Accuracy in Media

Pope Francis plans to address “fake news” in an address for World Communications Day 2018.

That Pope made the announcement via Twitter on Friday.

A Vatican statement said that the Pope wants to address the issue because “fake news contributes to generating and nurturing a strong polarization of opinions,” and that the Church wishes to “promote professional journalism, which always seeks the truth.”

The Pope’s message is expected to be released January 24, which is the feast day of St. Francis de Sales, who is the patron saint of journalists.

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  • samo war

    watican is world mafia centrum ???

  • Mark Midas

    Phrancis the Phony (George Soros’ hand puppet) is going to lecture us on phake news? Please! You can’t make up the Marxist stuff Phrancis does, condones and says. And they have a duly elected pontiff in Benedict XVI locked up in a room at the Vatican like Galileo. Is that phake news, too, Phrancis?

  • samo war