of understanding that they have of where the American people are and what they think.”

Spicer also commented on the media’s liberal bias.

“There are countless examples of the media engaging—overtly or covertly—cheering on Democrats and there’s no accountability. But it’s also not even frowned upon,” he said.

That’s because liberal media bias is an accepted practice that is deeply entrenched—especially among the majority of the White House Press Corps—and is a major reason that the Trump administration could very well continue to choose to bypass them by using Twitter and other forms of social media, to give the public an unfiltered view of their policies.

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  • Mark Midas

    Hate is a large part of the political DNA of the Democratic party. I see it and read about it everyday and need only to look at the party’s horrendous past affiliations and actions. Because Democrats continue to persist in a nihilistic, autocratic manner, the party must perish on the vine, and the sooner, the better — and for the world.

    To rephrase one of Mr. Irvine’s line, “The liberal media went all-out to defeat Trump last year, failing miserably in the end …”. We could also say that “Trump went all-out to defeat the liberal media last year, succeeding extraordinarily in the end …”.

  • Miranda Lee

    So is the GOP. Breitbart and American Renaissance aren’t exactly lovy dovy.

    And Sessions is a racist whom the GOP declined to confirm for a federal judge position during Bush’s era because of his racist actions which includes trumping up charges against Civil rights activitists.

  • Terrance Mahoney

    You are an idiot Mirandumb.

  • Miranda Lee

    No it is you who is an idiot. Typing that dumb comment underneath your pointy White hat.

  • Mark Midas

    Thanks for making my point, General Lee, and, as I’ve posted previously, Republicans made a huge mistake in 1865 by not abolishing the Democrat party along with slavery. The fledgling GOP only did half the job after a horrendous war and today the world is suffering greatly for it. Marxists never take prisoners and today they flourish because of that.

  • Miranda Lee

    Abolishing the Democratic party along with slavery would have led to a 2nd Civil War. The Democratic party was the party of the South back then. It had nothing to do with Marxism. They were White Supremacists who got their ideals from the Bible. So no one proved your point.
    The GOP is now the party of the South. That’s why they have no ideas to move this country forward into the 21st century. The South lives in the 1770-1850s era.
    They should never have let Nixon ally the party with the South. They should have embraced Barry Goldwater, ditched the South and their backwardness.

  • Mark Midas

    You are a basement dweller writing inanely. You only make sense to yourself. You need therapy badly. In the meantime, go back to HuffPo and Salon, please, and return Soros’s check.

  • Miranda Lee

    Sorry you were TRIGGERED by my factual comments. You need me to leave so you can have your ” SAFE SPACE”.

    Seeing as you could not refute anything I wrote so you turned to insults.
    Sorry Snowflake, that’s not how the Universe works.