Accuracy in Media

Ahead of his annual communications message, which he is expected to dedicate to the topic of “fake news,” Pope Francis warned Catholic media Saturday that journalists who promote inaccurate news are committing a “grave sin,” according to The Guardian.

“You shouldn’t fall into the ‘sins of communication:’ disinformation, or giving just one side, calumny that is sensationalized, or defamation, looking for things that are old news and have been dealt with and bringing them to light today,” the Pope said.

Doing so is a “grave sin that hurts the heart of the journalist and hurts others,” he said.

The pope told the journalists that while he believes they perform a “fundamental” mission, they are still obligated to provide correct, complete and precise information and to avoid biased reporting.


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  • MonadnockMan

    Someone needs to investigate what he knows regarding issues in Argentina before his promotion. Some sorries issues!

  • mioahu

    Unfortunately, the pope is a leftist. Sad day for Christianity

  • samo war
  • ataulfus magnus

    DOWN with this red pope!

  • Majoritysense

    The Pope is biblically correct.
    God’s Ninth Commandment condemns lying (Exodus 20:16). Jesus brands Satan a liar and the originator of lying (John 8:44). Lying is sin, which God hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). Those who persist in this sin will ultimately suffer permanent death in the lake of fire (Romans 6:23; Revelation 21:8).

  • Alberta Ed

    Would that be as great a sin as harboring pedophile priests?

  • Mike S.

    Most of these priests were homosexuals who infiltrated the seminaries and preyed on young boys, so they were not pedophiles. Also I believe it was Paul Shanley an open homosexual priest who was first accued, but he resigned 10 years before the Boston paper made a big deal about the whole “pedophile” story, which was simply extortion against the Catholic church perpetrated largely by a politically duped gay community.

  • Jim

    And a HUGE Islam apologist.

  • ataulfus magnus

    Down with this red pope!