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Former Major League baseball player and ESPN analyst Curt Schilling will join conservative news website Breitbart on Monday, according to a report by New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

Schilling is best remembered for pitching game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series for the Boston Red Sox, against the New York Yankees, with a bloody sock that has become part of baseball lore for gutty performances. He has also been known for his outspokenness on social media, which has endeared him to many on the right.

That bluntness, combined with his support for Donald Trump, makes him a good fit for Breitbart.

‘‘He got kicked off ESPN for his conservative views,’’ Breitbart editor in chief Alex Marlow said of Schilling. ‘‘He’s a really talented broadcaster.’’

Schilling will host a daily online radio show featuring political commentary and calls from listeners, and it will eventually include livestream video.

The show may also serve as a platform for Schilling as he prepares a potential challenge to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in 2018.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    How did his Trump rally in Boston go yesterday? LOLOLOLOL

  • IronChefSandwiches

    When you’re such a moron that no respectable media outlet will take you, you go to Breitbart. And if you can’t even get into Breitbart, you go to “Accuracy” in Media.

  • Steven Barrett

    How this guy has managed to remain “popular” for so many years since he got out of baseball, dabbling in far, and I mean far to the farthest reaches of respectable right wing conservatism by New Hampshire substandard , i.e knee-jerk, rug-eating “conservatism” levels should be a mystery to any sensibly minded person who follows politics. He’s the Sarah Palin of New England, esp. Massachusetts. LOL, it doesn’t take much to pull that off at first, but to keep that schtick up for as long as he has, well, let’s just say he’s been blowing a lot

  • Bruce

    Right on Curt!!! People who love baseball love family and country (don’t forget God). They pass on the love for the game from one generation to the next by taking their boys to a baseball game, and enjoying the spectacle of it. When liberal anti-God/family/country ideology was shoved down his and our throats at ESPN Curt walked away, and so did many of us fans. Fuck ESPN, Disney, and all you queers who don’t even like baseball or know who Curt Schilling the player is.