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After nearly eighty years Newsweek has printed its final copy featuring a picture of the old Newsweek offices in New York with a Twitter hashtag #LastPrintIssue plastered across the front.

The beginning of the end for the longtime number two news magazine began when the Washington Post Co. sold the publication to audio electronics billionaire Sidney Harman two years ago for $1, plus the assumed liabilities.

NewsweeklastHarman didn’t buy Newsweek because he thought he could turn the perennial money-losing magazine around, but because he wanted to continue its liberal journalism tradition that had been fostered under the ownership of the Post.

But after suffering a reported $30 million in losses, Harman merged Newsweek with The Daily Beast hoping to take advantage of the digital savvy of the Beast and staunch the bleeding.

Instead of a merger though, it was more like a Daily Beast takeover with Tina Brown taking over as editor and the shuttering of the magazine’s website in favor of the Beast’s site.

Yet no matter what Brown tried, the magazine continued to sustain heavy losses as readers continued to migrate to the web and Brown de-emphasized hard news in an effort to save Newsweek.

Now instead of paying for a print magazine readers will be asked to spend $4.99 per issue for the online edition or $24.99 for a one-year subscription.  That won’t be an easy sell.

Maybe a better hashtag epitaph would have been #PrintIsDead.

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  • stevor

    Good riddance. I was disgusted the last time I TRIED to read one of their “magazines”. It was so biased that I couldn’t stand to read much of it.

  • Ed

    I gave up reading Liesweek because it was so biased, that it was not worth reading anymore. False assumptions and a twisted sense of logic together with an agenda that was never assumed made me shy away from it.
    There is a lesson to be learned: “Do not lie to thy readers. They eventually learn the truth.”
    This was the case with many many many reports of this periodical. Bias is bad, but Liesweek had a more sinister shade to it.
    Which one is next? I do hope more companies will be spawned, even if I do not agree with them, but they will learn that enough bias is enough.

  • Tradewinds

    Lets not forget before the Washington Post purchased Newsweek it was a very creditable news source.. This is what happens when the left tries ti influence the truth..

  • handgunnar

    Good riddance to Newspeak. Hopefully, the NY Times, Washed up Post, and Time magazine are next.

  • Jerry Cave

    Newsweek died five years ago when ad dollars were revealed to be better spent online. Print is dead is 100% correct. Good riddance. The publication was falsely disguised as a “news” magazine when it was really a advertising catalogue for left wing propaganda.

  • finabiscotti

    Newsweek could have had Obozo on the cover – and his Tens of Millions of Graveyard Voters – could have bought the magazine and saved it from oblivion.

  • C. Funk

    Dare I say “Good riddance to bad rubbish” for this rag? BTW Handgunner, the name is “Tomb Magazine”. The original Time mag went away a long, long time ago.