Accuracy in Media

A new Suffolk University/USA Today poll released Wednesday found that the Fox News Channel is the most trusted source for television “news or commentary.”

Fox was the top choice for 27.5% of the respondents, followed by CNN with 13.4% and CBS with 8.7%. MSNBC came in sixth at 5.9%. Twenty-one percent were undecided.

The results are similar to a Quinnipiac University poll last year that found that 29% of registered voters trusted Fox News the most.

Poll respondents were fairly equally divided along party lines with 37.3% identifying themselves as Democrats, 33.6% as Republicans and 25.2% as unenrolled or Independent.

For those planning to vote in the Republican primary, 34% supported Donald Trump and 20% Ted Cruz. On the Democratic side, respondents favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by a 50% to 40% margin.

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  • West_Coast

    And who is surprised by this?

  • stevor

    sure, FAUX news! (yeah, better than the others but still owned by the same people that own the others)

  • sox83cubs84

    Viewers aren’t stupid. They want complete and broad-based coverage, not the ignoring, audio editing and liberal propaganda methods of the other outlets. Fox News is the only place they can consistently get real news, not shilling for the Democraps.

  • Wendy

    So funny. Those who get their “news” from Fox News look as stupid as Trump who keeps getting burned by quoting false stories from Fox. When fact checked, only 10% of the “news” that comes out of Fox News is true. Idiocy abounds!